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It is mounted on top of their house, and has a single LNB probably pointing to It was connected to a single receiver in the house.

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So in coming back to Bell many years later, I purchased two receivers and tried to install it in their house for them. I thought I could just connect one receiver to the existing coax connection this would be the first receiver , and perhaps just split the connection and wire this new connection to the second receiver.

I connected the first receiver, did a check switch, and it seemed to be running fine no HD content, though. I then used a old splitter they had laying around it took an incoming signal and split it into 3 signals, but I only use 2 of the outgoing signals while the 3rd one goes unused. The second receiver seemed to be working for a little while, I ran a check switch and then I could watch TV. But then, after connecting the second receiver, I've been having strange issues. Unfortunately, it was at this point I had to leave their house, and now I'm only able to troubleshoot with my parents over the phone.

The second receiver was running by the time I left, but I had noticed this strange not-powering-on issue on the first receiver just before I left. I had naturally assumed it just needed a few minutes to boot up again, so I just left without doing anything further.

I wouldn't have thought that the incoming signal would affect whether the receivers would power on or not.

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Basically, whereas normally upon plugging in the receiver turns them on automatically, they just don't turn on. They may upgrade their CRT eventually, but not right now.

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The only other piece of information that I think might be relevant is that there a really long distance of cable that my parents have running from the dish on top of the house to their basement, and them the basement up to the living room HDTV and to their bedroom CRT. What could be the problem? Is it the connection equipment I'm using? Does the length of coax make a difference?

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Do I need a signal booster for two receivers or something like that? Your help is greatly appreciated! It took me hours to hook everything up, and it's sad that I wasn't able to get it running by the time I left I also read these forums for a couple of hours, but couldn't find anything that pertained to my particular situation.

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Share Share this post on Digg Del. Well first you cannot use splitters in the way you have they just will not work, period. Coax length will make a difference but as long as it is RG6 and under feet it shoule work. Thanks so much for your quick reply. Connecting the two receivers in the manner that I have them currently configured That seems like an odd consequence. I will advise my dad to disconnect the second receiver and see if that will rectify the problem in the short term. Would the LNB currently installed on the BEV dish have an extra coax connection available in order to run another coax cable from it to the second receiver?

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That would be a simple short term solution. Last edited by 57; at It is possible that it has shorted them out, you will have been pushing 18v out of each of them at the same time or 18v on one and 13v on the other, so it is possible. I would just disconnect and hope for the best, they are pretty robust compared to the old FTA units. Chances are it will have 2 Coax ports.

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Ok, will tell them to disconnect second receiver and cross my fingers! There have been many things about dish that is not what I was told at the time of signing up. I am only waiting to get out.

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