Else the competition for you getting the dating-partner increases. We are back with our event with a new taste. International Speed Dating will be very affordable for you.

Playing the party odds for love

Other similar parties ranges between 5, to 6, yen. Guys will be denominated by B1,B2, B Reception of the guests, allocation of seats. Depending on the participation rate, we will either move the guys table by table or, one on one, so that you have the chance to meet the max no of participants. This time we have more time to rotate seats.

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It may take some extra time for us to declare the result. Please write the no.

TOKYO (10 a.m.)

Example- If you are Girl G7, and you like the Boy no. So, please move to the next table.

If you don't see the table no. After that drinks are yen only. We'll each experience a dozen first dates in one evening with numerous single young professionals of the opposite sex.

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Doors open at 8: On arrival, you will be welcomed by a Speed Date representative,. Feel free to mingle at the bar whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. A bell sounds after four minutes and you record on your Speeding Ticket if you would like to meet the person again. I exchanged my card with the man sitting across from me and we began to talk.


Do you work until late? The year-old resident of Kawasaki, told me he is public servant in a city in Kanagawa Prefecture. But then our conversation was cut short when the emcee declared our two minutes of verbal intimacy had ended and all the men should move to the next chair on their left and repeat the process with someone else. While waiting for the result, I asked around and found out that most participants were in their late 20s or 30s. About half the men were wearing jackets, the rest were in an assortment of T-shirts or open-necked shirts; many of the women — in contrast — were dressed to kill in feminine skirts and pastel-colored tops.

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Finally, the emcee said in cheerful voice: Now I will read out the numbers of the couples. After that romantically tinged confirmation of the law of probability, the matched pairs were to depart the party for a date. Exeo Japan holds about parties a month across Japan, Nishizawa said, boasting that the company is the only one organizing events of this kind nationwide. I also learned that the number of Exeo party participants is rising, to some , in fiscal — a 10 percent jump from fiscal Interestingly, Nishizawa said, the percentage of male and female participants had always been roughly the same until January, since when more women than men have been joining the parties.