Playlist Changes

NintendoNick , Aug 28, Last edited by NintendoNick , Aug 28, I actually want to play this. Fuhgeddit , Aug 28, Turok , Aug 28, It looks gorgeous in 4k. Took them forever but I am glad its working and I kept my copy all this time. Im gonna have to take a week or two and just play the series front to back. Been wanting to do that for a while. ThaPhantom07 , Aug 28, They need to remove team snipers from halo 3 arena playlist smh. Electroacoustic , Aug 28, B-Mitch and NintendoNick like this. AngryXenomorph , hipcrime and B-Mitch like this. AngryXenomorph and B-Mitch like this.

With Sony losing all these exclusives, I wouldn't be surprised if Yakuza makes it to Xbox. BTW, sorry to derail your thread Mitch. Berserker and AngryXenomorph like this.

Aug 29, I'm really glad they fixed it but not having Infection and Swat as permanent playlists along with not being able to vote for the maps anymore is a severe step back. Load times and connection issues are no longer apparent and the game looks stellar but needs to stop doing silly things like removing popular game types.

Along with Halo 5, Griftball is also no longer available to play.

343 Industries shows off what the new and improved MCC can do

Don't get me wrong, the game is ALOT better but whoever is doing the calls for removing the playlists needs to stop. AngryXenomorph , Aug 29, NintendoNick , Aug 29, I do not know.

The insider addition did not have any of these problems for me. I am also probably experiencing a higher ping to the servers now I live on the west coast. Does the update only favor those on the east coast or someone who has an excellent internet? Halo CE is just still not fixed Heavy aim is back. How is this possible? Please fix this issue. This is not acceptable.

Mcc matchmaking still not working

I'll add a clip or two when I start playing again. Will update post when I do so. Why was the veto system not added. Most people don't want to go into a ranked playlist and be forced to play horrendous gametype-map combinations like neutral bomb on Warlock. You can't find games outside of North America because you have once again region locked a game that you previously un-region locked because it just doesn't work.

Please view my post and you might learn something about growth and stability of a game outside of the US that I thought you had already understood. Obviously this is not the case as you have region locked the game for a second time. Why should people buy or play your game when it is genuinely unplayable?? Just wondering if any of you have noticed the hit registration in H2?

It's really noticeable with the sniper. I remember back in when MCC first launched sometimes shots would do no damage but they would produce that yellowish sparky animation you see when a bullet hits a Spartan. If doesnt mean that update New Features Visual enhancements to strip out other maps.

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