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He kind of stands around and leers at people sometimes, and goes into the stalls like he's looking for something, without actually using the facilities.

Cruising in Berkeley, California

It's completely baffling and a little unnerving. He's probably 5'9", and either African-American or just African--very dark-skinned. He frequently wears a golf cap of some sort, and also a vest. And he tends to have a backpack on. He could be anywhere from 20 to If I had to guess I'd say something. The most recent weird experience was last week. I was finishing up my business in a stall when he pops into the bathroom. At this point I don't know it's him. I'm tucking my shirt in and am just about ready to step out, so I've unlocked the stall door.

He pushes it open to see if anyone's in there.

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Clearly I am, so he walks to the other end of the bathroom. When I get out he's looking around in the other stalls--in a manner not quite like that of someone scouting out a stall so they can poop.

So what's the deal for gay people here, really? : berkeley

He's muttering to himself a little bit. After a minute of this while I'm washing my hands he goes into the stall I was in. From that point on I can't be sure what he's doing, but he's walking around in there for sure. I get outta there.

Other villages or towns close to Berkeley where Cruising can be practised

I'm open to the possibility that this is all just some big coincidence. Maybe it is a big coincidence, and he thinks I'm the bathroom creeper. Or maybe he's simply some mentally ill Berkeley resident. But I don't think so--something definitely seems off about this guy.

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Something sexually predatory, even. Just looking to see if others' experiences confirm or disconfirm my own. I just had my first run in with this guy on Friday. I have never seen any "Cal stu They have trimmed away the bus I don't know what is the basis Random Popularity Last Updated.


Steamworks, 4th St. Doe Library 3rd floor restroom. We have a strict Zero Tolerance University of California, Berkeley Dwinelle Hall. I hurt my back pressing weights.

The Pepper Spray Times

I use caution now. Clientele are nice men.

I only have sex with men for whom I have an attraction so I'm very much a loner there. Men don't impose themselves on me. It can be a bit pricy depending on the days weekends average 20 dollars for a locker and 8 hours but its worth it everytime. Best on the West Coast I have been to many bathouses and sex clubs in the mid-west and west coast; and this one is hands down at the top of my list. Quite simply it is extremely well laid out, in excellent condition and super clean, and there are lots of men looking to play and are not shy at all!!!

The front desk staff was friends, especially after I told them I had never been there before.

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Great amenities and they laid out free juice and pastries early in the morning. Something like 10 HD porn channels in the room, and cable in the lounge area. The maze in the back of the club is where most of the guys cruise and there is a lot of voyeur action in there. Not safe Steamworks used to be one of my favorite hangouts, I was one of their regulars there for many years. Always had lots of hot guys to hook up with. About a year ago this guy called Jon Gray sexually assaulted me there.

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