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As Swayze revealed in his autobiography, working with Grey could get pretty unpredictable. Her emotional state was volatile, and he never knew which version of Grey he was going to get that day. Sadly, the film has since faded into obscurity. However, both Fox and Seyfried vividly remember what went into making that scene. In any case, they pushed through and delivered and are actually quite proud of how it came out in the end. This thriller bombed at the box office. Audiences must have picked up on the lack of heat.

In fact, Sharon Stone harbored a deep hatred for Baldwin, so much so that she went the extra mile to ensure their romantic scenes were anything but romantic.

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This involved guzzling with potent mouthwash before shooting. She even gave his tongue a nibble during a kissing scene. Despite its status as a beloved romantic film, these two were far from Romeo and Juliet on set. When it comes to creating chemistry during filming, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio were the exact opposite. They were more like a very volatile chemical reaction.

Simply put, they just did not mesh personality-wise. And needless to say, it grated on her nerves fast. DiCaprio found Danes to be insufferably pretentious. Most moviegoers would never have suspected that turmoil bubbled behind the scenes. Nothing like faking it to make it in Hollywood, after all. In any case, Natalie Portman approached kissing Ashton Kutcher for the camera with a sense of dread. To be fair to Kutcher, however, Portman has expressed this sentiment before, making one thing clear: They had many scenes together, which of course included a kiss. In , the romantic drama An Officer and A Gentleman hit theaters.

It flourished at the box office. Critics were enthusiastic about it and the film even racked up several awards and nominations. However, none of this meant that the film was fun to make, particularly for romantic duo Richard Gere and Debra Winger. Well, depending on how you look at it, it might have just been Winger who had a lot to protest about. She did not click with Richard Gere, making any touchy-feely scene pretty awkward for both of them. Winger also did not get along with director Taylor Hackford very well, so make of that what you will. And of course, who could ever forget Friends, especially the lovable Rachel Green?

Well, the two television actors met on the set of Rock 30, and it was far from bliss. Alec Baldwin was expecting a lot more from a woman whom so many had fallen hard for in the 90s and early s.

Ian Somerhalder

Instead, he was disappointed by the on-screen lip lock. First kisses can be pretty stressful, whether you are just hooking up with your crush for a middle school dance or an actor who needs to ace the stage kiss if he wants his performance to be stellar. For James McAvoy, the pressure that came with the latter was just a bit too much to handle. I mean, sure, he was getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kiss Angelina Jolie, even if the kiss was wholly empty once the camera stopped rolling.

But he confessed that that was not enough to help him forget the awkwardness of it all. As desirable as Angelina Jolie may be to the average guy, when you get the chance to live the fantasy, it just becomes too real.

Nina Dobrev Reacts To Ian Somerhalder Dating Her Friend

Sadly, when it came to shooting The Touris t, not everything was rainbows and butterflies behind the scenes. Angelina Jolie had trouble stomaching Johnny Depp, mostly because his breath always reeked staggeringly bad. She would force him to down several breath mints before she would even consider putting her mouth anywhere near his — we hope that helped!

Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson was just 11 when he had to deliver his very first movie kiss in the film Little Manhattan. As you can imagine, that would be difficult for even the most experienced of movie stars. Josh Hutcherson recalls that particular kiss with a sense of nostalgic dread. He remembered it being terribly awkward, especially when he knew he had an audience and would have even bigger audiences once the film hit theaters. Still, it was an experience that any young ambitious actor would be grateful for—at least we hope Hutcherson sees it that way.

Those of you who grew up on beloved Disney Channel shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody likely remember how exciting it was when another favorite Disney Channel star made an appearance. In this case, that star was Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez closed her eyes, anticipating the moment and then, humiliatingly, missed the mark entirely. Practice does make perfect, after all. To some lovestruck teenagers at the time, Keira Knightley might have seemed like one lucky woman.

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. As it turns out, though, not all kisses are created equal. Keira Knightley expressed in one interview that she did not mind locking lips with Johnny Depp one bit. As for Orlando Bloom? You be the judge of what her silence means. Kristen Stewart has a reputation for always looking sullen on screen. Other times, she appears to be able to express no emotion at all. Many were incredibly awkward for Kristen Stewart. When it came time to kiss Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart admitted that it just never felt right—not just personally, but from a creative standpoint.

She did not see her character Bella Swan behaving in such ways. Nonetheless, she got through it. When Scary Movie 5 was released, people had mixed reactions. On one hand, fans were delighted to see another installment of the fun comedy franchise. Denzel Washington gave his role his best shot, although the film fared only so-so with critics. How was that kiss with Julia Roberts? And they have always been my core audience. Released in , Camille is one of those films that will leave most people shrugging their shoulders or raising their eyebrows if you mention it.

Even so, it is worth acknowledging the tension that existed between James Franco and Sienna Miller during the making of the film. In the film, the two were in love. However, in reality, an emotionless static endured between Franco and Miller. Franco mentioned that he felt nothing when they kissed. It happened and then it was over. If anything, it was just uncomfortable. To make matters worse, Miller was experiencing an extreme toothache at the time.

1. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants

Who could cherish the moment when their jaw is throbbing? Surviving one kiss with someone you hate is torturous enough. Try sticking it out for five seasons of a popular television show. It would not take long to be driven to the edge of insanity. By season five of Martin , Tisha Campbell was burnt out and wanted nothing to do with Martin Lawrence, which most definitely included kissing. In the show, the two were husband and wife. As such, you can imagine what a predicament this was. Things got so out of hand that Campbell even took legal action, claiming that Martin was abusive toward her.

She won the lawsuit. Many of the scenarios listed thus far have dealt with actors and actresses who just could never stomach the thought of being around their co-stars, much less for a romantic moment. While this is definitely not ideal, try being stuck in a role that forces you to fake a spark of passion with someone you once knew intimately but have since gone separate ways.

In fact, the two were desperate to stay as far away as possible from one another. Unfortunately, the contract reigns supreme, which means a lot of broken-hearted tension and awkward silences. It must feel pretty marvelous to play the one and only James Bond. Not only do you get to take on the role of a very suave and clever spy, you also get to hang out with many gorgeous women.

However, forget about the latter when you cannot even tolerate the woman you have to work with. Pierce Brosnan had trouble keeping his cool with co-star Teri Hatcher. At the time, she was a bit flaky when it came to making it to set on time. In her defense, she was pregnant. That did not keep Brosnan from getting annoyed when he would have to spend hours waiting for her to show up. Have you ever seen the film Australia? The film did not go over so well with critics or audiences, even Kidman herself said she was disappointed by her own performance. That must have made the effort that went into the kiss scene between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman all the more frustrating.

Hugh Jackman tried to make the best of it. He even admitted that he could have been forced to do a whole lot worse. Still, that did not stop the affair from feeling awkwardly forced. And who can really fake romance when you know it is not real and that a brooding audience will be watching you, wanting it to be real?

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You likely know the drill by now: Co-star dreads coming to set and would likely rather be doing anything else. But they still have to manage to pull together to deliver the romantic moments audiences want to see. This was definitely the case for Jason Lee on the set of Mallrats. Doherty did not make that easy. She usually brushed him off and treated him coldly.

Plus, she could be pretty demanding. His hang-up with kisses is a general concern, but not with women. Specifically, he feels apprehensive about portraying intimacy as a gay character. For Kevin Hart, it is not stigma or anything that has him afraid to take on such roles.

Not because I have any ill will or disrespect. Most people remember Kirk Cameron as that guy from Growing Pains. Since then, Cameron has enjoyed a relatively busy acting career; however, he is also very devoted to his work as a minister. One thing is for certain, however. Kirk Cameron does not kiss anyone who is not his wife. And yes, that includes pretend movie ones. It can be hard to work with such an actor when you want to show intimacy.

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Then again, the kind of audience Kirk Cameron films attract tend to be understanding in this regard. Kevin Smith, better known by his character Silent Bob, has made an exciting announcement for comedy fans everywhere. After a nearly eight-year hiatus to produce in the horror genre, Smith and long-time friend Jason Mewes are coming back for a Jay and Silent Bob "reboot. For many, getting to the Golden Globes is a dream come true. Once they've been invited, one major problem involves what they'll wear to the red carpet.

With one shot to make an impression, many go all out. We look at what this year's nominees wore at their first appearance. A Winning Debut Christian Bale's first appearance led to a The Evil Dead fanbase went wild knowing they'll never see him as the beloved hero again. Fortunately, he'll be back on TV soon but in a different role. Although he won't be in the limelight as a horror star, he'll still be in touch with the weird and Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants Twilight fans might have difficulty imagining Robert Pattinson acting in anything other than the sensational vampire franchise.

The Silver Petticoat Review. Published 1 day ago on Jan 17, Nina Dobrev introduces her cute rescue pup Mrs Maverick. So good, couple or not couple? For several weeks, the rumor circulated on the Web. The beautiful Nina Dobrev would have found love with the ex of Katy Perry. Here is another person who will register on his list of girls to damn until its existence obviously wit. About Nina Dobrev is a 30 year old Canadian Actress. Contribute Help us build our profile of Nina Dobrev! Flemming Maternal Grandfather , Mrs. Glen Powell and Nina Dobrev separated in Nov Austin Stowell and Nina Dobrev separated in F Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev were rumored t Derek Hough and Nina Dobrev separated in Nov Nina Dobrev started dating Ian Somerhalder on Evan Williams and Nina Dobrev were rumored to Benjamin Hollingsworth and Nina Dobrev separa Derek Theler and Nina Dobrev were in a relati Posted comments View all comments QueenMystique Jan 5 beautiful.

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