It has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have met so many good girls and made so many close friends through the sorority. It was an amazing way to meet people fast and form friendships when the college experience seemed intimidating. Students did leave their doors open a lot in the beginning of the year to make friends and meet new people, but as the year progressed the doors stay closed but unlocked.

Soccer is the most popular athletic event along with basketball. Besides that sports is not too big a part of our campus. The dating scene at UCSB is pretty much non-existent. I do not know if it is due to being Greek, but it seems as though the dating scene consists of just "hooking up. At 2am on a Tuesday, I am usually in my room on my computer or watching a movie. Floatopia is an event that occurs each year on campus. It is where a bunch of people go down to the beach and hang out and swim for the entire day. People party a lot here. Usually every day of the weekend and some weekdays.

Last weekend, i went to a frat both nights, drank, and then watched a movie with my sorority sisters. If you do not want to drink on a Saturday night going down to State Street for shopping dinner and a movie can be extremely fun. I am on the club ultimate frisbee team at UCSB. I couldn't imagine not being on a team in college becuase i have been on one my whole life. I love the team, we travel to Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and all over California.

I have met my closests friends on my team and i could not imagine not spending everyday with them. Most students leave their doors open in teh dorms, its nice to be able to jsut walk in and talk for a little or just hang out. Atheltic events, especially soccer and volleyball and basketball are very popular. I have been to many games and i enjoy every one. There are also the many traditions like floatopia and extravaganza that are huge social events. They are so unique because no one else has a party on the ocean literally!

There are many traditions that students hold too that people just keep alive because they are so much fun. People party almost every night.

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If you want to party everynight of the week there are definitely ways to make that happen, however the majority of the parties are Thrusday-Saturday night. Even at parties though there are people who do not drink and still havea great time just hangin out. Frats and sororities are not that important. They are fun to go to when they have theme parties and such, but it is by no means the only way to socialize. There are so many other things to do other than go to a frat party.

We also go to theme parks, surf, play sports, watch movies, and just goof off doing random things rather than drinking. The most popular groups would probably be the sororities and fraternities, there is a pretty strong campus crusade for christ group called Real Life , and people seem to like clubs like the Excursion Club and the Ski and Snowboard Club which seem to center more on partying.

IM sports seem popular also, people at UCSB like to stay fit so sports are a good way of maintaining that. In the dorms, students often leave their doors open, and many never even lock their doors. Soccer games are quite popular and basketball games get an ok turn out. I'm not sure past there. Guest speakers do not get a very good turn out and i have no idea about theatre. Dance performances and music performances do pretty well mostly because it is required to go for certain classes in order to pass. I met my closest friends in the dorms. If i'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, i am studying or writing a paper.

Every year there are Greek events and club events. People party pretty often, thursday is the beginning of the weekend for most party-ers.

For those who like to party, frats and sororities are pretty important. Last weekend I hung with friends and watched movies. On a Saturday night, you can go to the movies, get ice cream, hang with other non drinking friends, you can even go to parties, you just have to be ready to fend off drunk people and offers of drinks. Off campus, i eat, study, meet friends, live. Our philanthropies are attended by many none Greeks and we invite everyone to join! The dorms are a great experience and every Freshman should take advantage of them.

I met two of my best friends and sisters in the dorms and many other great people who I still keep in contact with while living in Isla Vista. Signs are posted all over campus when big events happen so everyone is aware of it. If students are concerned about having a good time and not drinking, there are always great restaurants in IV and movie rentals for a quiet night. There is a movie theater, and a Borders near by.

A bowling alley is right off the freeway, and state street with shopping, more restaurants and more movie theaters is about a 15 minute drive away! Its pretty easy to snuggle up with friends and watch movies, it isn't all about going out and getting crazy. But for those that choose to live the on the go lifestyle, I would say 5 out of 7 days someone could always find something to do.

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The most popular clubs on campus: Snowboarding club is usually good to join your first year because not only do they have great deals on snowboarding trips, but they always have parties that you can attend for free if you're a member. I thought it might be cliquey and the girls would be snobby but it's so fun and the girls are so fun! It's not well-known so most people are surprised when I tell them I'm on the cheer team here. The dorms are very essential to making friends your first year.

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I became very good friends with the girls in my dorm and hall and am still very good friends with them. I know that we always had our door open but not very many people do. The most popular athletic events are soccer and men's basketball game. Quite a large amount of people attend these games. Greek life is very present but not essential to having fun and making friends. On the weekends, besides partying, downtown Santa Barbara is really nice. There's a lot of shops and the beach down there is beautiful. There's a bowling alley nearby that a lot of people like to go on the weekends called Zodo's also.

The greek life is popular. Students in dorms leave their doors open. It ventilates the room and welcomes people in, which is especially useful at the beginning of the year when you don't know anybody. Soccer and basketball games are very popular. So are certain guest speakers. Don't know about theater. Dating scene is pretty good. Lots of single guys and girls.

Facebook Pages Cause Free Speech Controversy

But parties are not the best place to meet them, especailly if you want a relationship. Most people at parties just want to hook up.

I met my closest friends in the dorm last year. We lived in the same hall. If I'm awake at 2am on Tues, it means I'm studying. The weekend closest to it as well as the actual day are both celebrations. People make sure they have a different costume for each day. And thousands of people just walk up and down DP. A lot of people party every weekend or every other weekend. I partied and studied last weekend. Kaur said she and other students tried challenging the page moderators but were unsuccessful in removing negative material.

Students have been trying to report things and it just comes to a point where this is affecting our students and multiple students have felt triggered. They have felt unsafe by things that were posted. But the postings, which include narrations of casual sexual encounters as well as the use of drugs and alcohol, are less to blame than common cultural values existent on campus, according to Christopher Babadjanian, president of College Republicans and fourth-year political science major.

In fact, Babadjanian said limiting the exposure of these pages may only stifle productive dialogue by ignoring the controversial issues they sometimes present. Co-chair of Take Back the Night Alex Moore, a third-year political science major, said his organization endorsed the bill because the UCSB Hook-Ups page presents several narrations of sexual assault incidents, which can be traumatic for survivors of this abuse. For Moore, the bill acts more as a statement against the potentially harmful and violent behavior of some students. While acknowledging the need for First Amendment protection, Moore said he finds it necessary to still recognize the rights of students most affected by page, particularly victims of sexual assault.

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