Another couple things Destiny desperately needs are Ranked playlists and Custom lobby's. The question I have for people with issues with CBMM is why should Destiny be different than literally every other game on the market?

And is it right that some of Destiny's biggest supporters who have played the game since launch, over 18 months, can only find Crucible games against other players after 5 minutes in Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, France, Romania, etc because those are the only other players Destiny can find that are currently looking for a match and have had Destiny since launch and are on the higher end of the skill curve.

We run into only teleporting undamaging red barred enemies who take full clips and disappear to backstab us on a regular basis. But because of those growing pains, I would say I'm now well above average at this game, and kinda paying for it. I doubt Bungie would be stupid enough to implement skill based matchmaking in a game mode where it objectively makes zero sense. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's the ratio of normal players vs savages being way out of wack in trials lately.

Destiny 2: Bungie Says Matchmaking is ‘Incompatible for Us’

Regarding skill based matchmaking in general I would say, no matter your skill level, it's really not helping you. Do you want them playing a more laid back game where everyone can have fun the way every FPS does matchmaking or do you want them breeding a group of tryhard PvP monsters impossibly beyond the skill of anyone not playing the game every day? I heard people were having a hard time going in trials when we were crushing it a few months ago. Curently trials is full of these savage players and we can't get a How do you think more casual players are going to ever get to the lighthouse if they don't get to play against good players ever or when those good players are beyond any normal person's skill level from playing against each other so much?

SBMM's premise idealistically is great. Make it so that skilled players are being matched against equally skilled players. However if you could only fight against players that were within a certain skill level of you then queue times would be atrocious. Also chances are you'd be fighting the same people over and over again. This gives significant advantages to hosts or players near the host.

This makes actual skill less relevant when playing in matches. I'm not great at PvP. It's frustrating to no end. We know that Destiny has servers to run the game why can't some of those resources be allocated to PvP servers. That's what I would have thought. I did finally make it to the Lighthouse on one of my 3 runs last night and it boosted my confidence too much only to be again crushed.

The first team I played with were the savages though, a friend that's a 2. Was an easyish run. The 2nd and 3rd runs were with another friend who is good, but I don't think I've ever made it to the Lighthouse with, at least not many times.


Though the last run we screwed around with Fusions bum rushing people the entire time and got to 8 wins. I did notice even the worse teams, teams with 1. Those guys can mop the floor with you if you don't take them seriously enough now. Man Fusions are so much fun right now to use as well.

I had a game against one of the few bad teams we played and just wrecked them with Plan C. It doesn't quite have Doctrine TTK up close or the consistency but it murders Doctrine at mid-range and can actually challenge Scouts and Snipers long range right now. This right here is also part of the SBMM problem "breeding a group of tryhard PvP mosters impossibly beyond the skill of anyone not playing the game every day".

The guys that play at that high level that Pyro is calling "Savages" are the ones that literally never miss a Snipe and will land that shot on you in under. They Primary you at the optimal. Even guys like TripleWreck who were a staple in the Destiny Crucible community for more than a year and a half have started to drop now because of the matchmaking. Now I've had my moments, like the time we beat the 12 Trials player on PS4 CarlosAmigos69 - he doesn't play as much anymore so he's fallen down to like the 's now, but still has a 2.

How fair is it to my NA Central clanmates that jump into PvP every once in awhile with me and a few of the Dot RU guys to hang out and they just get obliterated by "Savages" because of the skill rating of myself, Veggiesbro, Exile, AcidBrandon, and Pyrodactyl.

Skill Based Matchmaking Added to Trials of Osiris?

It makes those guys never want to play PvP with us or try Crucible at all. Just because a few of us are in that top tier bracket the whole group is thrown into the fire of the top tier PvP bracket, and those guys don't play on that level at all.

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  3. Destiny 2: Bungie Says Matchmaking is ‘Incompatible for Us’ – Game Rant.

It makes going into PvP with your Raid group of 6 just a general Nightmare. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post.

How does trials of osiris matchmaking work - Iceman Trading Academy

Destiny Discuss all things Destiny. I know for myself personally that is true. I'm a competitive overwatch player and League Of Legends laugh all you want as well, and the way they have their competitive matchmaking is x better than this. The way they set it up is by averaging out your team's skill level if you are in a pre-made group, overwatch takes this one step further by putting a limit on the difference between players' skill levels on the same team.

If you are matchmaking solo they match you with people of Equal skill level.

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I'm just saying that for those people who still want the experience of going flawless and not getting torn apart every game and actually have a GOOD TIME playing Trials Of Osiris, Bungie should rethink how they matchmake for Destiny 2's version of Trials if there even is one. Vote how you feel!! Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time I'd reaaaaally rather not have this. I already match enough stacked teams while doing carries and this would just be horrible.

Plz no let me farm casuals some more.

Destiny New Match Making Setting - Iron Banner Rift!?

It's fine as is. Players enter the Superbowl with college teams and expect not to play NFL teams. That's not the point of the playlist. You can get armor and weapons from bounties or wins, leave lighthouse hard to reach. Put it back to random like the first year. Or just give every player in a match a certain set of unique weapons where the playfield is fair like they did in Halo. I voted leave it as is.. Leave trials as is. However, introduce a new ranked playlist that is based of skill.

Trials weapon and armor sets come with 2 ornaments like WOTM raid gear, 2 different ornament tokens. The latter obviously has way cooler effects. Would that keep everyone happy? I don't understand, everyone that's decent at trials started off at the same level you did. It takes time to learn and improve. Try that before you ask for changes to suit your needs. I wish bungie would just perma ban people that makes these posts.