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I apologise for this section of the conference starting late, though I hope you can all appreciate the irony, considering the nature of the findings we are about to discuss today.

Obviously this joke will only work if the meeting starts late, but it always does. The schedule for these things is never more than an elaborate work of fiction. It was six Earth years ago that the Committee for the Review of Dating Conventions was started to deal with one of the more unusual and unexpected consequences of space exploration and the colonisation of other worlds.

In order to properly explain our findings, it will be helpful to go over the history of the main issue with which we were tasked to deal. In the years since humanity started to spread through the stars, we have established colonies on 46 planets across 38 local solar systems. This is not only the greatest achievement in human history—as we are the only sentient species yet discovered in the galaxy, it may well be the greatest achievement of all life-kind, all made possible by the predecessors of this Council.

Despite the great distances between worlds, the ease of inter-dimensional travel and tachyon communication means that the children of Earth maintain a thriving alliance based around commerce, tourism, and mutual defence. With the vast resources of multiple planets all working together, we now live in a true golden age.

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But there is one thing that creates a problem for the smooth running of our alliance: MAD scientist- how nice for you! But I appreciate that he has the interest.

Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time.

He reads more popular science than I do. Also, this way he appreciates the tedium of my work and understands why it always takes me longer than I expect to do things. I also found this very interesting. I have only ever had a non-scientist partner and like it very much. My big tip to anyone with a family or spouse is to always leave work at work and to always leave work and computers out of vacations. You spend the majority of your life working and if you want to have a well balanced life with the people you love, dedicate as much energy, passion and time to your partners and family as you do work.

You will appreciate it more in the end. So will your loved ones. I found this really interesting to read. As for the advice, I would say the following from my experiance heh this is turning into another blog post!:. I like to spend as much time as I can with my partner, the occasional happy surprise of being back early has led to some great evenings. Otherwise you spend the whole hour resenting them for not letting you get on with work rather than enjoying yourself.

Please remain calm–I may be mad, but I am a professional.

Partner will appreciate it and you. Totally agree with that one! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Recognizing Anxiety in Graduate School.

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Lactation in the Lab: Coping with Bereavement as a PhD Student. Getting Through Graduate School: Advice from Beyond the Battlefield. MindScientist on August 3, at 8: Sapinder on August 30, at Carter on August 29, at Lucy Reynell on June 9, at 8: Roberto on March 30, at Sean Scully on March 16, at Michele on March 30, at 6: KateMadd on March 29, at 2: Nick on March 25, at 9: You can save a lot of time in your day by planning ahead properly…!

Suzanne on March 25, at 8: MAD scientist on March 25, at 6: I make him a part of my work without overwhelming him with the details. Suzanne on March 24, at 9: It was a nice kiss. He asked to see me again. They are just moments in time to be enjoyed. I went to bed with all these thoughts — and bottles of red wine — rushing around my head.

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He was calling in sick. I was more relieved than disappointed. I texted my Mad Scientist to say thank you for a nice night. When are we doing it again?

Mad Scientist

Will he shave the head? Does IT pay much? Ha, Mairead, might ask the shave head question for second date! Brilliantly written, as ever. Because of his frizzy hair?

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Did he make you smile…or better still laugh? Sounds like you felt very comfortable..

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Enjoy the moment and let the ruddy future take care of itself!