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This was during the time of the military government in Argentina, where the man used to have all the rights to the children. If my mother had left him, he would have had the right to keep me and my siblings and stop my mum from seeing us.

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She therefore put up with it until things changed. Then she was off. In fact, one of my brothers cheated on his girfriend, who proptly dumped him when she found out. Hmmm…my step mom is from Colombia, and my dad met her online.

Cultural Influences

They were married within three months of her moving here for obvious reasons, but I can confidently say this…. If my dad were to ever cheat on my step mom, he would be booted to the curb so fast his head would spin. Reading through your post got me feeling like this.. It is so upsetting that women accept this. I am hispanic, both of my parents were born and raised in Mexico.

And yes, just like people in Columbia I believe cheating is more tolerated in Mexico. I think it has to do a lot with the Macho side of men. I hate it when men think they are Macho and disrespect women. Oh gosh I am so pissed lol. Over the years I have known many women including my own mother who knew about their spouses cheating usually more than once but still stayed.

I even dated one. Most of them Colombian. Lovely people, but their passion seems to get the best of them. And they fall in LOVE, quickly.

Cheating culture in Latin America

Culture change takes a long time. It might only be their children or grandchildren who start thinking about change. Just a slightly different perspective. All I know is that I was dating a Mexican. He is from Zacatecas. After 6 months of bliss, texts started to his ex, flirting with other women, and it ended with a spectacular hooking up with Craigslist hoes.

None of the women I know tolerate it either. Theres a lot of cheating here in the US. Its NOT a part of our culture to cheat. OP this is borderline offensive. But then again they have a quite different mentality in the netherlands, with prostitution and weed beeing legal etc. That probably has something to do with it. One of his girlfriends best friends boyfriend took another women on vacation to thailand etc for a few weeks, and then got back home to his Girlfriend… so sickening. Then he just got home and everything went back to normal.

And this was not the only couple that had a really fucked up relation. Everybody seemed to be like this. The girls needed to grab their guys and drag them away from hitting at other ladies.. In our culture, we are very open to any possibility. Back at home it means you are looking for a serious relationship, a person you want to spend a lifetime with. It is a serious step, not very casual.

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They both already know each other and it starts with a friendship before dating. Dating is a more serious commitment. When the time is right, you ask them on a date In my culture it is more of a serious commitment than Western culture. It is not uncommon for a girl to ask a guy out. If someone is late or cannot make it, it is important to give a heads up. It is expected of you to give the best impression you can.

Exploring Hispanic Culture and Dating

Often, the way you dress up is a reflection of your personality, [and] if you can find time to make sure you have a good presentation. It shows no manners. It is appropriate if you come with something. Food is more popular. Guys like to be kind and generous. It is like bringing her and then giving her back. If you want to date them, just be brave and ask them. Men are also the ones who usually fund the date and come up with the ideas.

Puerto Rico and the "Latin Lover"

Whatever is done should be done to treat the date wonderfully. However, they do their best to make sure they are a good person. You actually have to do a lot of things before you can become official.

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Try to get to know her first. Become friends with her friends. Become familiar with her family well. Solo dates are not until you are official. Also, it has a fun activity that lets the two individuals get to know each other.