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It's so special, in fact, this cosplay creation has landed both the suit and its designer in the pages of the Guinness World Records. She calls up her mom and dad to share the incredible news, and the tears are flowing. The couple is expecting their first child! Now that Allie is into her second trimester, they feel like it is the perfect time to finally share their story.

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They also go into the difficulties they've experienced so far and how thrilled they are for this new chapter in their life. That's why he's on Tinder looking for love! So if you know any single Galapagos tortoises, send them Hugo's way! More Love is in the Air videos.

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Their dog waits outside eagerly every day for his favorite human to come home. Peaches Loves Watermelon Who's up for some watermelon?! A horse had somehow ended up in their pool overnight. The RSPCA has nearly 1, stray horses in their care, as overbreeding has become a huge problem in the area.

The actor heard about sick 4-year-old Giesel Garcia Fomperosa, a huge "Harry Potter" fan, and decided to send her a special video message.

Video: The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Is Here, Hilarious

Case in point — this hilarious moment Alex Rodriguez has so graciously shared with us on Twitter! When the woman he's talking to says he looks just like the guy Jennifer Lopez is seeing, he plays along, even calling himself a tool. Basically, people are getting inspired by the Netflix movie's premise of wearing a blindfold during ordinary tasks and are testing themselves.


Jordan and the Globetrotters stopped by Public School in Harlem for the latest minute photo challenge! Men are not sensitive creatures because they channeled all their sensitivity to their damn egos. So hope that explains clearly enough why for women on the Age Vs. Asset Value Theorem graph, it is a bell curve. And yes, they do continue to peak… but they will never increase until much, much, much later in life. As men age, well, guess what, not everyone is George Clooney, okay?

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You guys get uglier too. Wrinkly… balder… fatter and well, gravity is gonna be a bitch to you too! The upside is, as you age and climb that career ladder, you also accumulate wealth. Stop being so narrow-minded and assuming all women who like wealthy, successful men are gold-diggers.

The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

And of course women also look for intelligent, driven, loyal, and a guy with a good sense of humour. But a man with intelligence should generally come with a brain good enough to be successful in his career, right? Same goes for a man who is driven. Basically, as men age, they become more matured, wealthier, more successful therefore, more awesome.

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  • Video: The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Is Here, Hilarious.
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That little peak at the end of the graph was graciously added by a friend of mine who I shall give credit to for adding to my awesome theorem. That little increase in peak are quite specifically for the gold-diggers out there actually! So initially, my flow chart did not have that little peak… but since the number of outwardly evident gold-diggers has increased and emerged over the years, it seemed appropriate to add it in.

The Controversial Sunglasses Trend It-Girls Can't Get Enough Of

But do feel free to comment or add your ideas or critique it as some of you would so love to do! Hope nobody gets offended about my theorem or even The Hot Crazy Matrix… because if you do, you need to loosen up a little! Your email address will not be published.

Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix - A Woman's Guide to Men

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