I need to be able to make decisions if my partner is unable to speak for himself - in case of an emergency. I did not maintain a positive attitude while in a polygamy-themed relationship. I was handled like a business and only certain days were dedicated to me. Monogamy affords me the comfort of spending time without worrying about when my moment is up. Imagine your significant other holding you while watching A Different World. I would prefer to be thinking about choosing the next movie with bae.

Everyone is capable of cheating. In monogamy, you must caution yourself for a few suspicions, but in polygamy, you hope and pray the others are remaining faithful. I always felt like there were extreme self-esteem highs and lows. Either I was his favorite or she was his favorite, which put us two women at odds with one another.

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Competition is everywhere already. I did not like coming home to it as well. Growing jealous and competing just to maintain a spot that feels like monogamy? So, why not just be monogamous? There are many debates on why the black community should start embracing polygamy, especially the one about our ancestors practicing it.

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In spite of the ban on polygamy and bigamy, polygamous unions continue to exist in many parts of the world, including the United States. Most of the people who enter polygamous marriages in countries where it is banned do so for religious reasons, the most common religions being certain sects of the Mormon church and Islam. Polygamy is accepted and legal in a number of predominately Muslim countries. Muslims who practice polygamy often cite a religious precedent for polygamy from the Qur'an, which permits one man to marry up to four women.

Canada has formally banned the practice of polygamy. These states have large populations of members of the FLDS. The ruling also stated that laws against bigamy may be susceptible to court challenges, which many believe could open the doors to wider acceptance of polygamy.

Dating site for Muslim polygamists draws heat for exploiting women

It allowed for families with multiple spouses to live together, provided that they do not have more than one marriage license on file. Get legally married only once. The law is very particular about how many individuals may legally be married, in part to prevent tax and welfare fraud. However, in places where polygamy is de facto accepted, if not condoned, there are certain restrictions on how polygamous unions may take place.

Many fundamentalist Mormon practitioners legally marry one wife, then "spiritually marry" other women.

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Remember that spiritual marriages are not legally binding. That does not negate their significance to you and your partner s , but the union will not be recognized by the law. Meet other future spouses. Because polygamy is typically condoned only in specific regions, it may be difficult to meet other willing participants to enter a polygamous union. You may want to consider relocating to a polygamy-friendly region, or searching online for a dating service that focuses on polygamy.

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There are now dating websites that cater specifically to individuals, couples, and groups looking for other individuals or couples to date and potentially marry. One of the most common websites for polygamist dating is Sister Wives.

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  6. Enter a spiritual union with other spouses. If you are married and want to engage in polygamy, you will have to enter spiritual unions with your additional spouses. On paper, only the legally-wedded couple is married. However, the family may live with other spouses, provided that no other marriage certificates are acquired for those unions.

    It may be difficult to find an officiant willing to perform the ceremony, so your best bet is to find an officiant who adheres to a polygamy-tolerant religion.


    Be aware that while your spiritual unions may be accepted, only the first marriage is legally recognized. Because spiritual wives are not legally recognized, none of the spiritual wives are entitled to the legal rights that come with marriage. This includes financial support, property rights including intestate succession , workers compensation benefits, social security benefits, or wrongful death benefits. Children from spiritual marriages may not be considered "legitimate" children in the eyes of the law, and therefore may not be eligible for any legal benefits.

    Be aware that while spiritual marriages may be condoned, all marriages spiritual or legal and any other sexual relationships must be with consenting adults who are of legal age in that state. Different states have different ages of consent, so know the laws in your region before entering any relationship.

    You can find the age of consent laws for your state or a state you intend to relocate to by searching online. If your wife is open to a polygamous relationship but you cannot engage in a spiritual marriage for whatever reason, you may want to consider having mistresses. Make sure your wife will accept you having one or more mistresses, and have an honest conversation about how this may affect your marriage. Mistresses, like spiritual wives, are not given any legal rights or protections. They are essentially lovers that are taken by one spouse outside the marriage.

    Consider a polyamorous relationship. Polyamory is similar in theory to polygamy, except it relies on equality and the meeting of everyone's needs. Instead of one man or woman having multiple spouses, a polyamorous relationship typically involves bringing one or more outside lovers into an existing relationship.

    Sometimes polyamorous relationships involve platonic relationships between partners.

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    There is no right or wrong way of forming a polyamorous relationship, so long as all partners are consenting, understanding, and of legal age. Remember that monogamy is an option. There are many valid reasons why an individual may want a polygamous relationship. If you live in a region where polygamy is strictly prohibited and polyamory is socially frowned upon, you may have to limit yourself to a monogamous relationship.