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A notion western women said goodbye to long ago is still being held up in parts of Dubai. Unfortunately — even in — it is Dubai law that a married woman cannot pursue work without the express permission of her husband. For western women emigrating to Dubai with their husband, they may already be in an equal and mutually respectful relationship — making this law no problem.

Still, it must be depressing to know that a neighboring Dubai man will be hiding behind this old-fashioned law to repress and take advantage of a woman. Unfortunately, just as sexual assault cases often bring more trouble to the victim than the guilty party, the same can also be true of Dubai women who make domestic abuse claims. In most parts of western society, domestic abuse is not tolerated; charities and shelters are continually set up around the US and other countries to offer women protection.

We take it very seriously.

Sadly, thanks to the pathetically tepid laws concerning domestic abuse in Dubai, women are mostly left to suffer in silence. The Human Rights Watch investigated cases involving UK national and western couples living in Dubai who were discouraged from reporting incidents of domestic violence by none other than the police!

Their initial complaints were ignored for the most part and they were denied their right to a fair hearing. This is because, if a woman wishes to divorce her partner, it is not as simple as filing for one and letting the courts do the rest.

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A woman wishing to separate from her husband in Dubai is only granted a divorce in specific circumstances and even then, she may face a lengthy battle to achieve one. Basically, UAE law states that a woman may seek a divorce if there is proof of violence or abandonment on the part of her husband.

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Dubai women can also choose to separate using the "Khula" method which releases her from the bonds of marriage but also forfeits her half of the settlement money. While white women in Dubai are not as heavily censored as resident women in the country in terms of their dress and lifestyle, the rights they receive while living there are incredibly limited, something the glamorous Gulf would not have you believe from the way it is promoted around the world.

If a woman is victimized in any way or wishes to apply for a court appeal, the UAE legal system makes it very difficult for women to receive the kind of justice they might expect in their home country. Women are, after all, viewed as second class citizens in Dubai and the complicated laws often mean that a woman can unwittingly find herself accused of a crime while reporting one against her. Because of this, some groups are actively discouraging women from speaking out about injustices they face.

So if photography is a hobby of yours, you may find it difficult to keep up in Dubai, unless you have a clear authority to do so. For girls who like to get an all over tan while on holiday, there are plenty of nude and topless beaches to choose from around the world and this is pretty much the norm. In Dubai, however, the law states that topless sunbathing and public nudity of any kind is strictly forbidden.

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  6. As of , topless sunbathing - and indeed any form of nudity - is now considered an act of "public indecency" under UAE law and anyone found to be violating these laws can face no less than six months in prison. Marriage is becoming less and less relevant in western society, so the tradition of marrying before you live together is slowly becoming a thing of the past and more couples than ever before are simply cohabiting instead.

    Emirati nationals are far outnumbered by expats in Dubai , to the tune of almost six to one. To keep up with the crims, they turn to Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys — of course. Its BMW i8 makes mincemeat out of fleeing villains, going zero-to in 4.

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    On a less luxurious note, Dubai police has its own band of bagpipers who perform at state events. If you ask nicely, they might play you Scotland the Brave. The Steven Gerrard Tower met a similar fate. Dynamic Tower, whose floors were designed to spin yikes , was never built either. And in October , a taxi driver handed in a gold ingot that had been left in his cab.

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