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They say that couples begin to look alike once they begin dating. That is not exactly the case with these superheroes - they have always looked similar. Not only are both heroes strikingly good-looking and incredibly strong, but their basic features are even similar. Both are equipped with chestnut-brown hair that is perfectly coifed, and piercing eyes.

Furthermore, both of their bodies are also the pinnacle of perfection - perfectly toned and muscular, which makes it difficult for them to blend in amongst average humans. There are very few comic book duos who share such similarities - no one comments on how Peter Parker and Mary Jane look alike, do they?

Whether it isGal Gadot and Henry Cavill or their comic book counterparts, they maintain an uncanny likeness that connects them on a different level. Through their multiple relationships together in various universes, the two superheroes have bared several children. From their daughter Lara to the fully-grown "Hyperman," there are many examples of the children these two have created.

There are also children in the mix who have gone on to become supers themselves, including their first-born, an unnamed boy from Act of God stories.

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Over the years, Superman has had many children with both Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, but will they ever appear in any medium besides the comics? While their comic-book first meeting has been retold in many different ways - including the most recent Trinity series - DC fans had to wait a long time to see them both on screen together. Superman has been on the silver screen since the s, and was famously portrayed by Christopher Reeve throughout the '70s and '80s. However, Wonder Woman did not have a live-action film appearance until This was also the first time that the two of them have been seen on screen together.

While initially allies in Batman vs. Superman , their bond was strengthened by the events of Justice League. While the two superheroes seem to be a match made in heaven, they were not always on track to be in a relationship. Superman and Wonder Woman's first meeting in Action Comics did not go as initially planned. Following an ill-advised kiss between the two, their relationship becomes awkward. Diana is new the concept of courtship and does not understand why Clark is treating her differently.

Ultimately after working together to defeat evil, they decide that they are best off as friends instead of lovers. While their relationship would eventually blossom in to more, it certainly started off much more awkward. It's good to know that even superheroes have trouble navigating the dating world sometimes.

Wonder Woman is certainly capable of getting by without a man by her side. However, that does not mean that she does not enjoy Superman's company, especially if it was taken away from her. When Wonder Woman is faced with blindness in Volume , her memories flash before her eyes. She is plagued with visions of what she truly wants out of life and things she wish she had done while she could see.

Without the ability to see, Diana sees what is truly most important to her, and that is Superman. These visions ultimately manifest in a vision of her wedding to Superman. Considering that they had not officially entered a relationship at this point, it is very telling about Diana's true feelings for the Man of Steel. In the timeline where the Justice League has turned evil and become the Justice Lords , nothing is as it seems.

Instead of standing for truth and justice, Superman has coined himself Lord Superman and is looking to rule the world. By completely denouncing what made him Superman and accomplishing his goals through coercion and taking lives, Superman is a shell of his former self. While the evil Justice Lords are reigning, the alternate versions of the Justice League are still trying to take them down. However, their marriage is only a sham and is only in place to broker peace between the two sides.

While their first kiss took place during their first meeting in comic books, their second one was much more spectacular. In the Superman Annual Volume 11 , Superman is celebrating his birthday. Despite his celebration being interrupted by the alien Mongul, the Justice League members are still able to enjoy themselves afterwards.

While he receives congratulations and presents from many members of the DC Universe the one he receives from Diana Prince must have been his favorite. Even though their relationship has been lukewarm since their first "date" where they decided to remain as platonic friends, Diana rings in Superman's birthday with a big kiss. While the direction of their relationship in the comics would constantly shift, this was their most significant kiss to date. In order to be a member of the Justice League, there needs to be a firm understanding of what the heroes stand for.

While there have been various incarnations throughout the group's history, the original core members all stood for the same purpose. Out of all the original members, Superman and Wonder Woman had the most clearly defined purposes as heroes. While heroes like Batman and AquaMan could often steer down the path of darkness, original incarnations of these two original members rarely wavered. While various other offshoots of their comics have explored darker themes, the core of their powers stems from their urge to do good for Earth.

Act of God series explores what would happen if some superheroes lost their powers. After the "black light" event causes all superheroes to lose their natural powers, heroes like Superman are left without a job. After falling on hard times, he separates from Lois Lane and moves in directly with Diana.

While the loss of their superpowers effects both of them negatively, they work through it together. After realizing that their relationship is worth living for, they go full-steam ahead as a couple. While the comic does not resolve with them getting their powers back, it does give them another special gift - their first child is born. While fans seem to love the thought of the Son of Krypton and the Amazonian Princess as lovers, the public in the DC Universe had a much different reaction.

Despite their relationship not effecting their work - they are still saving the world, after all - the public are not fans of them being together. What if they grouped together and tried to take over? The public is worried that nothing would be able to stop them if they decided to. Even though they are ultimately able to still "save the day," the public outcry is certainly a factor that they will need to consider in their relationship.

This puts a whole new spin on feeling the sting of "cupid's arrow. While their relationship had been teased in comics before, this is the first time that readers saw them infatuated with each other. Following many kisses and cheesy dialogue, the spell is eventually broken and they send Eros packing.

Even though this was done while under a spell, fans could not help but notice the chemistry between the two. While it would be great if these two ended up together in each DC universe, that is certainly not the case. While many casual comic fans know of Lois Lane as Superman's love interest, he has been attached to other women over the years. Unfortunately for Diana, signs do not always point him in Wonder Woman's direction.

With so many women knocking on his door for marriage, it is upsetting that only one universe featured his marriage to Wonder Woman. Each time they are featured together, they seem to end up happy. Hopefully this will translate in to them permanently being together at some point. The Justice Lord storyline is certainly very strange for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it allows fans a glimpse in to what Superman would be like if he did not stand for truth and justice.

DATING WONDER WOMAN (ep.1) - Inanna Sarkis, King Bach & Klarity

It also shows what he would be like as a poor husband and father. After his marriage to Wonder Woman is revealed as a sham, it is also revealed that their child is different than others. Instead of being naturally conceived, their child, Zod, was genetically engineered. While some other comics feature these two having children in an earlier issue, this child was born differently.

Even though this is a separate universe than the other stories, it was a scary glimpse into how far Superman would go for power. Despite always trying to do good, Superman does not always save everyone he cares about. In a recent issue of Justice League 41 , a stray bullet bounced off of Superman's chest. While this is not new for the Man of Steel, where the bullet ended up was not what he intended. The bullet wound up inside of Wonder Woman's neck, severely wounding her.

While Superman was quick to jump in to action and cauterize the wound with his heat rays, the damage was done. Even though Clark really cares for Diana, even superheroes are not immune to a perfectly placed bullet. Since their incredibly awkward "first date" in Action Comics , Clark and Diana did not have a romantic relationship. Not including alternate universes or timelines, Superman and Wonder Woman had been keeping their relationship strictly platonic. Well, until Justice League Volume 2, Issue The issue focused on the Justice League's battle spirits of their deceased loved ones.

Following an incredibly emotional battle where Diana sees Steve Trevor who she thought was alive , she is left with feelings of loneliness. Anytime that comics explore the "inner beast" within a hero, it results in a great read. Especially when the most infallible heroes are shown as expressing evil. Doomed shows an infected Superman dealing with an aggressive virus. Despite defeating Doomsday's beast, he becomes infected with the beast's blood which causes him to change. Rather than being the reserved Superman fans have always known, the infection changes him in to an aggressive beast, slowly transforming him in to a monster.

While trying to comfort him and support him through fighting the virus, Clark attacks Diana. While not in his right mind, it is one of the first times fans have seen him lose control. Following a nuclear blast, fans were finally able to see what happened when their favorite heroes faced their demise.

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Initially, Clark believes that he is the only survivor and sadly buries both Batman and Lois Lane. That is until he discovers Wonder Woman has survived as well. While they eventually discover other heroes have survived, most of them have lost their powers.

This leaves Superman and Wonder Woman as the last heroes on Earth. Superman is an alien who craves a closer connection to the humanity that inspires him as much as he inspires us. Wonder Woman is a warrior with no need for a stronger man to make her whole. Lois Lane is an idealist drawn to the Man of Tomorrow as the embodiment of what is best in all of us. All three characters are lessened when Superman is in a dating relationship with Diana rather than Lois.

Even after Truth , Clark and Lois should be, and still can be , together. Do you hold out hope that Justice will end with Superman and Lois Lane reunited as a couple? Kyle King is a Contributor to ComiConverse. Follow him on Twitter: I completely agree with you here. I hold out hope that a day will come when Lois Lane and Wonder Woman—the two oldest and arguably most famous women in comics history—can exist beside one another as pinnacles of feminism in their own way without the constant need to pit them against each other over a man.

This is a write up that I think is really retro and a reflection of 90ties thinking. Even his heritage is important.

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So everything you said can be applied to Lana as a great love interest. So when Lois dies…this alien character who has longevity…what happens then? And please do not tell me that Steve Trevor makes Diana more compassionate and more a heroic or she needs a man to be a better woman.

I see this as double standards to try to give Lois some sort of cache that she does not possess because realistically so far she has shown she can be nothing but a love interest and damsel. There is no great Lois story. And Bombshells making males inferior so women can show up is not feminism I think. It is no wonder fans are bored by Steve and look to pair Diana with Superman or Batman. Because they are alpha males and as an alpha female Diana is on their level.

The readership I think has changed and older readers are out of the loop. They barely had any spark. Amy Adams more mother figure with rushed romance to a Clark who fandom and even comic writers are split on his portrayal. A lost boy who needs to be pushed to his own destiny.. You say Wonder Woman is not benefited by Superman yet Superman has been losing popularity and relevance for years. Yet you claim him and Lois are the best. Something does not add up at all. And looking back on past Superman movies from the Reeve ones to Routh, I do no think Lois and Clark is something that has to be the be all and end all.

Superman I think as well as Wonder Woman need to grow up as heroes and only stories like Kingdom Come challenges them. And it shows they as individuals are responsible for their heroism and their own ingrained goodness and love for humanity comes from within. Not who they date or sleep with. The majority of this comment is way too ridiculous to even warrant a response but I will touch on one thing: Funny you should ask that! Because I just read two recently.

Fallout and the sequel, Lois Lane: Double Down by Gwenda Bond. He is not a battling alien, but a guy who has chosen humanity time and time again, so it makes perfect sense to choose a human in Lois. Diana unfortunately brings out the power rather than the humanity in Clark. This is why Diana needs Steve as well. I pray and hope every day that sanity prevails with DC Comics, and they reunite Lois and Clark, because enough is enough.

Go back to the original power couple: Ground Superman in humanity, let Clark live, bring back Lois and Clois! I have discussed same topic with my friends on Twitter for a long time. Frankly we are tired of the problematics this book has sustained since its launching. And the question of the century remains: What about Lois Lane? One of the reasons Superman franchise and popularity as an icon lasted 7 decades! You mean a novel where Superman is used as a crutch again??? And touted as her love interest? That is again her relying on Clark Kent Superman notoriety.

Yeah that is such a great message. Sorry a Lois series with no Superman as a crutch would be more something you can boast of. Not this teenage book relying on the old cliche. Superman does not ned Lois to sell. Lois needs Superman however. DC has not dealt with Lois in any real meaning full way the way they have actually deal with Harley and Black Canary and Diana etc. Because every story boils down to her relying on Superman to market her. By all means give Lois more exposure but you never going to make her into an independent character by making her world revolve around Superman.

As I recall, you were banned from DCwomenkicking several years ago for posting constant sexism in her comment threads. In fact, as I recall, she asked you to leave and not post again. Glad to see you have not changed at all in that time frame.

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  • Superman: A Look At Wonder Woman And Lois Lane - ComiConverse.

And as I recall you have not changed one bit. You are on everything superman and wonder woman related. A power couple is a couple that has two individuals who are strong and equal in every way. Being a love interest does not make one a power couple. The day Lois heads her own comic and can stand on her own, then she can be part of a power couple. I recall DC gave Lois fans a one shot and it sold poorly. Would you be so kind as to point out the sexist comments please? He is an alien? This article expressed despair of a Clombie Fan! I liked Superman as a hero and individual and Wonder Woman as a hero and individual…and their love interests were never the reason I did.

I think what appeals to readers vary. Not everyone cares for tradiitonal status quos. Gender roles have been redefined and evolved and frankly so to what heroes stand for or how they relate to a changing world. Superman became the conservative boyscout who had everything for a long time and that I think has not the same resonance as it used to.

The readers are changing and DC recognize this. We not only have more females but diverse audiences and though this writer condemns the isolated lonely hero, really in a global diverse world those themes appeal to many many people. From women, to poc to different religion and orientation etc who connect to the outsider aspect of Clark and Diana of the new They bring up totally different challenges and themes. And you might argue that she is his humanity.

Diana is very empathetic and she possesses humanity. I think people get tied up in what humanity is and what being part of it or possessing it means just like some want to pigeon hole Superman and Clark as which is real when in fact there is just one guy. Pre new 52 Superman was pretty much critiqued for being a reactive hero. The new 52 one certainly is not that. I enjoy seeing a young Superman who actually feels fresh and passionate and the social crusader and not the old father figure wagging his finger at us when he had so much privildge and very few problems. Morrison understood this which was why he updated the new 52 Superman and took him back to his crusading roots.

DC tendency to be doom and gloom is annoying at times but it it not a predictable book and Diana has been very strongly protrayed as evidenced by the reviews since Charles Soule and Tony Daniel started it. Just look at most critical reviews, reddit, amazon. Power Couple has solid reviews. Also as an admin to a tumblr that boasts many fans…you will find many people do not want to see Lois and Superman after Truth.

There is no real reason to see them together other than clois fans want them paired up based on another continuity, not that there is any real connection between them which makes zero sense. He actually has more chemistry and a better dymanic with new 52 Lana than Lois if DC really wanted to set him up with someone aside to Diana. There is a new Lois and Clark book where they have history so that makes sense.


Anyway a link to the superwonder tumblr for those who are curious and enjoy the clark and diana. You are far from alone. If strength is what you define power as then you have a very limited scope of the word and the world. Bro look at the sales. Look at the numbers. It happens every single time. This article reeks of ignorance. This is a misconception that so many clois fans cling to. His upbringing is what keeps him grounded. The clois relationship makes him less less Superman and more Clark.

I and many others would rather see Superman in a Superman comic rather than Clark. Superman and Wonder Woman are perfect together. It demonstrates they are equal and fun and exciting … the best. BTW this article neglects to mention that clois shippers are actually going to be getting their own book soon. So why are you still complaining? If not, why are you the only group allowed to buy the comics you want to buy?

Look at August numbers. Cite your sources please. Also, which issues, specifically. Do you have access to the sales data that DC has? Please, cite your sources. Want to talk about Lois humanizing Superman that does a disservice to the Kents. Diana is always the one to call to bring him back from the brink. She has countless times soothed the monster in him, so to say she does nothing for him is a disservice to her.

If Superman not being an alien monster rests solely on his love for Lois than the world is in heap big trouble. Right Hellacre, you say it best as you always have. But people still choose to ship something else despite all that exposure. And on the eve of a new clois comic coming out for that famdon we have an article condemning a comic that in no way should affect their support of clois. Shows how self entitled I think some fans are.

All for one group and nothing for others. Not that its a good thing for comics generally if we have more people reading and buying. As if I needed any convincing your beautiful words sealed the deal for me. Ma and Pa raised him to be a good person and do the right thing.