You'll also answer the basics about smoking, drinking, political preferences, religion, and all that good stuff. And that's just to start.

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After answering those and getting your profile open for business, they also have tons of questions to answer directly on your profile if you want to get even more specific with preference. Questions like "Do you make your bed every day? You're really able to showcase all aspects of your dynamic as a partner without feeling the need to lie. There are also spaces for you to answer prompts about the last shows you binged, your favorite music artists, your talents, etc.

The required set of questions only takes about five minutes to complete, and then you're ready to start playing Bachelor or Bachelorette. You're not bombarded with notifications or emails, which I was extremely thankful for. The top nav is extremely clean and only gives notifications for likes and messages — unlike other sites where people can like you in general, like your photo , send a wink, send a smiley face, send a gift, and whatever TF else these sites think is necessary. I'm big on aesthetics and design when it comes to dating sites I completely roasted AdultFriendFinder about it , and OkCupid is exactly what I want: OkCupid gets major points for how user-friendly it is.

The same-sex ads were probably an obvious giveaway, but OkCupid is liberal as hell. Finding a hottie only to find out you disagree on everything is the most awkward bummer ever. Other sites only ask one question about that stuff, which just isn't enough.


If you're woke, liberal, and horrified by the dumpster fire that is our current political climate, this is the site for you. Right wingers, you should just exit now and sign up for eharmony — it has history of being pretty conservative. With OkCupid's recent makeover came a ton of politically charged questions as a way to weed out the not-so-progressive users.

They want to know your opinion on issues such as abortion, immigration, guns, and more to make sure you and your potential partners have political views that are aligned. OkCupid will use these answers to tell potential matches how liberal you are and vice versa, and it's always great to avoid heated arguments down the road. According to OkCupid's blog:. Thank you for adding to the vibrancy of the OkCupid community.

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An online dating site that's open and welcoming to even the quirkiest singles and embraces differences and variety of its users should be a given — not a bonus. Unfortunately, a lot of OkCupid's competitors have some growing up to do. If you're feeling hopeless about finding love at all, you won't be after being on OkCupid.

I literally had likes after having my profile up for two days. OkCupid has such a massive user base with such a wide variety of people, there's no way you're not gonna find a ton of people who find you exactly their type. The app has that standard swiping app feel but less "I'm judging you solely on your face" vibes. You see one profile at a time and swipe right or left depending on whether or not you're interested, with random profile-building questions thrown in at times to narrow down your pickings even more.

If you want more freedom to peruse the dating pool, the discover section is also available like it is on the desktop version. See what potential matches are talking about, search for names, or even type in a hobby, musical artist, or show to see which users near you mentioned the same thing.

Making a profile: It's actually not a pain in the ass

It's chill and simple enough to do while you're waiting in line at the store or sitting on the train, all while feeling more sincere than Tinder. OkCupid recently removed open messaging, meaning randoms can no longer message you before you two have matched. This can be good or bad depending on how you prefer the conversation to start: I personally enjoy it, as one main problem with online dating in general is that ladies get harassed by men who flood their inboxes.

It's genuinely overwhelming and I'd prefer to only be messaged by people I already gave the go-ahead to. Bumble tried to combat this by only letting women message first. Like me, some people were stoked on this. Reddit user reciphered writes:. I send fewer messages and I receive higher quality responses. I believe this is all because of the requirement to match before messaging. Now women are required to seek out desirable profiles in order to interact with users on the site - just like the men.

I also really like how doubletake has shown me interesting profiles that I wouldn't have found with browsing. The only downside is the low population compared to Tinder. I assumed that only annoyingly persistent men would dislike this change, but according to Reddit, a lot of ladies also aren't feeling it either:. I either have to "like" people fairly indiscriminately to leave myself open to conversation, or I have to close doors on potential conversation that could be worthwhile. I was doing just fine having the block feature, or simply not responding to people who weren't worth my time.

Luckily, OkCupid's DoubleTake profile allows you to see a good amount of info on a person before you swipe, so you're not about to match with people blindly more on that later. If the closed messaging is the most annoying thing on the site, that's pretty good. If you're not getting the attention and messages you think you deserve, there's an option to boost your profile to get you a full day's worth of activity in just 15 minutes. The Reddit community is actually huge on OkCupid, and while all dating sites receive their fair share of shit Redditors do not hold back on giving their opinions , I genuinely feel like OkCupid has the most nice things said about it.

Why Millennials Are Ditching Tinder to Hook Up on Reddit

Or the least mean things. This blog even put together a guide on OkCupid advice that Redditors have given over the past few years. I've used Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge. In my experience, Bumble has been the best of the three. Tinder is awful in my area, mostly just fake profiles and really trashy people. Hinge is decent, it actually seems to have the best quality of people on there, but it's not as popular so you don't get as many matches. I'm in Canada and Bumble is pretty awesome, stopped using Tinder and haven't bothered with the others because bumble is pretty awesome.

Been using POF and ok for over ten years.. POF is now just pics of naked ladies advertising porn sites.

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Such a bummer as POF was a fav for a long time. Okc held up much better than POF. Have had the best results from tinder.. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

A subreddit to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others! No sexism, racism, homophobia, ad hominem posts, or rudeness will be tolerated. If you do not agree with a post, ignore it and move on. An astounding number of women on there will list their "looking for" top-end age at 35 and you instantly drop off of their matches. Then you have to either open up your own upper age or try to meet people in the real world. I've had better luck in the real world. Okay, so that's pretty much when it went to radio silence for me too.

"I Used A Dating Site Once. NEVER AGAIN" [NoSleep] (X-MAS SPECIAL 2016)

I haven't had a single date in well over three years now. Not that I was doing particularly great before that, but at least I had some interest here-and-there before, now I might as well be invisible. Yeah, it's the black hole of dating where you're too old to date the women in all the bars, but you're too young to date their Moms. I suppose it helps a little if you're in a large city. As an experiment but not to catfish , try changing your age and watch the matches pour in. I don't know if that would just end up being depressing though, seeing this world of dating that's just out of reach.

I'm still going to say Tinder wins with its huge volume of users. This is probably dependent on where you live, but if you read people's bios it's not too difficult to spot those who might be after a proper relationship. All the women I was on dates with from Tinder were like that. You likely just have shitty pictures. Most guys on Tinder are completely oblivious to how much better they could look in photos. I do my best, but I don't take a lot of photos I'm not a photographer.

That's not likely to change unless I meet someone into that shit. At the least, they're clear and accurate of my visage. I've been told I'm good looking, but it doesn't come across for whatever reason People use a different part of their brain when viewing their own pictures vs those of other people, so you literally don't see what other people are seeing. It's not too difficult to take decent quality pictures yourself , but it's best to let someone else choose which ones to use.

My first set of Tinder photos were technically great I photograph but they missed the mark on what is expected of a dating profile pic. Looking off-camera with a serious expression made me look aloof, not someone women would want to date. The new set I'm putting together is more in the warm, fun, approachable category with smiling and eye contact.

I tried the function where Tinder prioritized the best pics based on popularity. It didn't seem to help. I don't think my pics are really that bad. I just get the feeling that it's not the right platform for me. I don't feel like I'm getting presented to those who I would theoretically match with.

OkCupid review: A fun, hip dating site that's way less lame than the competition

All kinds of people use Tinder. I've went on dates mostly with progressive, artsy types who were looking for a serious relationship. It's possible that Tinder isn't the right medium for you, but it's even more likely that you don't present yourself as well as you could. If you don't want to post your pics and bio for critique publicly, you can send me a private message.

For me - tinder for volume, bumble for quality.