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They are the people that we want to be like. Our best friends in dreams can even appear as celebrities, most especially in the dreams of those who have too low of a self-image. The feeling of happiness and belonging that we feel with such inner figures is the feeling we would have living in our own skin, if we can only recognize and integrate their qualities as our own. We can also discover our missing qualities in the people we are attracted to, whether they are lovers, friends, or mentors. They had overpowered me psychologically and were telling me all of the things they were going to do to torture and rape me.

They were pushing me around physically also. I feared the black man in particular. Everyone had warned me against messing with him. They were pulling me around the back yard. They were being mouthy. All of the sudden, I realized that submitting to them was pointless because they were going to have their way with me no matter what.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never Met?

I realized that I knew martial arts and could easily overpower both of these women at the same time, while on the rope. I beat them up. They did not even fight back. But, afterward, each of the men was nice to me. My best friend from college a man showed up at the end. I was happy to see him. Dreams about strangers and home invasion Dreams about people breaking into our house and overpowering us are very common.

The symbol of the house in your dream represents the whole situation of your life, both your conscious and unconscious life. To dream of someone breaking into your home is to see the kind of forces that autonomously break into your mind, for example obsessive thoughts or fears.

When you have these dreams about strangers breaking into your home, take a careful look at dream figures. Are they helpful or harmful? Try to see them in light of your conscious situation. This is the dream of a 43 year-old woman who was about one year into analysis. She suffered from anxiety and depression fueled by self doubt and self loathing. In addition to that, she experienced night terrors — attacks in the middle of the night with horrible thoughts about her own worthlessness. The family dynamic in which she had grown up was one of abuse and estrangement. In particular, the women in her family were cold and uncaring.

As the black sheep of the family, she received all of their negative projections: She was always left out of family holiday celebrations and vacations. Women who have grown up around cold, bitchy women tend suffer in their relationships with women. They draw into their lives, women who are just like their family members: In short, the women she called friends were exactly like the women in her family. In particular, the dream focuses on the two women who have her in chains. This image is her problem not only with the women in her life, but in particular, also her problem with the feminine in herself.

Her doubts and insecurities about being in the world are bound to these two women in the dream. When she realizes that she knows martial arts, she used it against these women in her dreams. Martial arts was a symbol for psychic self-defense. Not only did she beat up those horrible women, she also wrapped them in the chains and beat them into a pulp. Similar to dreams about death , this is symbolic image for overcoming a powerful complex in her psyche. She broke up all of the energy that had been bound in that complex.

Anytime we so something like this, all of that freed up energy flows back into us.

What does relationship dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

And notice what happens when after she did this? He was a source of power for the dreamer, but he would not be in her service until she took care of those nasty inner voices. Again, this is an image for a powerful shift in her consciousness. Her night terrors began to subside, and naturally, she broke the chains of unhealthy relationships with women. If you are a man, you can work out how to apply it to your own dreams.

A bar can actually be quite intimate. So, the image suggests the possibility of an intimate, but public connection. Now you have to figure out what this could mean for you. He is an unknown factor in yourself. Wine, as well as any type of alcohol, represents the fiery aspect of water. In these dreams, you share the spirit of life with this man. In a woman, a male figure in a dream often represents her ability to step into the world and take her place in it.

So, what was he like? Could you get a feel for him. Was he an artist or a business man? Those are just loose examples. She feels a spirited passion for her life and her work in it that is unrelated to any external relationship. When this happens, it takes a little extra effort to figure out what is going on in your dreams. We get this question regarding a number of dream situations.

Some people see an unknown guy trying to attack them, or they just see an attractive stranger in their dream. In most cases, ladies want to know why the Mr. There are many types of cases where an unknown stranger can appear in your dreams, but the most common one is in a romantic dream. One of the most common reasons why Mr. You may want to have a romantic relationship or a sexual fling in your real life.

Since you do not have someone to actually play that role in your waking life, your subconscious had to make someone up for your dream. Your mysterious stranger will most likely be replaced by a real person once you find the right guy in the real world. Some women dream about a mysterious stranger when they are in a relationship. This does not mean that you want to cheat.

The more likely answer is that the stranger represents something that you want in your current relationship. If you have been dating your current partner for a long time, your subconscious may just be providing you with a chance to spice things up and have a no-guilt fling. In other cases, your subconscious is trying to give you a quality or something else that you are missing in your real life. Perhaps you feel like your significant other never pays attention to you. Your dream guy may give you just the attention you need. In other cases, you may be angry that your significant other never helps out at home.

In your dream, you suddenly have a significant other who supports you and helps around the house.

When someone is angry with their significant other, they are more likely to dream about a mysterious stranger in their dream. Your subconscious is basically looking for someone new who is less stressful for you to love. Basically, your mind is trying to give you a romantic vacation while you sleep. Unfortunately, this is a very common myth.

For some reason, people have a bad habit of believing that they will eventually meet and marry the person in their dreams. This is highly unlikely. Your subconscious chose the stranger to play the role of your soulmate, but this does not mean that they are actually your soulmate. The guy in your dreams might not even exist. There are certainly some cases where you run into your dream guy in real life.

This is not because you are prophetic though. Most of the people and images in your dreams are actually pulled from your memory. Consciously, you might not even remember seeing the guy. He may have been on the other side of the grocery store as you checked out. He could have been the car behind you on the roadway. Whatever the case, he was in your life enough for your subconscious to remember him, but not enough for your conscious mind to recall him.

Since there is a good chance that he is real or at least a model in a television ad , then it is always possible that you will run into him in real life. At the same time, you should keep in mind that your dream guy probably is not your intended soulmate and you should make romantic decisions on compatibility instead of dreams.


Look at the exact events and situations that unfolded in your dream. There might be a symbolic element to your dream, or the guy may represent some trait or life change that you want to have. By taking a closer look at your dreams, you can figure out exactly why your dream is happening. I was when I first dreamt of this guy. By the time I turned 18, dreams about him became frequent. He practically comes to my dreams every week or so.

One time I saw we were getting married.

One time he got shot, died and I killed myself too. These dreams may seem nonsensical to anybody if I told them but I need to stop dreaming these things. They are impacting my dayday life and I have become really different. I resist him but still want to dream of him. These dreams may be a reflections of your social and emotional influences. The person in your dreams may be someone from your distant past or your future.

The associations of death of the bottom of the lake may be a sign that you should focus your energy elsewhere. You have stated that you wish to stop dreaming about this person. You are also aware that you do not talk to other people frequently. Allow this dream and knowledge to influence you to nourish other social relationships.

Do this by spending time with your friends and family in person. Have a great day, Poorvika! Your dream may be a reflection of your social and emotional desires. You may want someone in your life to take action and nourish a relationship with you. You want to feel comfortable and secure in a relationship.

Determine what you want for your future. If there is someone in your life that you want to maintain a relationship with, then spend additional time with that person. Have a great day, Carla! I am reaching out because I had a dream that i was at church with my children and my deceased mom. We weee all very happy and singing.

I saw my ex in the distance, as well as, a mystery guy looking my way. Then it switched to my fiance. He was arguing with me in his car. The dream then switched to seeing my Dad sad at his home, alone. Then I woke up. Your dream was a reflection of the wide range of emotional and social relationships in your life. Your ex and the stranger may be appearances of the social relationships that are no longer available to you. You are engaged, so focus your emotional energy on your partner and children. If you feel unsafe in your current relationship, then determine what you want for your future.

Honor the memory of your late mother by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. Have a great day, Joy! We weee all very happy singing. The dream would begin to happen more and more frequently. Anyways I did end up meeting him in person which is when the dreams stopped but we never really happened. I do recall how incredibly happy I am though. Your dream is a reflection of your social and emotional influences and desires. It is possible that this person is from your distant past.

He may manifest into your life in the future. It is possible that this person is an amalgamation of various people in your life. This dream may be a reflection of your social and emotional desires. You may be interested in maintaining a new relationship. The person in your dream may have been an amalgamation of various people in your life. Determine what you want for your future. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will help draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Anon!

Were best friends, or we meet and click instantly. We usually make plans in the dreams so we can meet again or keep contact- but usually I wake up right about then. The last dream I had about him is what makes me wonder what this is, what he is, and why this is happening. The last dream I had a circle of friends none of which I knew and was walking with them into an apartment. There on the edge of a couch was a thin young man with very dark hair, shaggy covering his eyes. He got up and walked into another room.

He didnt stand out and seemed almost hidden, yet I was very curious about him. I asked my friend who he was and with out telling me, she just urged me to stay away from him. Just how she told me to stay away from him. Despite her warning I said im going to talk to him anyway. I followed after him.

We talked and clicked immediately like I knew him, like a best friend. I reached for him and my arm just- idk felt so heavy, and like a static sensation. I knew I was moving my arm, yet at the same point knew it wasnt actually moving at all. My arm came out of my body, like it detached from my actual arm, like a ghost, if any of that makes sense. I felt like i was peeling out of my own body and got so scared i woke up. And it makes me wonder what or who this person is, is there such a thing as a dream guide or guardian or some kind of entity that follows us through out our lives?

Hes been showing up in my dreams ever since I was a kid, ive known him my whole life yet I dont even know his name.

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I only dream about him about once in a year or two. Lucid dreams are often manifestations of the strong aspects of your dreams, and it is possible that these dreams are attempting to inform you of something insightful or important. The person or people in your dreams may be reflections of various influences in your life. They may be people from your distance past. The strange experiences that you had were likely accompanied by emotions or thoughts, and you will find benefit in looking inward to better understand the purpose of specific events.

Dreams about strangers: Unknown lovers, friends, and foes in our dreams

It is possible that this person is a guardian or someone who was an influence in a past life. If you have a dream of this entity in the future, then directly address this entity about your thoughts and feelings. This will help you better understand the purpose behind these dreams. Have a great day, Ghost! In every dream the men like me but i start off not liking them but we hang out anyway then i start to like them. Towards the end of my dream he started catching feelings for me and i thought to myself do i like him?