Difference between Hook-up and P&ID drawing:

Seams, scratches and cracks are all possible defects on the surface of drawn product. Excessive force on the surface of the work during the drawing operation, such as from friction , can be the cause of breakage. Also, many metal drawing operations form at very high speeds, sufficiently designed entry and exit zones need to be provided in order to avoid damage to the work material from the die.

For more detailed information on internal breakage and surface defects see extrusion defects.

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Lubrication In Metal Drawing Lubrication is an important factor when manufacturing by metal drawing, its application can help control the forces and metal flow. Lubrication will also extend the life of the mold, reduce temperature and improve surface finish. Different soaps and oils may be used as lubricants. With difficult to draw metals, polymers or soft materials may also be used as lubricants.

Piping and instrumentation diagram

There are two basic methods of applying lubrication often employed in metal drawing manufacture. Wet Drawing In wet drawing the dies and the work are completely submersed in lubrication. Lubricant in this case is typically some kind of oil containing chemical additives. Dry Drawing Dry drawing applies lubrication to the material by use of a stuffing box. The stuffing box is located in front of the mold and contains lubricant.

In this case, it may be some kind of soap. Work passes through the box and picks up lubrication before entering the mold. Rod or bar drawing is a term used to denote one of two categories of metal drawing. Rod or bar drawing refers to the drawing of work of larger cross sections, while wire drawing refers to the forming of work of a relatively smaller profile.

Due to the size of the work, rod and bar drawing involves much more finite lengths of material than wire drawing. This type of process is carried out as a discrete manufacturing operation. Rod or bar drawing is usually performed on a draw bench. A draw bench consists of a long table, a die stand containing the mold and a carriage used to grip and draw the work. The die stand may contain two or more molds, multiple dies allow more than one part to be drawn with each operation. Draw benches vary in size and can be up to feet in length.

Force used to draw the metal is exerted through hydraulic or mechanical means. Pulling force as high as tons has been used during industrial production. The majority of metal drawing operations produce round or square shapes, however different cross sections such as u-sections and other simple shapes are also manufactured. Hollow profiles, particularly hollow round tubes of different lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses are common in drawing production. Many tubes and special profiles are of larger geometry, and are drawn as a discrete manufacturing operation.

Production of drawn shapes and hollow tubes is usually performed on a draw bench and would be classified in the rod and bar category of operations. The specifics of the metal deformation are important when drawing different cross sections. Sometimes a series of operations may be needed to form a particular profile. Often times drawing is used to finish tubes and profiles already manufactured by other methods, such as extrusion or rotary tube piercing. When forming a tube a mandrel may or may not be used. A tube may be formed without a mandrel if its internal dimensions are not critical.

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Drawing Dies

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