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Even a small crack will create a potentially dangerous fuel leak, and will allow air into the fuel system. Air in the fuel system can cause the engine to run erratically, die, or not start at all. This article provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the fuel return line on a Poulan chainsaw. Drain any excess fuel from the tank.

Remove the 3 screws securing the top cover to the saw.

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Lift the top cover away from the saw. Remove the air filter cover. Remove the air filter from the housing. Remove the 1 screw securing the air filter housing to the engine.

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Remove the 2 nuts securing the air filter housing to the engine. Lift the air filter housing away from the carburetor assembly. Pull and hold the throttle trigger to expose the throttle linkage attachment point on the trigger. Disconnect the linkage from the throttle trigger. Disconnect and remove the throttle linkage from the carburetor.

Slide the carburetor assembly off the mounting bolts and away from the engine. Use long-nosed pliers to disconnect the fuel intake line from the carburetor. Disconnect the fuel return line from the primer bulb. The fuel return line is secured inside the fuel tank by a plastic compression fitting which prevents the line from being accidentally pulled from the fuel tank. Removing the fitting and the return fuel line requires a bit of patience and a good pair of hemostats.

Use snippers or scissors to cut the return fuel line as close to the fuel tank as possible.

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Remove the fuel cap. Using hemostats, remove the compression fitting and the remainder of the return fuel line from the inside of the fuel tank. Use a utility knife to cut the old fuel line away from the plastic fitting the fitting will be re-used. Cut the new fuel line to the proper length. Align the ends of the old fuel line and the new fuel line. Add the length of the piece of fuel line that was cut from the plastic fitting.

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Cut the new fuel line to the length of the original fuel line. Cut an angle on one end of the new fuel line this will make it easier to insert the new line into the fuel tank. Thread the angled end of the new fuel return line through the mounting hole on the fuel tank. Using hemostats, pull the new fuel line from the inside of the fuel tank through the mouth of the fuel tank be careful not to pull the line completely out of the mounting hole ; pull the line just far enough to install the plastic compression fitting. Use snippers or scissors to square the end of the fuel line removing the angle that was cut earlier.

Install the plastic fitting onto the end of the new fuel line. Install the plastic fitting and fuel line back into the fuel tank. From the outside of the fuel tank where the fuel line enters the fuel tank , use hemostats to pull the fuel return line until the plastic fitting engages the inside of the fuel tank and secures the new fuel line to the tank.

Connect the new fuel return line to the primer bulb assembly. Connect the incoming fuel line usually green to the intake nipple on the bottom of the carburetor. Connect the fuel tank purge line to the outlet on the top of the carburetor. Slide the carburetor onto the two mounting posts on the engine.

Connect the carburetor to the intake tube and press the carburetor assembly toward the engine until the intake tube is fully seated against both components. Connect the throttle linkage to the carburetor linkage. Pull and hold the throttle trigger to expose the attachment point for the trigger-portion of the throttle linkage. Connect the throttle linkage to the throttle trigger. Slide the air filter housing over the carburetor mounting posts. Secure the air filter housing to the engine with the 2 nuts. Secure the air filter housing to the carburetor with the 1 screw.

Install the air filter. Install the air filter cover. Install the top cover onto the saw. Secure the top cover with the 3 screws. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier than you might think: From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen mixers to outdoor grills. Our "how-to" articles walk you through each repair from start to finish. So, doing-it-yourself means never having to do it alone.

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Tips on Inserting Fuel Lines in Chainsaw Gas Tanks

View sample model numbers by selecting your product brand. How to Replace Chainsaw Fuel Lines. Fuel line Find This Part. For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number. Before you begin Wear work gloves to protect your hands. Drain the fuel tank. Remove the cylinder shield. Disconnect the spark plug wire and remove the air filter. Remove the fuel filter.

How to Replace Chainsaw Fuel Lines

Remove the carburetor mounting nuts. Remove the air filter housing. Disconnect the fuel lines from the carburetor and primer bulb. Pull the fuel lines off the carburetor and primer bulb, using needle-nose pliers. Remove the fuel lines from the tank. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the fuel lines out of the gas tank.

Push the new fuel lines into the tank. Trim the fuel lines and connect them to the carburetor. Reinstall the air filter cover and connect the spark plug. Position the air filter in the housing and replace the cover. Reattach the spark plug wire. Reinstall the cylinder shield.

Reinstall the cylinder shield on the chainsaw. Refill the fuel tank. How to Rebuild a Chainsaw Carburetor. How to Replace a Chainsaw Carburetor. Click to Chat We're available to chat. Join our email list for updates and exclusive offers Submit Please enter valid email address Thank you for joining our email list. Privacy policy California privacy policy Careers Product recalls Terms of use. Enter your zip code.