I did everything possible and it still says no opponents found in every online game type. I'm getting this problem and i have no idea what to to do.


I tried all of the above and it still doesn't work. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: Message 1 of 20 19, Views.

December Hey my friend please try this out.. I had the same issue and I think I found a fix.. Please please please help! Still working out if this is EA trying to make the connections better when you find someone. Keep an eye out for new videos on the topic! I have a problem… in fifa 16… i cant find any opponents… it says cant find opponents… in evet game mode… any suggestions.

When I try to find opponents , it says there are none found. After a few days, I didnt encounter this problem, however, it takes a long time to find opponents and eventually takes too long, like an hour. Please help, and also, could you explain how to fig the lag on PS4 and how to do it. So i havent been able to connect to ea server on ps3 for fifa 15 for about 1 month now and ive tried everything and i cant get it to work. I can get on my origin and ea account so im pretty sure i havent been banned.

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We have just added a new page https: Hello, i have a problem. Known fault we have added the fix in a new page — https: Plzzz help, this has been going on for a while now. A lot of people had this problem before, and somehow had it fixed. I play pro club seasons but lately every time I play Pro clubs in fifa 15 I get a lost connection message and kicked from the game but stay in the party.

FUT still works only Pro Clubs has this problem. Hard to say without being there doing the tests we suggest. Have you tried the https: I did that pingtest.

Tips and tricks for FIFA connection issues

I used it again half hour later and it gave me a D. Why is this so? Sounds like an issue with your ISP? Keep checking it you can use that when call them if still problems. Can you tell me, whats wrong with fifa world becuse when i want to move some player on active squad when i bought them they dont show on squad, then when i want to sell something note poops error cannot put in transfer list, and when i want put players in reserves to subs note poops out there was problem comunicating with the fifa ultimate team servers please try again, but when i play on my brothers account everything is fine pls help me.

I can play with other origin account.. How can i fix this for my origin account??? Your answer might be on this page — https: Nothing we can do will have to contact EA — https: Problem with server still? Do you actually know how to do it? Do you both show up in each others Ultimate Team when you play it? It usuallly goes back after 2 hours. During that time I cant also connect with fut servers in game. Is there any way to solve this? I have a problem with PC. It says that it cannot find opponent with similar star rating ect……so i checked matchmaking settings and chaged teams a few times.

Difficult on PC as not many play on it.


Then more people play Ultimate team online than head to head. I have a problem with logging in at FUT onmy Ps3. My network at the Ps3 is perfectly good but it says that its something wrong with the FUT network when I try to log in, and play matches. Is there a problem with the FUT network?

Try to start game without network cable plugged in or wireless switched on. Then connect when in FIFA menus. Plus I always get a loss even when I win , so is there a solution to fix this. Potentially lots of reasons. Was a known issue on XboxOne but thought the latest update fixed that. Have you tried updating the squads before you go into online games? You can do it from the Customise Menu — Download updates. I play always fliendly with edited teams… example Real Madrid with others players… play in a online league with transfers.

When I play this machs are strange. I dont know how explain. Player with overall 87 as 77… ball pass near to players and they dont move… Fast player are slow… permenent bads controls… delay when pass the ball or make dribblings…. However, I wanted to ask about enabling Ipv6 connectivity within my router? As I have Comcast and Ipv6 active in my area.

After doing so I speed tested and received: Please clarify this up for me to optimize my setup? We know EA recommended it to airjapesfifa when he was having trouble finding games. One tv has p and the other p. The one with p always appeared to have button lag. I thought it was the servers at first… Both are wired on mb virgin fibre lines. Could be bit of both. Good point tho will add this as we actually have a blog on best tv to buy for FIFA and why.

Fifa 14 on my can connect though. Please please help I am so frustrated. I am also able to play seasons still which is weird. Hello, I was able to play online for the last 3 weeks Never used the code. Now all of a sudden it gives me the connection problem saying my opponent has been signed out.

It happens after I start the game after they put me in the arena 1vs1 with the GK, but before kickoff. I did some research, reset ps3, redeemed the code that I had when i got the game… still not working. I can play against my friends…but not online against random ppl.. Any help would be appreciated. Not quite sure sounds like you need to speak to EA — https: You need to explain in detail, as you now know it is complicated.

Which ISP you are using, which router, wireless or wired. Did you run the broadband and EA server connection tests etc and what were the results. Did you read all the FIFA lag page and then try the added steps on this page? Says connected to Xbox Live and have been thru your troubleshoot pages then when go to play it says lost connection. Now have new dual band router but still doing the same on Xbox Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. Please help — son going crazy as unable to play.

After finishing a online match in fifa world,they say connection has been lost n I cant do anything rather than closing the game n losing cash. It is the same in FUT. You can play normally at the end connection problem and match lost. Do you already know how to fix the problem? I maybe late but: I think i solved this by setting ps3 network to Nat1 has something to do with UPnP on or off, cant remember precisely but i think the Fifa Lag article covers this as well.

Create an Origin account online 1st. Then download Origin and login to it. Then download FIFA or insert the disc and install. Hi fifaaddiction… i have the button lag… i tried many many things to solve this but nothing worked: Solution without router is set-up Google DNS. Virgin is not able to resolve all DNS query and therefore connection is dropping, if you are PC player than its very easy otherwise find out how you can change DNS settings in console.

I have a weird problem for my PS Fifa Maybe anyone knows the reason. I am able to play online matches against random people head-to-head , and also I am able to play co-op season with my friend online. Error message reads unable to obtain the latest database, but you already have an older match day compatible database stores locally. Note your data will not be the current Match Day data. Yaa every time and the connection is green? Sometimes they disconnect first. Is the connection red or green? If red might be poor speed on your side so they disconnect.

I have a netgear cg router and would like to know the settings for fifa12 ps3. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.. We used to have same problem until resolved all hardware issues. Not defending EA here as they could probably do more like work with all the major suppliers testing. If you have a tecchie who can look at your setup and read everything on here. If you place consol in dmz and disable the firewall there is really nothing else u can do, the ps3 is now completely unrestricted.

There is a fault in communication between router and EAServer. They fixed that in 12 so suprised happening in So you have ISP supplied router in modem mode then linked to your Linksys router? Hi peeps …important a virgin meg customer and when i play fut i get slow down of the players…and jolting every time i get the ball. It is shown above. Please speak to someone who knows about IT and networks to resolve.

Hi Guys, thanks to your help i fixed my slow speed duing gameplay problems on my ps3. I upgraded my cable internet package and got a new modem sent out from the server. I done a speed test through both the new modem and through my connected tp-link router. The speed i was getting was greater through my new modem. I am playing UT12 via my modem with a ethernet cable connected direct to my ps3 , my speed problems and lagg have been fixed, but now i have a new problem.

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Every time i finish a UT12 game i get disconnected, and get sent back to the arena area. I dont recieve any coins or progress through the tournaments. This is really anoying as since my new modem install i have won all my games played being 10 games and have not progressed through the tournament or recieved any coins. Its me again guys just adding to my previous message below. Is it possible that my fire wall settings have to be adjusted on the netgear CG modem?

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  5. I have been disconnecting from UT12 all night, i tried other online game modes and having the same problem. Sorry about the spelling errors in my previous post, i am from Australia. There is a huge time difference which is really annoying. Defo that modem router giving you an issue. Hey there, well i have the virgin media superhub too and a netgear router and know how to put the superhub into modem mode however my superhub is in another room from my ps3 so how am i suppose to move my superhub seeing as im using cable connection?

    A longer ethernet cable? Not really as you need that cable from router to ps3. But yet out of the games of played of UT I reckon maybe games have been good connection. But the other games has been a very painful online experience. This is just becoming a joke now. Yes I have checked that 'Approximate Location Matchmaking' is on.

    I have never had an issue with this in previous FIFAs and I've been using the same internet connection for the last 3 years, so I'm more leaning towards that this is not coming from my end of things here. I actually I've considered myself pretty luck considering I see so much winging about servers and stuff and I've never had a problem with them till now.

    I'm surely not the only one that is having this issue! Message 1 of 4 1, Views.