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In American Safety Razor is the first maker of stainless steel blades, which were sold under the Personna brand name. In , the first blade made with tungsten steel was introduced, the Personna In American Line Brand of industrial products was introduced, expanding the company into industrial blades.

Energizer bought the privately held American Safety Razor in , when it filed for bankruptcy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising. The Iron Age Volume 96, Issues 15—23 ed. A Name To Reckon With". Retrieved 25 July A Safety Razor Compendium. This one is date coded 'D-3'. This model was made one year only. Notice the handle doesn't have the squares in the design. Gillette advertised this razor during its sponsorship of the Cavalcade of Sports tv program in the late 50's.

Has blade settings, TTO, uses regular double edge blades. Nickel plated with flare tip handle, notice the narrow band above the TTO knob. This one has date code of L-2 This one has a date code of O-2 Came out in Razor is TTO, uses regular double edge blades. Nice brushed aluminum handle with grooved grip.

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Uses regular Atra refills. The blade cartridge contained a band which by turning a key the edge moved forward. Made from until Black plastic handle with a ribbed design on grip. The cartridges sometimes show up online.

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Was used as an advertising promotion, given away with a box advertising a customers company. Not sure what type blade fit but researching as you read. Comb guard has edge ribs to align blade. Another odd razor for your collection. Curvfit Lady's Safety Razor Vintage Curvfit, 'miladys personal razor', small gold plated lady's safety razor. Uses a special Curvfit single edge blade. Originally came out in the 's. Clix Safety Razor Clix safety razor, three piece razor, plastic handle with metal head.

Was also made in an all plastic model. Manufacturer Enders Razor Co. Patent information TM filed 17 Feb Uses an Ender's blade.

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Cream body with gold ribbed metal removeable head cover. Uses regular injector blades. Flip top head with short hexagon handle. Marked inside Ever-Ready, Bklyn, N. I believe this model came out about Uses standard single edge blades. Short square ribbed black handle, Hydro-Magic lever and gold head. The Hydro-Magic lever allowed loosening of the cap and guard to rinse the blade without removing or touching it.

Two piece handle, bottom blade holder is marked "Feather". On top of case there is "Feather" logo. Case has blue diagonial lines. All in great condition! It has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and is ready for use. We clean your razor like your jeweler cleans your diamond ring or expensive watch A 5 Step process to clean and sterilize your razor for your first shave with a classic razor 1: Given a boiling hot ba This is a complete set with original case and blade case.

The razor has been cleaned a Beautiful antique brass GEM single edge razor with art deco handle. This razor has been cleaned, sanitized and polished. It is in excellent condition for it's age. Blade door opens and shuts nice

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