Still Not Sold on Online Dating? Here's How to Make the Best of It

I memember I once had two pictures on an older dating site, they were exactly the same equally fit in both pictures, same room, same context etc. Also, consider having pictures taken by someone else as this usually yields the best quality. This other person should preferably be a woman, as she has the best prerequisites to know how to make the pictures sexy.

At last it encourages hitting the gym and sticking to your diet as it adds accountability to equation. Adding the pictures to your profile: My experience is, never use a shirtless picture as profile picture or early in your portfolio. Most women tend to not want the unsolicited shirtless picture. Make it natural, show a progression from fully clothed to shirtless. This guy must lead a crazy life!!

What world does this guy live in?? So a man sending me a photo of his hot body before he and I really get to know each other only highlights my own insecurity with my not so perfect body. And then I deduce the man to being shallow, and say, Goodbye. Still trying to figure where they do that at lol.. Shirtless pictures can be very attractive in a dating profile.

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The results indicated that not only do they get more frequent replies, they often have women messaging them first. There is some self-selection that happens here — most of the guys who would post a shirtless pic have a body to show off. OKCupid did an analysis of how men posting shirtless pictures fare.

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The conventional wisdom is that they should fare worse and that posting them is a bad idea. Your email address will not be published.

Women React to 8 Types of Online Dating Profiles of Men

At some point, you will probably ask yourself: Shirtless guys on Tinder. Well played Julio, well played. Douchey Shirtless pics on Tinder. March 24, at April 13, at 9: January 9, at 8: November 30, at 6: December 24, at I rule out guys with posed shirtless pictures.

Kinda questionable but forgivable are natural shots with him shirtless, such as in the pool or on a boat. It's just TMI for a dating site, in my opinion, screams "hookup" to me. I've also read that guys with shirtless pictures get better response rates.

Take Your Time

I have to imagine those are women looking for casual hookups. But I don't imagine some guys would mind attracting those types of women, and if that's the case, it can't hurt to try. My only concern is that you might be filtering out relationship-minded women. Last edited by Ruby Slippers; 20th November at This is not surprising.

As I have said before, OLD seems to be mostly good for sex. Finding quality relationship material is the challenge. I personally dislike them but of course I don't speak for all women and I'm sure some like them. But I was just telling my roommate tonight that once I see mirror shirt less pics I just pass on by. I've looked at a guy's profile and thought, it would be good if he didn't have these shirt less pics.

For me they're tacky and I don't see the point of advertising your body like that. So my response is usually: What a shame because I really want a nice, relationship with a serious girl. But I don't get many responses. Maybe one of these women that like these kinds of pics will be relationship material? I mean who are we kidding, women in general are attracted to muscles. I'm not looking for casual hookups but some responses are better than none. Maybe I can take some pics at the beach or pool. Unfortunately that won't be until next summer.

All the half-naked pictures scream "attention ho", "I'm trying to entice guys with the hopes of sex", "I'm dumb cuz imagine if a prospective employer checks out my Facebook and sees that I have half-naked pictures up there", and "My body is on display for ANYONE definitely not one man ". Originally Posted by 40 Fonzarelli. Originally Posted by Ruby Slippers.

10 Tinder Pictures to Help You Double Your Matches | Tinder Seduction

It's just TMI for a dating site, in my opinion, screams "hookup" to me.. Funny, on the POF forums quite a few people have a, "If you got 'em, flaunt 'em" mentality. LOL I recall a woman who put up some photos of herself, though they weren't bathroom selfies, a lot of them were her at the beach or some kind of work out attire. That was about it. She was pretty blunt in her profile and short: Originally Posted by PegNosePete. Then I suggest you project this image. Shirtless pics might get you more replies but do you want quantity or quality?

Yes but if you think showing these muscles off in an online dating profile is going to attract a woman who is looking for a serious relationship, then you have some learning to do. Would James Bond put up a "douchey shirtless pic"?

Online dating shirtless pictures. 13 Online Dating Photo Tips for Guys Who Want More Dates

Do you think he would have any problems getting replies? The best thing you can do is to have good quality, well lit, smiling photos and an original, interesting, passionate profile. If you do that then you WILL get replies from genuine women interested in a serious relationship. But most people don't do that, even when given a lot of help. Originally Posted by irc

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