20 photos of wwe announcer Jojo's Booty you need to see

In JoJo career in Total Divas season 1, she was in a relationship with her high school boyfriend, Sebastian. They knew each other since at the age of five years. But we cannot speculate the truth about this new because Total Divas is just like scripted WWE programs and it is unclear how much of this is real.

JoJo Offerman’s Dating History: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

With recent breakup with high school boyfriend Sebastian, Diva JoJo Offerman was more interested in Justin Gabriel and was seen flirting at backstage. JoJo and Justin Gabriel had an age difference of 13 years making Justin older. The rumors beings after Rondy Ortan got a divorce with Samantha Speno his first wife.

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  • 1. On ‘Total Divas,’ She Broke Up With Her High School Boyfriend.

With this rumor, JoJo Offerman started dating with another man in September JoJo also wished her boyfriend in Instagram on April 19, She posted a picture with a sweet message on Instagram to Jess which show how much JoJo Offerman is in love with her boyfriend. The comment filled with lots of love for the pairs. Are the pair still in love till now? As Jojo wrote in her Instagram. Don't know when this photo was taken but here's Bray Wyatt and JoJo arriving to an arena together.

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We believe that is the case because it allows the viewer to appreciate how her figure rises and falls with her various lovely body parts. If you follow any WWE performer on social media, you are likely to be peppered with shots of them alongside their co-workers, which makes a lot of sense. After all, these people are nomads that crisscross the planet and spend their days and nights together so that leads to them building strong bonds with the only other people that understand.

2. She Dated Justin Gabriel on ‘Total Divas’

However, there is more going on here that would make Bray have a distaste for this shot of JoJo with Randy Orton in particular. However, they look cozy enough here that it is easy to believe and it looks like they have a lot more in common in terms of style, at least. As an employee of the biggest wrestling company in the world today, JoJo has had her career followed by millions of people that pay attention to the industry.

As such, there are a lot of people that are aware that she is a very beautiful woman with a figure to die for and a derriere to write home about. Then you see a photo of her like this one and you quickly realize that is a major shame, which is a secret Bray likely would have enjoyed keeping to himself.

Justin Gabriel on breaking up with JoJo on Total Divas

First off, there is the obvious stuff, that we get to enjoy a view of her cleavage, and beyond that, the proximity of the camera to her also means that it is a close-up. However, the thing that we love about this shot and we imagine Bray hates is what it causes our mind to do. To say that she looks wonderful in that red dress has got to be one of the greatest understatements of all-time.

The thing that we find interesting about this photo from a WWE event, though, is wondering who it was that took this shot, and what that must mean for Bray Wyatt. As we see it, there are two possibilities going on here. JoJo is someone that clearly has a taste for dating wrestlers, as the rest of this list will also show.

As JoJo is adorned in skin-tight clothing that shows off her incredible rump, it also goes further, however, as it draws attention to her chest and legs, the latter of which often is ignored. Well, stick with us here. First off, Bray might be driven wild with desire by this image as it plays into his gothic style in a way that no other image of JoJo ever has and he may be into that. However, the opposite could hold true as well as the dude seems to be pretty committed to his look, and may be irritated that other people are pretenders to his crown at a certain time of the year.

In either circumstance, it would elicit a response out of Bray that makes it qualify for this list. In this selfie in which she is posed perfectly to show off her chest, she also understands her figure enough that she has managed to give the camera a view of her rear end from the side that we adore.

Justin Gabriel Says Producers Of Total Divas Made Him Break Up With JoJo On Camera

All we can really say here is that she should be included in lists of the most attractive women alive in our view, and this shot is the perfect example of why, frankly, she could do better than Bray Wyatt. Especially considering the dude clearly is a cheater.

Some fans may not be sure what they are looking at, as the man that JoJo is making out with here is barely visible, and his run in the WWE ended a while back, but Justin Gabriel was involved with her. This is the second shot of JoJo embracing a fellow former WWE employee, but this one is the worst of the two first off because Justin and Bray were once linked, but for a whole other reason as well. If you look close enough, the fact that their mouths are open and we can see tongues intertwined may be painful for Bray in a big way.

This is the closest there is to a shot of Bray and JoJo together that the world at large has seen as of yet.