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Finding humor and fashion in this new experience by writing my blogs:. My ex married a younger woman. I honestly could care less. I found love with someone who is around my age, learned from the mistakes in his first marriage and is now a better man. I think the allure of a younger woman has less to do with looks, and more to do with what seems like a lot less baggage. I will admit that as I have become older, I am wiser and perhaps much more bitter. Being older and wiser, I as a person have learned to live life on my terms.

I actually feel bad for the new wife. She is getting the older, much bigger, balding man.

18 Ex-Wives Give Advice to His New Younger Woman

When I was with him he was young and had youthful energy. A fun little office daillance turned into me taking care of a guy twenty years older than me who is no longer fun, sexy, or even employed we both got fired from being caught. He now pays half of whatever he has to his ex. When I look at him all I see are my mistakes staring back. Holy moley — you nailed it! Thank you for this article! It really helped me feel better to read it.

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You expressed my feelings so succinctly. Thank you so much, I am glad my article helped! You have also helped me by reminding me why I am writing! Thank you so much for writing this. I am so happy my article helped. You are not alone, it seems to happen so often. Thank you too for letting me know I need to write! Mine left after 16 years married at 47 yrs old for a 28yrs old co-worker he met 3 months prior.

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She got pregnant by accident within 2 weeks and I can tell you that his bubble of joy broke there and then. He went from being crazy happy walking on air to looking dreadful and haunted. Now the baby is born and he looks absolutely knackered. Our children have refused to meet her.

18 Ex-Wives Give Advice to His New Younger Woman | CafeMom

We all relocated to a different town and he was so shocked to see us all go. I got all the house still under mortgage in the settlement and all our savings because I had cancer when he left. If a man can wake up next to a woman a decade or two younger, he can convince himself that he is still young.

Do men really want younger women?

Interestingly, because we women have 'internalised the male gaze', the opposite can be true for us. We don't see ourselves reflected in our partner, per se; we see ourselves reflected in our partner's eyes. If our partner sees us as young and hot, we see ourselves as young and hot. If he sees us as aging and undesirable, we internalise that, too. A man is only as young as the woman he feels, but a woman is only as young as a man sees her to be. We women assimilate men's attitudes and channel them into our own panic about getting older, so our fear of aging is far more visible.

But perhaps men fear aging just as much, or more than, us. And perhaps if men were less afraid of their own mortality, they wouldn't gravitate towards younger women, and older women would retain their social value. Now, I'm not saying that every May-December relationship is born of a fear of death, any more than every other relationship is born of true compatibility.

But it is worth deconstructing the unconscious forces behind our choices, particularly when they impact so profoundly on self esteem and social status. If we all focused on accepting the finite nature of life, and of valuing every stage of our lives, perhaps we would find ourselves making different decisions.

We would certainly enhance the lives and relationships we have now, particularly the relationships with ourselves. Having fallen in love with a person with whom you feel the kinship of the souls, the commonality of views and interests, you rarely think about the years separating you.

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So, what difference in age between a woman and a man is considered optimal? Most likely, you noticed that in a couple, a man is older and his companion is younger. Of course, there are also such couples where a woman is older or the age is the same. It should be noted that there are many positive aspects of relationships where a man is dating younger women.

In fact, a man, as you know, matures much later than a woman, so the difference even in 15 years is not so big, given the characteristics of the psychological development of men. So, what are the reasons for choosing younger ladies? Even if the difference in age is years, psychologically a man feels that he is older and a girl is younger.

And it enhances his self-image as a sexy man. In addition, he looks like this in the eyes of his friends. They say that a young partner acts better than an anti-aging agent, although, in fact, this is the opportunity change own life. In this case, neither sense of duty nor pity stops from radical measures and new romance is perceived as salvation and an opportunity to feel young again. A young girlfriend is so excited, so a man wants to be active and he looks like a boy.

In fact, men are very afraid of aging. And often the choice of a young girl as a partner is determined by the desire to drown out this fear. They are afraid to be bad in bed and they seek confirmation of the opposite to overcome this fear in many different ways. Someone watches pornography, someone desperately looks for affairs, someone uses sex toys and unconventional sex, and someone looks for a young partner.

Many young women are looking for older men because they are already experienced and know how to behave with young beauties. So, it adds confidence to men because they are better than young guys.

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The desire to have authority in the eyes of a woman subconsciously pushes a man to choose a young companion. Dating a woman 15 years younger, he has something to teach her — she will listen to his advice, his words and actions will cause her admiration and weight. This is a very weighty reason for choosing a young girl. Again, this is a subconscious game. Subconsciously, it seems that a young girl is healthier and more active.

And, of course, a young girl has a more beautiful body than women of 30 and more years old. Sex with young girls is much better, right? This is the most obvious reason why a man may crush on a woman 15 years younger. Who is needed for this? Yes, 15 years is a significant difference.