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I can't find a girlfriend irl, or online, so I'm just done at this point. There's no hope for me. I'm not assertive enough, I don't have enough confidence, whatever the case may be, I'm just not fit to be out there in the dating world. Now look, irl I am a very shy, reserved, slightly below average looking guy. I can talk to people, but I'm not the kind of person who hangs out with people socially.

I've gone on the occasional dinner get-together with coworkers a few times, but that's the extent of it. My free time usually goes straight to my bedroom playing games or working on various creative projects that I never finish. When I started playing FFXIV, I got really excited to make new friends because, as I thought at the time, I was about to hang out with my kind of people; the people who like to stay at home and play video games. And this was sort of my gateway to meeting people who were like me; alone and not very social but want to meet people, so they play an mmo.

I did meet friends when I joined, after a couple days. Guys and girls alike. I was part of an FC, and they helped me go through the motions and stuff. I also met friends from all over the server, some being closer than others, and I was having a great time in general.

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But the entire time, in the back of my mind, I wanted companionship. I wanted a girlfriend. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have friends that are girls, some I have a crush on, but I that's the end of it.

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I don't want to ask them out, because I don't want to come across as creepy or have them look at me in a weird way and become estranged to me. I don't want to lose my friends. But I also feel so lonely. Friends are great, but I'm missing that feeling of companionship. Recently, out of a sort of desperation I guess, I joined a dating forum for nerdy people who like anime and video games and stuff like that.

I wanted to put myself out there as a single guy who is looking for a significant other. But the forum was just like any other forum I've ever been to. Just a community of people talking about stuff. There were topics about dating and stuff like that, but when I look at girls' profiles, I can see that already dozens of guys were chatting with them, and I wondered why I should bother. I'm not that social of a person, especially when I compare myself to other guys.

What do I have to offer that other guys don't?

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Heck if I know. I feel so much like giving up. In this kind of fandom, I understand there are more guys than girls. I don't feel like I can compare to other guys. So what's the point in trying?

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I'm sorry this is going on so long but I'm gonna try to wrap it up. A relationship, to me, feels like an elusive myth that can never be obtained. It's like getting rich or having tons of fame. Sure people can get it, but I never could. You don't need to flirt, just talk to girls normally, we understand. We don't need fancy, pep-talk words to get us to talk to you. If someone calls me "Hello Beautiful", you're damn right I'm going to ignore them. Now, if they would just say "Hi" or "Hello" then they'd get a response.

It's extremely patronizing, and pretentious. I want to say "you don't know if I'm beautiful or not, you haven't seen my pictures, and at this rate you're never getting them".

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Guys who think that's actually what women want to hear from a stranger are absurd. That and dick pics. Girls don't want random dicks. Just because you'd like random breast shots, doesn't mean women like random dick pics. You'd have more luck speed skating!

Look man, I don't even play this game anymore or have ever frequented this board, and I honestly don't care about you or your romantic endeavors, but for the love of god, tell me more stories. PSN and steam- or4ca1nus3. Posting in an epic thread.

TC, do you have a blog or something where we can read more on your romantic adventures in FF14? I smolder with generic rage. Basically, let them come to you and quit being a desperate creepo. Made quite a few female friends this way.

Red Mage job confirmed, and new raid will be titled Return to Ivalice.

I tried to apologize because I still wanted that V, no matter how used it may have been. Healer noob I haven't been so heartbroken in my life.