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Site should be closed for discrimination. If only I could give 0 stars. What a magnificent sod of fecal matter. Fake profiles, overseas scammers, bots And nonsense artists. There is no real criteria to join, so cam site promoters and prostitutes are everywhere like cancer.

The app itself is platformed well, but it doesn't aid in user experience. And to remove you account entirely, you have to go to their actual website, which I can only assume is to create more hits for their website. Also, they give you the option to "try other sites". What a crock of crap. The only reason pof is primarily free is because all these little side companies all charge a fee to use the service, which pof get royalties from.

Just food for thought. All in all I have found pof to be a complete and after waste of time and effort. You will not find anyone on there. The best thing that could happen to this sham of a site is for it to vanish. I have never signed up to such a joke in my life. Verified Customer Plenty of fish.. Treating their customers badly. I was a genuine user of pof dating website for past year. Always respectful and kind to other users. I never used this website inappropriately in any way.

Only to discover last week they have deleted my account for no good reason. With no replies to my emails as to why. Im a single mum who was genuinely looking for rship. Pof your disgusting how you treat your customers. To decide whether you think im a decent person to use your site or not, based on the disgruntled idiots of the world, of whom i was just plainly not attracted to, therefore did not reply to. Pof you will eventually have no customers left in time, the way you treat the good people genuinely trying use your website in the right way.

Your customer service is zero. You made me feel like a horrible person, when infact im one of the decent human beings of the world. Pof i hope your company suffers, justice deserved for treating people the way you do. My friend suggested this site to me, mainly because it was supposed to be free. So I joined this site back in January.

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After spending a couple of months on this site, I wasn't seeing a lot of attraction. So while looking around one day, I accidentally hit some button that was supposed to attract more attention. So I quickly cancelled anything related to another purchase of this item ever confronting me again.

Anyway after complete disappointment with this site, I stopped using it all together. Low and behold, I checked my credit card statement and noticed money being taken by this company every 2 months since I joined. Even after I made absolutely sure I cancelled any renewal status. Solely because it was a total waste of time. Therefore I say to all of you thinking of joining a free dating site. Stay away from this mob, cause they cannot be trusted with your money. Notifications for profile views are located in the Alert Center at the top of the page, while the message center and Meet Me feature are just below.

As for the first message, expect to receive one from founder Markus Frind.

POF Review (12222) – Does Plenty Of Fish Actually Work?

As a matter of fact, Frind bets that most members end up seriously dating someone in the first 50 spots, but insists on giving people more options for the sake of letting them feel like they took part in the process of elimination. You will be notified if someone says Yes to your own picture and get a notification, but you need to be a paying member to see who these people are. This is usually the first thing that new members complete.

Do these extra features justify the cost of becoming an “Upgraded Member”?

Overall, I found the assessment to be pretty accurate, and helpful for gauging what one should be looking for in their next relationship given the results. You can also head straight to this page. Like all the others, however, POF warns against giving away too much personal information, and encourages members to report others who are behaving suspiciously. For a full list of tips and conduct policies, check out their FAQs.

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Notifications You have no notifications. He asked me childish questions, such as: The thought running through my mind was, this guy seems to be mentally unwell. He appeared functional, but he might need additional help.

POF - Plenty of Fish Review January 12222

I felt like he was treating POF like a pick up site. He was looking for sex. The lunch date was just part of the procedure for him. Once the date had ended, we walked outdoors together. The first question out of his mouth was: Later, he texted me: This guy tweaked his profile just enough to get someone he wanted to have sex with to become interested in him. Even if the person he was aiming for was really looking for a person to date long term and marry. Serious thoughts on online dating because of Jon the Musician. It was brought to my attention by a friend that the reality of online dating is: You don't know how many profiles the person has.

You don't know if the person has a felony. You don't know if the person has a job or a home to live. You don't know if the person is treating online dating sites as free sex sites. You don't know if the person online has an infection. The biggest realization is: You don't know the true intention of the person on the dating site until they start to trust you and actually tell the truth.

POF is full of scammers, as well as rude men out for a roll in the sack only and their billing is just as bad. They make it so you have a hard time trusting anyone just sayin'.

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This is just full of women that are not rights. They're either past their best or they never had a best to pass They all have attitude problems as well. Tons of women in their 30s who must have slept with s of men and now want Mr right now their looks are going. Even the fatties and plain women on here of which there are many have chips on their shoulders. They all have unrealistic expectations of the man they want. Total waste of time even signing up. They are all revolting and undateable. I've had some dates on POF but it does take a while to get going. My ex husband is on Plenty of Fish in the Knoxville,Tn.

His id number on Plenty of Fish is and his name is Tim. Ladies beware of a flairjess, 25 years old in Flossmoor on POF. He is on there preying on women for sex.

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He pretends to be a nice guy just to earn a person's trust. Then he uses them for sex. Once he gets sex enough times, he starts playing the hot and cold game, and eventually he doesn't want to be bothered. He doesn't want a relationship. He also degrades women. He disrespects women on social media also. I started having problems on POF getting and sending messages. I contacted POF three times about my issues and they did nothing to resolve them.

As far as the site goes, not bad but, the tech support is horrible!!!!!

Don't expect help if you have issues. They don't care unless you are a paying member!! Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like wejustfit. This dating site is disgusting is full of perverts and racist people guys are looking to have sex they are very disrespectful and a lot of white people treat Spanish girls like garbage. Was on here about 6 year ago and it wasn't good then. Now it's horrific, x30 worse I sent a few messages and got ignored, 2 of them blocked me simply for asking how they were doing That's not normal behaviour.

Thing seems to be they're all thinking they're entitled to a model kind of guy when they should be happy if anyone sends them mail Some real funny headlines Don't message me if you voted Brexit, don't message if you're under 5,11 tall. Don't message if you don't have green eyes They have a ruddy cheek I'm in the UK and wondering is it just the women here that are stupidly deluded or are they the same all around the world?? As I said I was on here back around and didn't take long to see familiar faces. If they've been on POF for 6 years you think they Would realise they're overvaluing themselves but no they're so stupid they'll be on here in another 6 years still single.

If Mr male model didn't want you when you were 31 he's not going to turn up when you're 40 is he? Men should boycott this site. I will keep this short and sweet Must be men for every woman so all the women who would get zero attention in the real world become stuck up divas online, I have never seen so many women with chips on their shoulders. They all claim to be independent as well yet cant see why no man wants them.

Online dating is useless for men and its only going to get worse. There is zero chance you will find a decent woman on here, all the best ones are taken, the rest are on here. Plenty of fish, well not really, especially for older generation, yet in saying that younger ones as well. Male point of view some of the ladies are from RSVP and there photos are like 3 years ago and probably same age as 3 years ago. Then there is the favourite lady sayings No one night stands Must be honest Integrity Photos should be current No friends with benefits Really not sure but I think it must be run by?

I just deactivated my account. This site is a sewer. Do not pay anything for this site or any site. I searched for free on other site even paid ones you can search for free and I saw the same guys on most of the other sites as well. I'm gonna grow old alone unless luck steps in and maybe I'll meet my guy IRL. Don't waste your money or your time!

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Go outside and play. Meet someone the old fashion way. And those paying sights aren't any better! Spending money isn't going to make a difference. POF is not free at all, you have to upgrade; become a paying member to be able to do anything interesting. You cannot do it from the mobile site.

You need to use your search , example safari and look up pof desktop version and go to the help in the top left. It will walk you thru it , if I remember correctly. First, write to POF and explain. Now, and I mean NOW call up your credit card company and tell them what happened. I am sure POF will not contact you. Make sure to use the word "unacceptable" when describing the consumer service to the CC company about POF. Keep all emails too.