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The Lord will show you what grace and mercy means so when you get in a fight with your significant other you can do the same. One way you can grow as both a Christian and as a couple is by sharing your faith together.

Christian Relationship Advice (My Top 7 Tips for Marriages and Dating Relationships)

God wants your relationship to be focused on Him. You can do so through praying together, worshipping together, going to Bible studies together and the like.

Spending time with God gives you opportunities to open up and have real, deep conversations with your partner. Through sharing your faith, you are given opportunities to talk about thoughts, feelings, joys, fears, hopes, disappointments, and so on.


Healthy relationships exhibit strongly shared hopes and values. Be encouraging and supportive of your significant other on their faith journey as well. From friendships to romantic relationships, we all understand the importance of honesty and the consequence of dishonesty. Being honest in a relationship is more than just not lying to your significant other though.

It means being open and vulnerable with your feelings. You have to be unafraid to be unapologetically you. Are you ready to build this type of relationship?

Love In His Image: 7 Rules for Christian Dating

A great first step is praying to God and asking Him for guidence and support. God is our ultimate teacher, and He will give us the tools needed to build a successful relationship. Society tells you to give in to the moment.

5 Signs You Are in the Right Christian Relationship

Christ tells you to be obedient to His word. Physical touch should be in the context of a meaningful relationship, not reduced to satisfaction of personal need.

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Both partners should take responsibility for setting limits. Mutual boundary keeping reflects maturity.

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What is your motivation -- power and control, gratifying your own ego, meeting a selfish need, or genuine affection? If the social, emotional, spiritual dimensions are missing or lacking, you are out of balance.

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You should respect and honor each other. If you are a teen, you must honor your parents and respect their counsel Ephesians 6: You are subject to parental authority. Linda Mintle is a author, professor, Approved Supervisor and Clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years in psychotherapy practice.

There is so much more that God has made me to do and to be, and so much more that I want to become.

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Seek to find your purpose and pursue your God-given passions while standing alone. Looking for more Christian dating advice from an expert? True Love Dates is the one and only book you need to read about dating. Check out what the reviews are saying , and start reading to change your love life today! Love this dating advice?

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I dusted off one of my old journals the other day. I invested my energy in the wrong places, and my emotions in the wrong people. Christian Dating Advice 1. The most important person you could ever get to know is yourself.