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Suaving my way along with more silly text messages, I wished her a good night and ended the conversation. I started to think to myself: She is neither a lawyer nor a doctor. Not even a pharmacist… or business owner. And there are very few female doctors, lawyers, pharmacist, or business owners in the Assyrian community. So, everybody would know them. As an educated Assyrian guy who is interested in meeting an educated Assyrian woman, her not having a LinkedIn account was a red flag for me.

In my opinion, at the present time with social media, a LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about a person. Or, more importantly, you might not be an accomplished person.

LinkedIn Profile vs. Assyrian Virginity and a Future Wife

As Christian Assyrians migrate — from the Biblical lands of the Middle East where Islamic cultural hegemony is the modus operandi, to the Liberal and Progressive American land where Steve Jobs has been extolled to Sainthood, and the iPhone replaced the symbol of the Cross — we Assyrians exist in a state of cultural schizophrenia, losing our ancient customs in this social re-evaluation. The attitude of self-promotion via vaunting virginity is still common in the Assyrian sub-culture in America.

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I have dated more than a few women who empowered themselves with considerable status using that very technique. Now by all means, I could be wrong about this girl. I could be having a Don Quixote moment. She might not be interested in meeting me after seeing my picture, and possibly she is educated. Perhaps too, she is not a virgin, and so she has sworn off the idea of dating an Assyrian man.

Virginity is a cultural value of that old modus operandi designated to women by men, like a proprietary gauntlet around their sexual behavior. With that in mind, what is the fastest way to cheapen a woman? It is to remove that value. What I am talking about here is the evolution of old world cultures after a new generation arrives in America. My father dated only my mother, I on the other hand, have dated many girls.

Each generation pushes the process of assimilation further on towards the Liberal horizon.

Is any american girl dating an assyrian guy from Iraq? | Yahoo Answers

Stop and think for a few seconds. We are in the 21 st century. As humans, we are at the edge of evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus. Here I am, a guy who lives in Chicago, a major American Cosmopolitan city being maneuvered into a fixed marriage, and at the same time deeply engaged in my own philosophical debate on the value of virginity vs. My episode represents a close-up view of a transformation in the Assyrian cultural scene. I find it to be hilarious. The old mentality in the Assyrian community is so impressed by the moral principle of virginity that other values get forgotten or overlooked.

Things such as education never reads , character always negative , a potential for growth lazy , lifelong learning careless about self-improvement , financial responsibility mountain of credit card debt , and physical fitness gym is a tourist attraction. That is a real app.

Is any american girl dating an assyrian guy from Iraq?

Did I mention that one of the four finalists competing to colonize Mars is an Iraqi woman? I bet she has a LinkedIn profile. I should be dating an astronaut. Humor , Random Thoughts , True Story. A thought that came to me… by contrast, in the US, Christians that so loudly profess specific values, only to be found out for not living them.

We live in a corrupt society — America — where evil is called good and good is called evil. Good read and I must say very accurate of our Assyrian community.

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Growing up all you ever heard is how great a girl was because she was a virgin…hmmmm I beg to differ. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do you believe in marriage? Do you feel you are going alone to too many Assyrian weddings?

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