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Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 11 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is such an insult to Sun Tzu. For Example, on page , he writes: We all know that women love sex just as much, if not more, than we do. It's just not proper for them to brag about it. Why do women get dinner, gifts, and money as compensation to have sex with men? And how about the scientific literature that establishes testosterone as the main driving force of sex drive men have times as much as women!

How about parental investment theory? Women just want to bang every good looking guy she sees, despite the enormous costs of pregnancy and child birth? I emphasize this sentence because this point is essential in the world of dating: The author of this book doesn't even understand that, and therefore shows that he doesn't the fundamentals of the dating market, has abolsutely no knowledge of modern psychology or evolution the driving forces of sexual behavior , and doesn't understand anything about anything about the female brain.

Yet, he's writing a book about dating that teaches guys how to hack the female brain. I enjoyed reading this book, mostly because it breaks down the inner game of how to create a real strategy with women so you can approach them successfully.

Really good tips on body language, some really great openers, and also what not to do and say around different women. Getting into the "cocky and funny" kind of attitude is what I was looking for, and this book goes over some real life scenarios for pulling that off too. Also, how to deal with the "tests" that women throw at us sometimes, all very well explained. No book has everything, but this one goes a long way in explaining the game we play with women, and how to gain a strategic advantage!

Has given my daughter the tools she needs to excel in the cutthroat world of dating. Great work Tzu and Rogell!

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I once had a professor in grad school say, "it is far more difficult for a man to discover and explore the darkest precincts of himself than for a soldier to take the battlefield in war. Because as men, or at least for this man, its much easier to gloss over and ignore the vices and insecurities that impoverish our character than to confront them and change. Admitting flaw, I thought, was fatal. And its that type of thinking that has kept me from getting that lump under my arm checked out, stopping into the mechanic about that weird noise under my hood, and picking up books like this to make me a better man.

Because I'm suppose to be healthy, able to lift a car off a baby and change the oil simultaneously, and be an irresistible ladies man. Being exposed as "not" is difficult. But today I owe a lot to my totally kickass doctor who told me the lump was nothing and I have nothing to worry about, and the mechanic who lives next door who taught me how to change the timing belt on my Toyota, and now to Eric Rogell for making the man I want to be in reaching distance. Eric comes across in this book as that cool big brother who went off to college and now wants to teach you all the things he's learned so you can do it better than him.

And just like the boot camp methodology he refers to a few times in his book, another purpose of that training is to tear you down so you can be built up. And its what Eric does flawlessly and humanely in this immensely readable work. I not only enjoyed this work but it was enriching. And the author is owed a great deal of kudos for making his brilliance approachable and accepting. One person found this helpful. Before reading this book, I was also under the impression that only the elite of men get the best of the bunch; Boy was I wrong.

The 14 Red Flags of Dating - The Art of Manliness

In his book, Rogell explains in a step by step process of what it takes to get women. The first two chapters get you mentally prepared, while the rest of the chapters build on themselves. After reading this book, I was surprised by how easy it really was to go up and break the ice with a female.

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Besides instructing you on how to talk to a women, this book even answers the most trivial of questions dealing with women psychology, such as why women always choose the bad boys. It also includes real life scenarios where the most ugliest of men approached the most gorgeous of women and what they did to pull off getting their phone numbers, or even getting invited back to their rooms!

This books was an interesting read and just reading it built up my self confidence. These types have a tendency to stick like Napalm. Situation 4 is about Rewarding Bad Behavior. And this is where Nice Guys get themselves blown to bits every time. Because Nice Guys have been rewarding their poor treatment forever. This is one of the hardest things for a lot of guys to get: The worst thing that can happen? The best case scenario? She stops thinking she can treat you like shit. Finally, another of the Situations is Situation 8: Shooting Down Her Objections.

As a rule, most women are constantly hitting us with Shit Tests, little negative comments or bitchy attitude they give us to see how we react. And like in Situation 4, if we reward this bad behavior, we become nothing more than a Moodle.

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And contrary to what a lot of guys think, women do not want a guy who bows down. They are more attracted to men who have some strength of character and backbone. Take the situation and turn it around to your advantage. Do your tastes run toward the more sophisticated? Or do you want a woman to play World of Warcraft with? And the reverse is true. Your college football-loving dream girl may not be at a wine tasting.

Your battlefield of choice is determined by your ideal target. And one important thing I mention in the book, is you have to get over your Geographical Homophobia. You need to go to where the women are. And those places are loaded with them. Even for getting you into their camp.

And that means using other women as your spies.

The Art Of War By Sun Tzu Applied To Your Relationships | Mercury

Because no one can kick down a Bitch Shield faster than she can. While in a pair of peep toe pumps. Plus, being with an attractive woman instantly makes you more attractive and approachable to other women. James Bond used Pussy Galore … you should too.