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[Review] Set Me Up, Cyrano Dating Agency!

I think the an-ti fans will find something they like about Soo Young after they watch the drama. I would also recommend this to people who wants a fun and comedic drama to watch. If you already watch the drama, tell me what you think in the comments: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Notify me of new posts via email. When will the Lord lift me out of the depressing hell of my life, writing columns that no one reads, about TV shows that no one watches? Dating Agency Cyrano Main Cast: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Boy was he just delightful in this.

He was sweet and likeable, even when he was surrounded by an air of mystery. Seung Pyo was your typical nice guy second male lead once he established that he was not an evil mob-boss and he was always fun to have around.

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Team Chunderella right to the end So if I liked Lee Chun Hee and his character so much, why is he in the not-so-great section? Because he was just too likeable. I much preferred Seung Pyo to our hero. Not an annoyance the way our hero did. It just felt like the drama was pushing way too hard for Min Young to fall for Byung Hoon, when it felt like she should really be falling for Seung Pyo. All that we know about Sooyoung which admittedly is not very much , is that she loves romance, grand gestures and falling in love. The episodic format of the show was nice as it let us have an array of side characters and a variety of different stories, but the downside is that it takes the focus away from our main characters.

But the side stories were still fun As a result, it could be a little hard to connect with the characters.

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Simple, short and sweet. Posted by Jaybird at The heroine has an exact opposite notion regarding love: Basically, she is the heart of the series.

Fallin' for You - Dating Agency Cyrano

Then we have Moojin, who is an engineering expert and a robot with a heart. Go Ahrang is the cutest and the youngest of them, who is really sweet. And finally, the mysterious Master as the restaurant owner next door. Last but not the least, the two goons who are really hilarious.

I loved their interactions: I liked that despite not being the main centre of attention in terms of love line as there were different cases to fulfill that , we were always aware of their growing attraction. We could literally feel the sparks flying between them.

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

I felt so giddy with excitement on watching their scenes. I also found it cute how our other two agency members played cupid for the OTP in their own adorable ways. The other thing I liked was that the agency always left room for natural elements and feelings as well even when it orchestrated the set-up to help their clients. I was entertained by all the stories and the cameo by so many actors was like icing on the cake. The drama is light and feel-good but it has depth in little moments and its heart is at the right place.

It is not at all shallow. The direction is crisp and fast paced. There is no unnecessary angst, over the top emotions or negativity, even the noble idiocy bit is short and reasonable up to some extent. I also liked the romance between Moojin and Hye Ri, so adorable.