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If nothing else, he should treat them this way because he cares about you. Ask yourself if he tries to change you. No one is perfect, not even your potential husband. He should understand that there are good, and perhaps not so good, aspects of your personality, and accept them happily. You should feel comfortable around them to be honest and not try to hide who you are. Question if you feel safe around him. It is his responsibility, however, to make sure you never feel threatened by him.

You should always feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts and feelings.

These Are the Qualities That Make Him A Keeper:

Ask yourself if he is willing to put effort into the relationship. Being a happy couple takes work for all involved. Find out if he even wants to get married. Ask him casually how he feels about marriage. What he says about marriage in regards to others can reveal a lot about how he really feels. While beliefs can change over time, it has to be his personal choice, not your pressure.

Gemini Seven Things That Make A Gemini Man Husband Material

What you see is what you get. Examine if you share common values. What seems cute now could result in constant fighting a few years into the marriage. However, they should be respectful of what each other holds dear to them. Similarly, if you value spending time with family while your partner places priority on work relationships, you could be pulled apart due to your differences. See if you have the same, or similar, goals.

However, it does help if they are similar. The boy makes decisions based on his immediate desires. A man understands the concept of rationality and has priorities. The boy needs you because of his delicate self. The man needs you because he believes his life is better with you. The boy takes care of what you look like in the eyes of his friends. The man is not worried about what others think until you are happy together. Do not hesitate to share this article with everyone and leave a Like on our Facebook page! Share this photo on Facebook.

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The last page of the article is waiting for you! What do you think? Love is blind and when you are in a relationship that you are deeply and irretrievably in love, you probably fall deeper and deeper by the passage of time and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the person stops having any feeling for you and says Women are excessively sentimental, in fact, they love to talk about it and to be complimented at all times. Men, on the other hand, do not express it as much as girls, however, even if they do not tell you, they want to be pampered in the same Loving relationships, however firm and stable they may seem, are quite fragile.

Because of this, you should bear in mind that the power of the words you use can change the direction of your courtship in a very short time. It is true that an Cosmetic surgery operations are the order of the day. Going down the street and running into someone who has some retouching is the minimum.

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Ariana Grande released a song about all her exes! Here are 25 signs that your boyfriend is husband material.

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A lot of guys feel like they are entitled to speak to women however they please. Kill their ego if they do that. After a certain point, there should be no more going through your phone or questioning you on what happened at the club. He knows you love him and would never do anything to hurt him.

You are free to spend your time as you please. A relationship is based off communication. He speaks to you about issues he does or does not like before they turn into a bigger problem.

25 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Husband Material

He also listens to you when you need someone to talk too. Every woman should have goals and dreams. Your man should want to do nice things for you. He knows how hard you work and wants you to be relaxed. He raves about everything you do. When your man is husband material, he will fight for you until the end and you feel safe knowing that.

You need someone who can take care of you, especially when things are rough or something happens on a rainy day.