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This does not mean that a point whose date code does not agree with the barrel is necessarily a replacement. An other thing to not get too concerned about is finding a pen has lost its code.

Parker Pens Penography: DATE CODES -DATING A PEN

Modern pens are much more likely to present their codes, but their codes are less easily understood. Parker began applying date codes in From then until , the codes took the form of a pair of digits; the first indicating which quarter and the second the year. Thus, a pen with a 46 code is from October through December of , and pens made in the third quarter are very obvious about their year. In , the codes for the quarters were changed to simple dots; the accepted reason for this is that it saved in the making of the stamps; rather than having a new code-stamp each quarter, a dot was merely ground off the one for the year.

This means that the codes now had a single digit, flanked and supported by dots at the start of the year, dropping the one beneath in the second quarter, the one behind in the third, and standing alone in the fourth. I understand that this was not brought in until the second quarter of , so the codes for that year should go from 18 to. This single digit code persisted until the end of the s, when a second digit appeared. In Gillette sold its writing instruments division to the company Newell Rubbermaid , whose Sanford Stationery Division became the largest writing instrument manufacturers in the world at that time, simultaneously owning such brand names as Rotring , Sharpie, Reynolds as well as Parker, PaperMate, Waterman , and Liquid Paper.

With commercial competition increasing upon the Parker jotter's classic metal ink refill cartridge design from low cost generic copies produced in China , as Parker's unique design patent for the cartridge expired, Parker's sales began to be drastically adversely affected.

Parker History

In July Newell Rubbermaid Inc. The company press release stated: Subsequently, Parker has abandoned its traditional retail outlets in North America. While some of its former staple Jotter pens may be found in retailers such as Office Depot , the Parker line has been moved to upscale "luxury" retailers in an abandonment of its former business model of quality manufacture combined with mass market appeal and pricing. Parker Jotters are said to have been a favorite choice of President John F.

Kennedy for signing legislation and to give as gifts.

Parker Date-Codes Reference

The precursor to the Parker Vector was introduced in It was a simple cylindrical plastic cap and barrel roller-ball pen called the "Parker RB1". The RB1 and FP1 models were produced until , at which time Parker revised the pen by lengthening the cap and shortening the barrel and renaming the new pen the "Vector Standard". Presently, there are four models available in plastic and steel: The following is a list with products offered by the Parker Pen Company in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parker Pen Company Type.

Jointless , Jack Knife Safety , Duofold , Vacumatic , "51" , The Jotter , 61 , 45 , 75 , Classic , 25 , Arrow , Vector , Duofold International , 95 , Sonnet , and Parker Archived from the original on 26 April Retrieved 26 April Archived from the original on 2 September Is that a good way to store them? Should I remove the ink when storing them? I love these pens and I'm so fortunate that I came across them. Great addition to my collection.

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The last three all look like Parker 51 pens. The bottom two seem to be Demi models. Could possibly be a 51 Special or a 21 in there but it is hard to tell. Are all the nibs gold? Yes, don't store pens with ink in them. When you are finished, flush them out, allow them to dry and then put them away until the next time you want to use them.

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One test is worth a thousand expert opinions. Back to top 6 perth perth Vintage. Posted 11 August - They all look to be in great shape. Great price on the 21's a little below market on the Pens like these do need to be used often to work at their best, the hooded nib designs were made like that to stop the nib drying out if unused, but even these have a limit.

For instance, there will normally be the model number and some filling instructions on the metal filler. This varies amongst models and years of manufacture, and will give clues to the years that yours were made. The blue '45' in the box will take the modern Parker Quink cartridges, or the metal 'squeeze' filler that you have, a cartridge converter or 'CC' to use ink from a bottle.

With all of these pens you need to use only ink designed 'For fountain pens', and water will clean the ink out of them. If you don't have any ink, then any of the popular office suppliers will stock Waterman inks, Parker Quink, Pelikan and Cross inks, at least, any of these will work well. One common type of ink to avoid is 'India ink', it's useful ink in artwork and the pens designed for it, but it will dry out inside the feed in your Parker pens, and would be very difficult to clean.

Cartridges are easy and quick to change, but are far more expensive to buy, per ml , whereas bottled ink works out cheaper in the long run. If you get into using these pens often, you will find that a bottle will not last as long as you thought it might! BTW the pictures make it look like the pens are cracked but they're not!

They're in really nice condition and 1 is probably new. Okay I just tried cleaning the pens with the instructions provided by bsenn. The tips are currently soaking in a cup with about one inch of water in it. The red and black pens both cleaned up nicely. The blue pen's pouch is still pretty black.

Any ideas on how to clean it better? Also, I was wondering how you guys can tell the difference between Parker pens. I believe pen 2 is a 21 Super, pen 3 is a 21 DeLuxe because it has a gold plated clip and pen 4 is a 21 Mk 1 version.

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Just took a look at Parkerpens. I will definitely use it to identify future yard sale finds!


Do you have any idea on the age range? Thanks again for all your help.