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Image of a guy flirting with a black girl, she looks irritated. Or sometimes people make damaging or insensitive assumptions that because of your gender presentation. Image of two girls on the phone, person 2 presents as more feminine while person 1 presents as more butch. She looks offended and hurt. Image of two men talking.

The End of Men author explains hook-up sex culture

Person 1 looks condescending and is rejecting person 2, person two, who identifies as non-gender binary looks really hurt. Not only do you make the person uncomfortable but you end up playing into some really damaging stereotypes that fetishizes and objectifies people from certain communities. Hookups require emotional and physical vulnerability. Sexism really comes into play when people start objectifying women or when they feel entitled to their bodies or their time. Image of three people dancing in background, person 1 is in foreground and is watching lasciviously. Image of two people in the bedroom, person 1 is standing by the door, looking apprehensive.

Person 2 is sitting on the bed looking impatient. He looks really uncomfortable. Speech bubbles of what would have been better to say in the previous panels pop into the background of the panel.

So we ought to respect that some people may not want to dance, kiss, go home with you, or have sex. We also need to not get offended if people change their minds. Emma Rust is a bisexual, mixed race, Asian American printmaker and cartoonist. She interns as a Sexual Violence Prevention Intern, with a focus on creating comics and prints that talk about sexual violence and consent in ways that are constantly engaging and educating the student body.

Is campus hookup culture actually empowering?

Check out her art blog here. Panel 3 Silhouette of a person with a thumbs up. Panel 5 Image of narrator explaining. Panel 6 So, how do we make it more feminist? Panel 7 Images of speech bubbles with offensive labels. Avoid labeling people based on their pro-sexual decisions.

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  • Sorry Feminists, I'm Too Oppressed to Hook Up?

She slept with 2 or 3 guys last week… Person 2: What a slut… Panel 10 While others are often congratulated on sexual success. Panel 11 Image of two different people gossiping about that same couple. I heard he slept with 2 chicks over the weekend. Way to get it. Panel 12 Image of narrator. Panel 13 Instead, we need to respect that people should make their own decisions about their bodies and their own decisions about their bodies and their sex lives.

Panel 15 These labels are used to shame or pressure people into acting sexual when the person may not be ready or may not want to. Panel 16 Image of a girl moving in for a kiss while the other person looks hesitant. Panel 18 Image of narrator. Panel 20 Image of two people sitting at a bar; the guy is trying to flirt with the girl next to him.

Can I buy you a drink? Panel 21 Or throwing a party in a space that you are in control of, Panel 22 Image of a girl whispering to her friend, she looks concerned. I think there is someone following me.

Sorry Feminists, I'm Too Oppressed to Hook Up

Panel 23 Or are trying something for the first time. Panel 24 Image of two friends at a bar, the girl in the dress is pulling the hand of her friend and pointing at another girl with short hair chuckling in the foreground. Trust me, it will be fine.

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Panel 25 These scenarios can often lead to someone feeling entitled, helpless, or pressured. Panel 26 Image of same couple at the bar, the man throws his hands up as the girl indicates she is trying to leave. I have to go. Panel 27 Image of friends who were whispering. Okay, I should… Panel 29 Power dynamics exist to support those in a position of power maintain that power. Panel 30 Avoid Fetishization Panel 31 People often times project their inner racial and gender biases on their sexual partners.

Panel 33 Image of a white girl flirting with a Latino guy, the guy feels incredibly awkward. Panel 34 Image of a guy flirting with a black girl, she looks irritated. Many an op-ed has been written about the hookup cultures prevalent on college campuses across the country. These depictions overwhelmingly portray hookup culture as one of apathy, in which men and women alike take advantage of the anonymity found in the dimly lit basements of frat houses, where vulnerability is feared and intimacy scorned. What these articles often fail to relay, however, are the powerful — and even at times, debilitating — feelings of self-doubt and shame that can come with breaking this most important of rules and catching feelings; wanting something more.

And for many young people in the present day, the drive for professional success is both more realistic and more desirable than the pursuit of boy-meets-girl happily ever after. Hookup culture seems to provide an easy shortcut for integrating our romantic lives with our professional ones.

Your 7-Point Intersectional Feminist Guide to Hook Ups

While the stickers reference fighting political apathy, I believe that we need to take the same attitude toward our personal relationships. The apathy of hookup culture is a nationwide epidemic with the potential to be just as harmful to our mental health and emotional well-being as political apathy can be to the state of our union. True empowerment does not and should not necessarily mean trying to feel nothing. Those feelings are valid, too.

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