1. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

These are great opportunities that have come at a high price and our families, friends and society at large is encouraging us with gusto to take advantage of them.

However, this is the very thing that introduces the notion of relationship purgatory. We get less and less sticky as we lose touch with the family and close friends who loved us for no reason other than they just did and make casual friends of convenience or friends who are our friends for superficial reasons. Our generation has to recognize that the same metaphorical hands that generations before us used to grip love and relationships, we have used to grip new educational and career opportunities.

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This is all we know. Understanding that we have unconsciously let go of relationships in relentless pursuit of career opportunities will enable us to be more careful of getting and staying in dating purgatory as well as all other relationship purgatories moving forward.

We as a generation will have to be intentional about holding on to our ability to be present in ALL relationships. We will need to call our parents, nieces and nephews and siblings and go out of our way to strengthen family relationships and reconnect with old friends. Strengthening relationships with people who know and love us will fill us with the love we naturally desire. We can do it my Gen-Y and Millennial brothers and sisters!

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1. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

The 4Cs of Relationships. Dating , Love , Millennials , Relationships. You want her to think that being more than friends is her idea. Take her out to a friendly dinner, or maybe a drink or a hike. Why would she start dating some clown that has to bother getting to know her when she can turn to someone who knows her inside and out? The best way to keep him from seeing you as a threat is to keep things friendly.

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Build up a connection; find things you have in common. Keep in mind — he will probably screw up at some point, so let him. Are you a closet poet? Share it with her. Do you volunteer to feed the homeless? Ask her to help out one time. Let her tag along.

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Show her as many sides of you as you can. Bring her to a family gathering and let your cousins tell every embarrassing story of you they can think of.

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Let your Mom gush about how proud she is of you. The object is for her to look at you from different points of view. You WANT her to see you as something other than her dorky friend. Which brings me to this next important point —. Because it will, believe me.

Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time

When it happens, you need to keep everything in perspective. The best thing to do is to let her do the talking. Let her make the move. I always felt something, but I was conflicted about it.

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