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I smoked for years, and have a bit myself, so I couldn't judge. Now if we're talking "bad teeth" like she's looking like Sloth from "The Goonies," that's a different story. Oct 25, 10, Greater Vancouver. I think I'd be weirded out by dentures or really shiny teeth. Keep it real, even if it doesn't look the best. I don't think I would care in most instances. If it's due to smoking then them smoking would be the relationship breaker rather then then yellow teeth from it. If it's a complete lack of care about personal hygiene then I think that would be the deal breaker rather then the state of their teeth.

Chekhonte User banned for use of an alt-account Member. Oct 31, 1, I have yellow teeth from coffee and it never even occurred to me to judge somebody by the color of their teeth. The cost rises every day. You'd better go get them looked at as soon as possible. Oct 25, 10, Oct 25, 5, I'm British, so yeah. Oct 25, 6, So many people spend so much money on perfect teeth such as veneers and implants even traveling to other countries for procedures.

Usually people say get the whitest color they offer. Oct 27, San Francisco. My teeth are jacked but its hereditary. I also drink tons of coffee so they looked I married a half japanese girl with a mouth like Miyamoto. I dont trust people with perfect teeth.

Oct 28, Ireland. Crooked or missing teeth is one thing, I ain't gonna discriminate because someone didn't have couldn't afford braces. My own teeth are kinda crooked anyway from having a few milk teeth knocked out when I was a toddler and a box to the jaw I took another time. Rotten or dirty teeth though?

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That's a massive turn off and I don't see why it wouldn't be for anyone. Bad breath for starters. Oct 27, 2, I have crooked teeth. Parents were cheap to put braces on me. It hasn't been a problem for my dating life ever. Although I don't smile with my teeth in pictures, so that's an insecurity that sucks to have but things could be worse.

That means you don't get cleanings every 6 months which means that yup I'm not gonna date that person. Oct 27, 1, Oct 29, 1, If you really like this man, give him a decent chance. See if you can get over the teeth. But if not, and he asks , have the courage and decency to look him in the eye and tell him what you actually think.

She could go on the date, see if she could overlook the teeth, and if not, say "Sorry, but I'm just not feeling a connection. Speaking as someone who in a relationship with someone who has bad teeth, I'd recommend going on the date but taking it slow if you find his teeth off-putting. You'd be surprised at how the physical superficialities become irrelevent the more you get to know somebody. Also, if you're nervous about kissing him due to his teeth, there's no hard and fast rule that a first date must end in a kiss, especially for people in their 30's.

Give him and yourself a shot. I'm glad I did that with my SO, because despite her teeth and my initial hang-up about them, I'm in one of the best relationships I've ever had. YMMV, of course, but better to pursue something than regret something, I always say. I once dated a girl with incredibly crooked teeth. Like, holy-fuck-get-thee-to-an-orthodontist-now kinda teeth.

And while her crooked teeth caused zero problems still a fine smile, awesome kisser, incredible oral sex I let her go. Now, I didn't dump her because of her bad teeth It was among the most foolish decisions I ever made. Because, really, in every respect, she was awesome. I can see that now.

Why it's OK not to date someone because you don't like his teeth!

I had very deliberately shot myself square in the foot. I ran into her years later. She had found the money to get her teeth fixed.

The One Thing You Should Never Lie About Before a First Date? How Many Teeth You Have

She explained that it really took a lot of work underneath the hood, so to speak. Her smile had gotten percent better. I imagine the oral sex was still roll-your-eyes-back-into-your-head awesome. But, see, I could only imagine that last part. Because some other guy was a lot smarter than me.

My dad broke off most of his front teeth when he was 16, when he botched diving into a swimming pool. My grandmother didn't have the money to pay for a dentist and since he was on scholarship through college, he still had broken teeth when he met my mom She was slightly repulsed by his teeth, but they went out and obviously I'm here as a result.

It may have been tacky, but she did give him the condition of getting his teeth fixed after they got engaged following being together for 2 years. I wouldn't be here if my mom hadn't been able to get over how my dad's teeth where when she first met him. I don't have great teeth. They're not discolored and I take good care of them, but due to a combo of poorness and the shit end of the dental genetic stick, everything's not quite where it belongs, and I do have some adult teeth that haven't come in, so it looks like I'm missing teeth they're up there, I swear! It really hurts when people are so cavalier with their snobby statements about teeth.

Not all of us had parents that had thousands to spend on braces would you ever say you wouldn't be attracted to someone who grew up poor? Also, straight teeth may not have been the same priority for all parents, or maybe the person has a medical problem. I totally understand that you can't really help what you're attracted to and not attracted to, and that might rule this guy out -- but I just hope you and a lot of other people will understand that "bad teeth" can be the result of a lot of different things, not simply poor hygiene.

And he could definitely be planning to or even be in the process of getting them fixed. I need to get mine fixed one day, but during that whole process I'm going to look even more heinous. What will people like you think then? I think you should at least go out with this guy and see what happens. Maybe after a little while bring it up -- it sounds like maybe guys aren't so sensitive about this, based on some other replies?

If you can't bring yourself around to be attracted to him, don't worry; some other girl who can look beyond his teeth will snatch him up.

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I have healthy gums and perfectly nice teeth…except for a highly visible upper front tooth which was knocked out in an accident. Even after thousands of dollars in cosmetic dentistry i. None of them brought it up, but if I liked them and it looked like there might be a second date, then I damn well made it a point to bring it up. Had they mentioned it first I would have been mildly embarrassed, but also grateful for the opportunity to explain. And I'm in the process of maybe starting to date someone, to the point that I carefully read this question for similarities.

Like bennett, I plan to bring it up myself if she doesn't. I'm diabetic, and I've been through a period of immense family stress, and before that I had only intermittent access to dental insurance. If I'd taken care of myself beforehand, the periodontal wouldn't have been such a problem, but it's pretty much all water under the bridge pun half intended at this point.

Would you ever date a hot girl, with bad teeth?

The fact is I look about as unattractive with my teeth now as I imagined I looked most of my life. For various reasons, I went through multiple personal ordeals, and feel I've cleansed myself of some prior depressive and insecure traits to the extent that I'm ready to date again, but wasn't really expecting to pursue anything until I got the work done. Now I've met someone I click with, and damned if I don't regret every moment of my dental and systemic neglect that brought this on. I'm no longer disposed to be sensitive, though. I'm in a city with a lot of unfortunates and really, I have the option of cowering in my room or going about remaking my life I'm not making this about me, I'm trying to stand in for Anon's guy.

Mostly, I'm orthodontically stable right now, and I can eat most of what I want, but these practical considerations outweigh anything psychological. If I were him, I'd probably appreciate a tactful, neutral approach to the topic, such as "Can you eat X? It might open up a discussion, or you can judge by his reaction whether you want to even talk about it -- and through that whether his handling of the issue is in line with what you're looking for in a person.

I think my quarry is OK with it, maybe even has some positive spin on how well I'm handling myself in spite of it, but I really don't know. Maybe she hasn't thought about it nearly as much as I have. Maybe it'll go exactly nowhere. Lord knows I have plenty of other reasons right now someone may not want to choose me.

Why don't you just go out on a casual date or two with him, one where you have a nice dinner and talk and don't fool around, and learn about each other? Maybe he'll volunteer information about his teeth that will reassure you they're temporary, or let you know it's chronic. Maybe after a few dates talking directly to his face, you won't notice so much, or you'll realize for certain that it's a no-go.

No matter what, you'll get more useful information than you'll get asking us. I mean, people still go on a few dates to feel each other out, right? I don't know where you are or where he's from, but have you considered the cultural angle on this? Not all cultures value straight, white teeth as much as North Americans.

It may well be that where he's from, bad teeth are not a detriment to attractiveness, or a small enough detriment that it's not worth fixing. No advice on how to bring it up, I'm afraid, but just a counterpoint to all the "he knows and would have done something already if he could. I will leave you guessing forever whether it was your teeth Sheesh, you do know that's not the only way to break it off with people other than insulting them? You can be straightforward but kind and say "I'm really sorry, I enjoy your company, but I just don't feel that way about you" without running down a detailed litany of their precise faults.

Which is probably what I would be inclined to do if I felt the same after several dates. But then I'm single, and maybe that's why! OK, so I don't know how bad these teeth are.

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Or you are overweight, and he keeps asking you why you can't just lose those few pounds and how come you're a bit porky anyway? This is how it's going to sound to him. Because I can bet all the teeth in my mouth that he is extremely, painfully aware of how bad his dental work is. If it's a real deal-breaker for you, the best thing you can do is to end it now, in the same way you would with any nice guy that you just did't fancy.

I have this friend, the "always wondered how we never ended up dating" kind of friend. A few years back, she brought up out of the blue that the topic had actually been discussed with her parents -- and they were vehemently opposed to the idea. They liked me just fine, but my never-straightened teeth were an absolute deal-breaker So, don't feel too bad Also, jetsetlag has a point. Some people have bad teeth because of money. Some people because of cultural habits. Some people are just terrified of the dentist and it's hard to do the work now that needs doing because they didn't brush enough as a child.

Both sets of accounts had identical settings - such as likes, friends and location. But female respondents were just as culpable; Darren's profiles not only produced similar results, but also highlighted the difference between how men and women use dating apps. Darren's 'bad teeth' profile only had two matches over the course of one week, while his 'good teeth' profile received just 19 matches.

The only difference was that one account featured the prospective dater with discoloured and missing teeth right ; and the matching profile had perfect teeth left. Around 74 per cent of all adults have had to have a tooth extracted, they found, while 48 per cent of the population say they are unhappy with their teeth. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Social experiment shows bad teeth are a dating turn-off e-mail Most watched News videos McDonald's manager fights unruly customer in Chicago Moment MMA fighter knocks out Chinese fake martial arts master Protests outside Brooklyn church after pastor charged with rape 17ft crocodile killed after eating Indonesian scientist Meghan Markle shows off baby bump on Birkenhead visit Heartwarming moment baby hears sister's voice for the first time Arizona restaurant employees beat down would-be robber White man punches year-old black girl in altercation outside mall Gas station worker killed by driver stealing gas during hit-and-run David Cameron insists he doesn't regret calling the referendum Campaigners celebrate Brexit deal vote defeat outside Parliament Cat comforts his friend who previously suffered from anxiety.

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