The IQ Distribution and Gender

It can be worked on to make yourself into a more well rounded human being. Originally Posted by WillSpillane. Originally Posted by bluemarlinO4.

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Originally Posted by jimbong. The only equation for a successful relationship. Lying takes too much effort to keep track of. You would study and put in the man hours.

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The same as a college student. You would become the type of man women want. Originally Posted by YouTubeStar. Originally Posted by Kokanee. Stop making excuses for your own laziness.

8 Things To Know Before Dating A Person With A High IQ

Stop being a dumb ass. You can't change how your brain works. You can merely learn to fake another personality as best you can. Being shy and having an introverted personality is two different things. Im an introvert too. Also, that being said I draw energy from being alone.

You think thats a fake persona? Clearly you are bothered by your lack of being social , otherwise I suggest that you move to a cabin in the woods and start typing out your manifesto. Lol, OP you sound like a nerdy, somewhat intelligent person, who has no idea how to interact socially and who feels the need to always demean or patronise those who are around you OP, are you the type who's always quoting material from some text you just read and trying to pass it off as your own? A high IQ person could come up with very intuitive ways to pick up women.. Given that they are not social penguins The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.

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Reps back all military Owe reps to: This post is a psychologists nightmare. IQ is a number. Having a high IQ isn't a definitive way to call someone intelligent. There are many types of intelligence that are not accurately measured by IQ. Having a high IQ makes no difference if you can't tie your shoes. Similarly, most people would agree that many brilliant artists are intelligent by their own standards of creativity. If they took an IQ test they may not score much higher than the average person but they are nonetheless brilliant.

Intelligent people are introSPECtive, not introverted. In otherwords they have a tendency to continaully examine themselves from an internal perspective. An introverted person can have social skills but they are defined by the lack of a desire to socialize as much as extroverted people. A person with a high IQ is a deviate — just as much as a retardate or a transvestite.

In business relationships where power and status are important, being intellectually superior is definitely an advantage. But in intimate relations it is an unmitigated disaster. According to personal communication theorists, the only way to attain deeply satisfying intimacy is by being completely open, completely honest, completely trusting, and by having a positive regard for the other person. The problem is that this level of intimacy is only possible between equal partners.

And where does a Mensan find an equal partner? It is easy to have a positive regard for almost anyone — children retardates, illiterates, or transvestites. We can appreciate their appearance, their talent, their warmth and charm. But to completely trust another person means that we must also perceive them as our equal in competence. Unless the other person is also an M, with the same level of education, we know that, under most circumstances, he or she is not as competent as we are, and therefore not completely trustworthy.

Our love for the person of average intelligence is therefore like that of a parent for his child or of a teacher for his retarded student. We must withhold certain feelings and thoughts simply because we know from experience that the other person is not capable of understand them or reacting to them wisely. The Mensan in the normal world is like an adult in a world of children. No matter how much he may love the children, he longs for the companionship of another adult.

Now, for a person who has devoted many years to the study of certain subjects, it is very easy to detect whether another person also understands them. If we perceive that the other person does not understand a subject, then there is no point in pretending to discuss it with him as an equal. To do so would be dishonest. But when the other person has some smattering of knowledge about the subject, he is highly resentful toward anyone who makes him feel stupid. If a normal person is generally capable, and is accustomed to having his opinions respected, it is a rude shock to find himself in the presence of a person who suddenly makes him feel inferior.

And Mensans generally do know more about more subjects. So there lies the dilemma. If we reveal our true feelings, then the normal person becomes resentful. But if we attempt to conceal our feelings, then the normal person says we are aloof, supercilious, and uncommunicative. Harper Fowley very kindly supplied me with all of the relevant back issues. And the figures appear to support our analysis of the problem. In the general American population, the divorce rate is one out of three marriages. Marriages between Ms do appear to be the most stable — for Mensans. Union between M men and non-M women is the least objectionable type of mixed marriage.

But vows between M women and non-M men are virtually intolerable.

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For male Ms, there are additional complications. Education without intelligence is wasted, while intelligence without education can be a menace. This is because they are afraid of becoming over-educated and thus pricing themselves out of the marriage market. They generally go to college just to find a husband, so if they end up with a degree instead, they are certified rejects.

And usually there is a good reason: Now, the probability of a chance meeting of any two Mensa-qualified people is only two out of a hundred. This is not just due to bashfulness in taking the test. Research shows that the overage female IQ undergoes a steady decline after elementary school, while the male IQ increases. At any rate, the odds of a female M being at a Mensa function are less than one out of three. But single women — even Mensans — often decline to go to a party alone.

So, very few of the single women who do belong to Mensa will attend. If we eliminate half of the single female Ms for non-attendance, this leaves us with about. From this, we must eliminate half, who would surely be in the wrong age range. But we tend to be hypercritical in taste; and Mensans have complex and sharply defined personalities, and the more a person has to say, the more opportunities there are for others to disagree with him. This creates a fertile field for personality clashes, even if both parties are models of emotional maturity. But statistics show that women are considerably more neurotic than men.

And highly intelligent and educated women are the most neurotic of all, because of the frustrations and anti-intellectual prejudices they have had to endure. I had a conversation about this recently, that was based off the following premise. Perhaps it is a result of advantageous social position, tribes generally have advisors to the tribal leadership in the form of a Shaman or something similar.

Gendernomics: IQ and the Sexual Market

Likewise, this was also the case with kings in the middle ages. Wise men are somewhat of a permanent fixture of historical narratives. From Aristotle and Plato, to Leonardo and Machiavelli, men who through their intelligence carved out a market niche for themselves. Perhaps, as we in the last — years have moved away from manual labor and steadily towards the knowledge based economy, the pressure for IQs to increase will rise?

After all, as labor becomes more complex and requires more training, that should present an evolutionary pressure over time. The conclusion drawn from the above 3 premises, there are more high IQ males than females, there is an IQ communications gap and there is an ideal IQ level for reproductive success. Newton and Tesla are examples of men who were the intellectual vanguard of their day, and who made contributions that lasted well beyond their own lives yet they were also men who died virgins.

To some extent the same DNA that made Newton and Tesla will perhaps also reside in relatives of theirs who did not manifest as such massive outliers, and therefore were more successful in terms of reproduction. From the perspective of relationships and if we apply the data from above, it follows that those men who end up on either side of the scale will struggle for a few different reasons. The men who are outliers on the top of the scale, meaning those men who have an IQ over , will face a partner market with very limited choice.

This follows from the fact that the amount of men that have an IQ of or above, greatly outnumber the women who do. Those men who have an IQ over , are likely to face an even more challenging market. Within the 3 highest brackets, the men number while the women number This would indicate that high IQ men face a market where they are an extreme niche product, therefore must act accordingly when designing their marketing strategy as I outline in the upcoming Gendernomics book:.

For those men who fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean, they have a large market of women available to them, and are likely to share some common interests and perspectives with these women. This means that their product is in many ways inherently tailored towards the general market. Not so for men who are outliers, here the product must be tailored towards a specific market for both long, and short term success. For short term success the high IQ man can leverage his IQ to trigger the same short-term mating cues that less intelligent men do naturally, in many ways the purpose of the Manosphere is to give out the check list to such men.

For long-term success however, the high IQ man is still facing a market where few products are tailored to his specific IQ communications requirement. As outlined by the research, communication and ability to respect someone breaks down when an IQ gap approaches that of 2 standard deviations.

Men can be ‘too smart’ to date

Thus, a man who seeks to be in a long-term relationship with a person of an IQ 2 standard deviations below theirs will face more challenging communications than is the norm within relationships. I recently launched a Patreon page where I will be posting additional content every month for those who support me and I will do a Google Hangout for the highest tier Patrons limited to 10 people.

For details please check out my Consulting and Patreon Page. As always you can buy my book Gendernomics at Amazon. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

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The margins of mind. This could potentially affect the IQ bell curve,because it derrived from studies that used people as little as 11 years old. Not getting along with children may lessen desire to have them. Like Liked by 1 person.