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Someone give me money.

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I still blows my fucking mind that school administrators — or a goddamn board of students and professors — have any part in rape cases. In cases like this, an innocent or at least not guilty party is wrongfully expelled. Colleges are slowly forcing men to get to know women before we have sex with them. It can land jail time and feminist freak out about it…still somehow thinking the false accuser is the victim. They encourage girls to go to the school because the school will just kick them out. They hate men so much and literally pride themelves in destroying mens lives they get off on it.

Feminist should focus on helping women gain equality by bringing women up. Instead they try to bring men down. Colleges are getting so hostile to men nowadays. We are getting pushed out of higher education. Fuck you grandex for even letting tsm publish that article.

And yes, I have read the article before anyone tries to defend it. Society is losing it. As I said before, this is the problem with the campus feminists. Accidentally bumping a girl on the dance floor? Consensual sex going too fast? Let law enforcement do its fucking job. After all, we are all equal right?

I was already having a shitty day, this shit made it way worse. I can bet everyone here, male and female, has had some sort of similar encounter. There is going to be a tipping point in this country soon. Our country is at a complete loss and we are letting the dumbest people on the planet control it. A revolution is brewing, in my opinion.

Dude you are correct. Look at Europe and the mess its turned into. Bleeding heart liberals letting 3rd world refugees come in get special treatment, and claim society. Men being neutured by feminists. An economy enslaved by the European Union central banking system. Native whites becoming minorities in their own homelands. Taxes out the ass. What we are moving to in the USA Europe already has. Revolution will come and conquer the bull shit…Maybe Donald Trump is the begining.

Just want it to hurry the fuck up so we can get started on rebuilding [trigger warning: Violation of due process. She wants a rape conviction, she can get it in the US legal system, where it should be prosecuted, not in a disciplinary hearing. I hope this guy wins. This is why I always ask chicks if I can videotape the action…. This is why we need George W back in office. He would throw this shit out and get onto more important business like fucking up those terrorist bastards.

If gray rape can get people expelled then I want the butter face I hooked up with on new years eve out of my school immediately. The sad part is that legally any hypothetic contract a girl could sign to give consent, would never even hold up in a court. TL;DR there is no way to protect yourself from this. Welcome to Liberal America. The Founding Fathers gave us 2A specifically for tyrannical government.

I know this is crazy and obviously things would have to get a lot worse, but where is the line? How far is the line before we quit letting our country turn in to a liberal cesspool. You know it really sucks that rape always is connected with the Greeks. So the definition of grey rape is both parties not knowing what the other person wanted?

This is a perfect example of why Title IX should be repealed. Archive Advertise with us. He fought back with a lawsuit filed in December against Washington and Lee. Email this to a friend. ThursdayNightClub 3 years ago. Meister 3 years ago. Presidente 3 years ago. Dixon Butts 3 years ago. PursuitofFrattiness9 3 years ago. TheJesus 3 years ago. FratInTheHat3 3 years ago.

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TheGrapist 3 years ago. Overlaps with 1 but obviously not identical. I felt guilty for not wanting to….. Nepal should be a pretty interesting place to someone interested in ethnicity. Per Wikipedia there are languages spoken as mother tongues in Nepal — a country with just 27 million people.

The moral of the story should be pretty clear for college men: Go find yourself a blue-collar girl off-campus, and leave the college girls to themselves.

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Let college be a nunnery for them. Its not so much honor as control. Feminism, and the changing sexual mores that resulted, have meant that women have lost much of the control they had in sexual negotiations with high-status men who have options. If they really like a guy they have to please him sooner rather than later or he fades and finds someone else. And in a game theory sense, with sex and commitment separated, it is more than ever in the interest of males to put off commitment as long as possible and force the woman to constantly appease him or risk that he will find someone new.

Women are now attempting to tip the scales by getting the authorities to discipline the men they feel have taken advantage of them. All the while few will notice the disconnect between the Cosmoesque you-go-girl rhetoric and college sex seminars and the neo-Victorianism being imposed by the powers that be.

No one will also bother to ask why there is a epidemic of high-status men, who can easily get sex from attractive women, forcing themselves on unwilling partners? Sounds like a female bodice-ripper fantasy. Maybe the real problem, from the female PoV, is having to endure the attention of low — status men while they chase the elusive commitment of alphas?

See also Land of Confusion by Disturbed with its obsessive Nazi symbolism …. Every time a nice ass goes by I eye-rape the hell out of that thing. By the time the femmes are done redefining sexual assault, I could be looking at several hundred life sentences. And I feel certain that, not once during the entire time of my incarceration will they ever notice the lyrics to rap music.

It is a frequency they cannot hear although they secretly listen to it at home.

The bundling thing sounds hot though. A night of passionate frustration tied up in a sack next to an Amish virgin. Which is probably going to bring some kind of additional hate crime charges. Happy would even be able to stand up and join the party when the time came. Really, if it were me there now, I would be celibate, and I would have little or nothing to do with women at college.

Also, looking back, I think I might have been the victim of rape, several times with several different women. You see, I kind of regret having sex with some of them…. It just seemed like what I was expected to do at the time. Or certainly what they seemed to want. Honestly, I regret it now.

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By scaring men, you force them to court women. By the way, what ever happened to the real story from UVA and the Rt. Jesse Matthew, the black serial killer-rapist-kidnapper of white women. He who actually did rape and kill a UVA student? If this keeps up college will lose its second best selling point to young men or first, depending: Lets see if none of the dozen different NYT journalists and editorialists enlisted in flogging this hoax loses their job at a time that NYT is laying off over people.

Then I would say it just might be that they are either loyal party members and or they know too much to be trusted to keep their mouths shut as part of their severance package. Very nice analysis and there is certainly something women want in these matters, and it is clearly not criminal prosecution or sanction it appears that few of these claimed sexual assaults would meet a criminal standard in any case. Speaking of vocabulary, the article quotes the following: Someone please call the language police. Needless to say it will also cause the few remaining men who are actually going to college to gravitate to local women who are not attending college, or women attending other colleges.

That would nip the problem in the bud. However, in any college setting, if the men stop attending, then it is very likely the women will stop attending as well. Poring over dusty, cracked tomes in long-forgotten archives, I came across a term for the situation that Hot Piece of TSM described:. Was Obama unaware of her, is he that lazy? Their remedy for everything is to heap on the voluminous public shaming and woe-is-me finger pointing until you feel better.

When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable. Youth, horniness, loneliness, alcohol, and stress all make that more likely.

The only problem is, this has nothing to do with rape or sexual assault. I believe that men look at a crime as something that threatens not just the victim but society and, therefore, should be prosecuted both as retribution and for the cohesion of society. Therefore, we want the accusation to play out in the courts with evidence, which is how societal problems are best dealt with.

The woman just wants to get her say and maybe punish the guy with expulsion. But, again, if he really was a rapist, should she be concerned for other women. In truth, the main issue going on is the heavy drinking and unsupervised cohabitation on campuses coupled with the culture of hooking up. Getting hundreds of thousands of year-olds really drunk and then having them get into bed with each other is bound to lead to some bad situations where no one really knows what happened.

It was the same when I went to college. It should, but year men — if they are anything like I was — are borderline retarded when it comes to women. The high-speed destruction of behavioral norms that function to ensure that both males and females approached sexual behavior in a manner that was not going to lead to severe emotional issues later in life is not a good thing. Those behavioral norms evolved over a long period of time and they respect innate psychological predispositions of males and females. I believe that deep down, women think that by having sex with a man they are bestowing a sacred gift on him, and to have a man treat their precious gift as nothing more than another notch on his penis must cause some women to become unhinged.

Of course, there are some males who do regard the pair bond as a very important thing. Witness all those men who have been married for a long time. Even Obama believes in appearances, it seems. I graduated from Washington and Lee Law school in Great institution; lots of good people there. A big problem here is the misuse of language, and the teaching of people to misuse the language. This deprives those women of a way of describing what happened to them in a way that distinguishes it from genuine rape.

If you have sex outside of a committed relationship very often, you are very likely to experience some morning-after regret, or feeling used, or whatever. Things are just falling into place for him. That 1 and 2 above are incompatible, inconsistent and insane is irrelevant. This is the mucked up world of most college coeds today and has been for decades. Demanding to act like a tramp, while furious at being treated like a tramp.

If Kozak has children, bravo! I suppose trying to promote the moral codes of the s would be a total non-starter with these people. In my opinion, it takes a lot for a girl to call administration and report a boy for sexual misconduct assuming the person is not crazy. I had a 17 year old puerto rican roommate in college who was extremely naive and innocent. She met a foreign student who showered her with attention which i knew was fake , and had soon manipulated her i love the word grooming to fall in love with him.

This girl was devastated, and felt violated, used and discarded.. I can see someone like her going to administration and reporting him for sexual misconduct, and I can see how this is sexual misconduct. But society does not think it is a crime to con women for sex and there lies an old problem-mostly for women. The problem is there is no recourse for young women who were sexually used under false pretense, and perhaps the only way to address it — at least in colleges -is to have mechanisms to control it, and scare boys into not being so exploitive of the young and naive..

Feminists are brilliant, they know the only way to constrain the sexual manipulation of women is by labeling such behavior as rape. Ofcourse there are many problems with this approach for men, as the punishment for such misconduct can be too severe, and there is the issue of false accusations.

Furthermore Some many men are not manipulative , but just careless and inconsiderate. That is why people like Dean Erasmo can help, she can talk to both boy and girl, and have the boy apologize, clear some misunderstandings. He can be put him on notice to not repeat his manipulative behavior again or else.

American feminists can be crazy sometimes, but they know exactly what they are doing. What these girls want are boyfriends, and campus hookup culture makes that increasingly difficult to get, so you get the Regret equals Rape project, which is about ending campus hookup culture. There are fewer men than women attending college now, and as the sex ratio continues to drift that way, men will more and more be in the a position to choose the women.

When you have men doing the choosing and some of the women willing to put out on the chance of snaring a boyfriend, you end up with the hookup culture. If you want to end that you need to increase the number of men to even out the sex ratio. That way women can do the choosing and you can go back to the more customary sex in return for commitment situation.

So if you want to end hookups you have to punish people for engaging in them. Or at least put the fear in them. Fundamentally, the Regret-Rape project is a conservative or even reactionary project. The real problem is that marriage has pretty much been taken away from young adults as a real option for their sex lives. All of the women and probably half the men in college are ready for marriage but it is absolutely forbidden by our culture and young people know they will be cut off by parents financially and by most others socially.

Right now the best financial move a student can make is to marry straight out of high school or as soon as possible. I thought blacks had the monopoly on micro-aggressions.

Washington And Lee Hookup Culture

These conflicted types certainly are verbose; their lives as Harlequin romance novels. Apparently they have scads of time to devote to navel-gazing. The president himself seems to have a strange affection for somewhat-off type women. Men are all potential Svengalis. Perhaps the girls should live at home and just commute to school seeing as they are still too immature to live on their own at that age.

Also, they should listen to their mothers and not get pie-faced drunk outside of their own home. Please tell your daughters to dial for an ambulance if they have been raped and then file a police report asap. It also reveals much about the arrogance and incoherence of these activists. I eventually opened up to my boyfriend …. If I had an auto accident but waited 8 months to report the damage to my insurer, they would deny my claim. Accusations should have a shelf life similar to that of unrefrigerated seafood — they are best served very fresh and both start to stink pretty quick.

So many people think that message is unrealistic, but then I see scores of Indians and Chinese people living it out. I had an Indian boyfriend decades ago and he was committed to purity in his soul. My Chinese and Korean roommates in college were all waiting for marriage and made it. Are any Asian students ever involved in any of these accusations? The feminists are just getting crazier and the girls are still getting broken hearts.

We take down all the signs and the fences and then act surprised when some people walk on the lawn. Now that technology has eliminated the biological consequences of sex, society has forgotten about the emotional and psychological consequences. Consequently, parents no longer routinely warn their children against possible dangers. That stuff still happens even in 21st-century America. The vast majority of women would, if they could choose, wait until they have extracted signs of commitment from a guy to have sex.

The problem for many women is that the guy she really likes probably has lots of other sexual options, and if she tells him she wants to wait, he may make himself scarce and avail himself of those alternatives. Because women, particularly more attractive women, will be more attracted to guys with options, and conversely less attracted to guys who are too eager to commit to them, it is in the best interest of males to resist commitment to a woman, both from the standpoint of gaining maximum leverage in the relationship and maximizing her attraction to him.

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Traditional sexual mores gave the female an excuse for avoiding sex until commitment, but also made it less costly for a guy to pursue commitment. Feminists are waking up to the fact that post-feminist sexual relations entirely favor high-status males. Instead, like the cat-calling video, they will hit the low-status men, and maybe that is their intended target. And needless to say, a man would have to be a masochist to marry her.

One problem picking fights frat boys and college students in general is that these are typically people of some means. And if they are not, their parents are. That means that they are going to have quick access to a lawyer who will be in a position to manage their client and launch a civil suit later even if they cannot participate in the first round. They are probably smarter and more telegenic than average so they are good advocates whereas many whereas the hormonal and emotional wrecks that are the false accusers are not.

Also, even if Jackie does not have two dimes to rub together I am assuming she is over 18 and her parents are paying for her schooling too the schools will end up being the real targets because they have the deep pockets. The more these guys raise awareness, which is inevitable, the less credible and the more difficult it will be to pull this in the future.

Lauren Kozak is a lawyer looking for a niche and pioneering one We graduate too many lawyers these days so securing a niche is all important. A niche means you are valuable to certain paying people no matter how how screwy the cause. Women are emotional train wrecks. They want equality, they want to be treated like adults, they want to be able to have sex as often and with whoever they want, just like men, but when they do and later regret it or the guy they get all weak and squishy over later gets a new girlfriend then by God it was RAPE!

They have to invent an entirely new language to describe not-rape. Even the discussions women have amongst themselves, trying to twist it into rape, trying to brainwash themselves into believing it, are mind boggling. What leaps of illogic and nonsense. And they want us to treat them seriously? They need serious psychological help and medication. As I posted on Dalrock men need to secretly video tape all encounters with women that may or may not lead to sex, so that months or years later when the woman is now rewriting the past out of regret or spite the man can clear his name by demonstrating in court that the encounter was most definitely consensual.

That is the tersely bitter send-off of one pissed and deeply wounded woman. Some of it with the natives. I am sure the young Nepalese dudes of color look forward to these pointless seminars abroad. This was the perfect situation to settle with a remedies based approach. The immediate problem was the excursion to Nepal.

That could have been addressed and likely solved with an informal meeting. And, if they had both gone to Nepal — call me a cynic — but she would have had more consensual sex with John Doe. How do I know? Look for this to be settled sooner, rather than latter. Solomon had the right idea. If university were to expel any student who has sex in college, consensual or not, we would quickly see a resolution.

If they would state this outright, boys could regret as well. What if both sides regret the sex they had? This is like Stalinist or Idi Amin type justice. This represents a handy way for the daughters and wives of the wealthy to get paid for shoving the sons of the less fortunate out of contention. Sadly, Gerald Ford is dead wrong. There is fraternization, but it seems in the modern world to only increase female rage. At least part of the POWER of female rage is the obesity epidemic — women have more power if they are even marginally attractive because so many are FAT!

Thus in the sexual and the social marketplace, women wield far more power than they used to, even twenty years ago, under loosened moral codes regarding sex. Nothing is going to get rolled back to sanity. Men are likely to abandon physical campuses for online stuff, or degrees altogether, which is exactly what feminists and women want anyway, with only the most charming, most Alpha, most irresistable staying at physical locations.

Lauren Kozak looks like a respectable, attractive late thirties blonde and blue eyed woman … who seems by action to have sided with the White Male Purge on campus. Tell me again how preferable Obama was to McCain or Romney? Neither would have been this bad with the White Male Purge. You see less of this insanity play out because there is no power to it. Finally, the sort of emotional roller coaster is standard equipment with women. Pretty much all women who are pre-menopausal act this way if society will allow it.

The trial in the civil suit that former Kenyon student Stephen Zingarelli brought last year against the College and two former students has been continued to summer After a pretrial hearing this past Monday, Dec. In December of , Zingarelli sued the College, a student who accused him of sexual assault and a Sexual Misconduct Advisor SMA on 14 counts, including breach of contract, negligence and defamation. Zingarelli was acquitted on charges of rape and gross sexual imposition on June 26, Zingarelli claims the notation on his transcript has prevented him from being admitted to another university.

Dume, that sounds like a heavy-handed metaphor from a late Eagles song. Something George Will said a generation ago: We non-Amish still do make these sorts of realistic plans. See dry humping, frottage, Princeton rubs, Ivy League rubs, etc:. Frottage is the general term for the act of rubbing any part of the body, including the buttocks, the breasts, abdomen, thighs, feet, hands, legs and sexual organs against the sexual organ of another person; this is done whether naked or clothed and is more commonly known as dry humping or dry sex.

Couples may engage in frottage as a form of foreplay or simply as a method to achieve sexual gratification without the penetrative aspects of vaginal, anal or oral sexual intercourse, which may be a way of preserving virginity[7][8] or a way of practicing safe sex. Princeton rub, Ivy League rub, and so on are slang terms referring to male-male frot or intercrural sex or both, presumably surviving from the days when these colleges only admitted men. Auden was proud of having been the first person to use the terms Princeton rub and Princeton first-year in print.

And there will be more enemies — many more — as a result of this Title IX abuse of power. And took it to court? And got a conviction? The history of whites going after blacks who slept with white women has been mentioned repeatedly. If other students find out about her regrape and then take to social media to pick on her then those insensitive louts would be. With the high number of these cases emerging because of 3 out every 2 coeds experiencing this form of sexual assault on campus, the crush of the workload on university administrations would be called.

When low-status males have no chance of accessing females via traditional routes such as fighting or signalling their prowess, they may attempt more deceptive means of getting a mate. That way, you limit the chances that your current girlfriend cough, cough will run across them though even if she does, you can simply explain — or mansplain, if you insist — that the stash is only there for both your legal protection and hers, and that she should be grateful for your foresight and sagacity.

And nothing ever happens to anything that is saved on the Cloud. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with that approach? The best thing a white college boy can do dating wise is to avoid dating women in college at all costs. Go find as one poster said, a nice blue collar girl. From talking to my father, the dating market has really changed over the generations. My dad dated women that were within his social circle or at least was an acquaintance. There personalities match the description of the guy suing for false rape accusations. I also know plenty of guys who barely got laid at all in college.

With the new found freedom that women have within the mores of the college environment, they will always often chase these players despite their better judgment. In my dads day, even the players had comparably more relationships and less hookups. Lots of different girls spend their college years chasing a select few guys that they falsely believed they had a chance with. They were the dump. Shotgun weddings were generally reserved for girls who became pregnant. Of course, without contraception, this would be most of them who were having sex, sooner or later. What the people who are talking about restoring pre or Victorian or Christian, etc.

Of the approx dozen by-line names attached to articles that involved in anyway the UVA rape hoax. As the Columbia University student tells it, the encounter was harmless fun: A female freshman invited him into her suite bathroom, got a condom, took off her clothes and had sex with him. But as that young woman later described it to university officials, the encounter was not consensual.

The university suspended him for a year. He felt the outcome was unjust, but he did not know what to do about it. His lawyer, Andrew Miltenberg of Manhattan, did. The illusion of leftist principles. I can probably name a couple hundred in five minutes. And a bit of crazy chick, too. So, any guy in college should just report regret-rape to campus authorities after every sexual encounter, to head off any trouble down the line. Get there first, and all that. An enterprising geek could create an app for frat boys to take little short videos of the regrape and post them to web.

Abbreviations could be used in case files about the circumstances surround the regrape. This speculation about Title IX going away is a daydream. Libertarians lose their shit ocer pot laws and borders but become squishy central planners if you point out how the Civil Rights Act is contrary to individual liberty.

Once again Steve Sailer and his comment section scoops the rest of the Conservative media by a couple of days. The story was that he pretended to be a single Jew looking for a relationship so they had casual sex and then when he just left she fingered him for rape. When the story first broke, there was a whiff of racism in the accusation, but that appears to have dissipated. Or at least date women from other colleges. The official with the megaphone tells the worker to do this, do that, and obey. But the worker keeps disobeying orders and keeps saying things are not as the official with the megaphone says.

I think PC tries to manufacture all of us into little windup toys that act according to programming. We do notice stuff despite all the megaphonic shouting at us by PC. Yeah, but I keep wondering what the hell has gone wrong on college campuses that something as common place as a conversation needs a witch hunt before it can start. Since black males commit murder at rates that are seven or more times greater than white and other males, their rape rates are likely similar or even higher.

I wonder if her parents are some kind of big deal in D. The annulment Rhinelander requested was denied and the marriage was upheld. Rhinelander appealed several times but the verdict was upheld. It sounded like a completely genuine story to me. So many people think that message is unrealistic, but then I see scores of Indians and Chinese people living it out… My Chinese and Korean roommates in college were all waiting for marriage and made it.

Orthodox blogger The Anti-Gnostic explained the problem better than I can:. To give a concrete example, we lecture our young people on Orthodox chastity and marriage. Then we send them out into a sex-saturated culture and tell them to postpone marriage and childbearing while they acquire marketable skills going in debt to do so. After all this, they get put in head-to-head economic competition with prospective spouses, and the Church offers no respite.

That seems to be the sort of thing people are actually crying for. Roman Catholics have the same problems. I took my then-girlfriend whom I eventually went on to marry along with me to that meeting. So instead, they were unwittingly trying to accomplish the same thing by using the words and concepts that had been provided to them. Global Manhood has been trying to demand respect since time immemorial — with little success. So, good luck with that. What you are arguing is ridiculous. Being naive and ignorant enough to believe that breaking a promise of marriage is like fraud is absurd.

And, no, feminits are not trying to gain respect for women. They are simply destructive, in this case trying to greatly expand the freedom of women and curtailing their responsibilities. I once started a firestorm on an internet forum by mentioning college was a great place to find a marriage partner.

I have never again been surrounded by so many eligible men as I was in college, and I easily found a sweet nerdy type to marry shortly after graduation without needing to deal with the hook up go round and all that entailed. Apparently, this is an inappropriate reason to pursue higher education, even as a secondary goal. I often felt like telling my female classmates that it was totally normal and healthy to want to find a nice fellow, settle down, and have some babies, but all our parents treated this like it was damn near pathological.

I think a lot of girls drank before parties and hook ups to silence their own inner voice that said this was a bad idea. Good stuff up there in comments 42 and By the way, although it seems that the crime of seduction has been abolished in the 37 states that prohibited it years ago, the tort is still alive. I remember learning in law school that Georgia still recognized the tort, and it is still on the books today:.

Right of action for seduction of daughter; exemplary damages. The seduction of a daughter, unmarried and living with her parent, whether followed by pregnancy or not, shall give a right of action to the father or to the mother if the father is dead, or absent permanently, or refuses to bring an action. No loss of services need be alleged or proved. The seduction is the gist of the action, and in well-defined cases exemplary damages shall be granted. Back in , a Duke Tri Delt tried out the tort in North Carolina, apparently under common law rather than a statute.

Still, her charges resulted in the disbanding of the chapter in question, which — from what I heard — was a good thing. They maintain statistics on what law schools their attorneys hail from, among other useful data. Sex is basically treated as a recreational sport. You made the decision — even while intoxicated — to have sex.

I followed your link, which says she did not disrobe in the courtroom. And the annulment was denied by the jury. Lauren Kozak would make a very cute lipstick lesbian. Imagine the opportunities with all the micro-aggressed upon young co-eds looking for morning after solace, mentoring and vengeance. Not necessarily in that order. She looks like a Washington and Lee lifer having been an undergraduate and now in a Title IX sinecure. The bill dies in committee before reaching the Senate floor. July 21, Deadline for high schools and colleges to comply with Title IX athletics requirements.

In regard to false rape accusations particularly, that is true. The 80s were great, big hair and date rape and everyone knew the score. Yeah some feelings were hurt. As was pointed out that is not a Slavic face it is American. Hers is that odd combination of great features blonde! If she were a nice girl that would all be forgiven. Damp cold on the mountain, morning Waiting for the sun Bitter tea and yak fat, again for breakfast. One thing that is missing from all of the breathless accounts: The importance of lawsuits being filed against this activity cannot be overestimated.

Unless they can point to chapter and verse inside the Title IX language indicating how their actions and procedures follow logically from the federal language, they are in for a world of hurt. Not only the university, but the various officers could find themselves on the receiving end of some very nasty legal action. What they are missing is the incredibly powerful, lavishly funded, actual legal system that provides an extremely lucrative living for people jealous of their own power.

They want, and will get, a piece of this action. All of these Kozak types can be easily thrown under the bus and replaced with others if TPTB decide that their approach is to volatile and threatening. Plaintiffs need to use that. Finally, I cannot stress the importance of covert surveillance devices that should be worn by every male in this country when interacting with the public. In the old days men acquired liberal arts degrees and a wife, then embarked on careers at insurance companies or rental car agencies.

That world has been shattered and now women acquire the degree without the husband and spend their fertile years in cubicle farms. I coined that word on heartiste today. Please confer credit where due. While it is possible that multiple commentators came to the same research conclusion independently, for those of us who live and die by our online attention-whoring these small meme creations are hugely important. She looks like Trouble with a capital T to me.

The court filing was extremely well done. And a perfect case to litigate the issues of due process. The fact that she did it again, voluntarily …. And, if you are very confused about whether you were raped or not … it is very unlikely that it is rape. But, if this case gets traction, it will form the basis for a host of similar lawsuits. How many hours would it take to simply take that complaint and revise it to fit it to similar situations? They are either insured or self insured and will feel enough financial pain to mend their ways.

Add in a runaway jury or two, or a large punitive damage award, and their insurers or risk managers will demand changes. I have never heard of problems at the big football schools. And if there is a lot of drunken, regrettable sex anywhere, it would be there. Only the elite schools can afford the time and staff to deal with this.

I feel bad for women that have to deal with bonafide date rape. On the flip side, I have read about girls at elite schools complaining about the lack of datable guys. The girls are extremely smart and ambitious. If they want a boy who is their equal.. This entire narrative is simply too stupid to get any real traction.

There are a few million male college students. More of them die in traffic accidents than get railroaded out of college by kangaroo courts. Instead of 1 in 5 or more realistically, 1 in …. Except for the 50, men in elite colleges, where the odds are more like 3 per thousand. These odds are simply guesses — I would encourage anyone else to make their own estimates. And, there are more than a few men who deserve to be kicked out, even if they are denied due process.

Which is much closer to our judicial system than rich kids heavily lawyered up. Even most cases involving the rich and famous convict the right person for the wrong reason. Some may experience residual homophobia around such activities, but if properly confessed and repented, this may not count as bigotry. I adore my sweet, nerdy type. Our tax dollars pay for the Dept. Eliminate that as many conservatives claim to want and this goes away. Only support GOP candidates in favor of cutting useless or harmful government agencies with the dept of education the 1 priority.

Nobody cares about Sandra Fluke. So what do they do? Up the ante with Rape Culture. It has several advantages over abortion because for one, women can claim they are victims vs. Second, it can be used offensively as a weapon to demonize men while pushing for ever greater legal and economic privileges.

This was in response to the poster who brought it up. I provided the link to the wikipedia article on Kip Rhinelander, because that was the handiest source. Again, I was responding to the poster who suggested that there was nothing analogous to the Jerusalem case. And I would suggest that even today a good percentage of such couples are joined at the hip early in their college careers and do in fact get married, etc. Those behavioral demands on men, in turn, do in fact imply that a certain — vocal if not majority — segment of college women do in fact want a return to an older, more negotiated sexual morality.

I can understand why people would want to say that that is not so, and that the level of sexual assault is at an alltime high, etc. But how else can you explain things like the Clark and Michigan standards otherwise, without an implied agenda for older formulas of sexual morality? Men are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than women, so the risk of rape is very real for a woman who follows a man into the bedroom alone.

Differences in behavior matter more at the extreme ends of the bell curve, so the more extreme the crime, the more the difference between races increases. There is, of course, a big difference between the white and black rates for burglary, but those rates will be closer than for rape, which will be closer than for murder.

Abigail Hauslohner was a feminist at She admits that therapy allowed her to direct her rage against the accepted archetype, i. In the latter world, why should raping a woman otherwise inclined to give it away routinely and to men who are barely more than acquaintances be considered any worse a crime than, say, stealing her purse? Should her rapists have received even a fraction of the sentence given to a man who raped a virginal year-old?

As a broken person, Sarah Silverman probably has some insight into the minds of porn actresses, but nothing she says or thinks has any relevance to normal gentile girls. Several years ago, my elderly parents visited my wife and I. We took them to Manhattan for dinner. Walking past the bars my Dad made the following observation:. Table after table had groups of young women sitting together. My Dad commented that in his day, that was rare to see.

On a Friday or Saturday night, the tables would be filed with young men and women sitting together. His conclusion was the young have more sex but far fewer relationships. The latter is causing high status women to delay or forgo children few high IQ women become single moms much to the detriment of society as a whole. My wife appreciates her geeky engineer husband and I appreciate my non feminist wife: I am reliable, I am good at fixing stuff, I am good in an emergency: I came up with a fix for a generator with a broken fuel line during Sandy.

Within 30 minutes of the power grid going down, the apartment had TV, Internet, refrigerators, and hot water up and running for the next 10 days while our neighbors sat in the dark. Basically, she married a man who came with a complete set of hand and power tools. I consider myself lucky to be married to her. Previous women I knew found what she considers to be attributes, with at worst contempt, and at best a source of bemusement. A running theme I found with these women was they grew up in a divorced household where their father was rarely seen and often derided by their mother.

Which megacity we talking about? In that sense I think it is a more than adequate White-Black comparison to the Arab-Jew model that was introduced. For one, how old is it? For another, a divorce case vs. For another, the Jew won and the Arab lost and went to jail , while the white was denied his petition for separation.

So, no, really not much of an analogy. They might lean a bit to make a murder into a suicide when they can, but other than something like that, the math is simple: Crimes like rape, assault, and burglary are much more malleable, easier to make go away. The victim would probably be a household name, like Emmit Till. And prominent Jews would keep it a household word, in perpetuity. How long until male students start launching counter-complaints? Especially in cases like this where the people involved had sex on multiple occasions?

Her complaint is completely reasonable. I did, and so did several of my friends. She never says that the memory was recovered. On the contrary, she claims it was something that had been causing her long term distress. Furthermore, she never takes the tone about fraternities or men that you are implying. The way I read it, the article is a rather unemotional recounting of her betrayal by a young man she liked and trusted.