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Most fans can be equipped with light kits so they have a wire for it.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Hook black or red if you want to control it from the wall switch from the ceiling to the black and the blue on the fan since we do not know which one is for the motor and which is for the light. Hook white to white Hook all greens to the copper.

Hunter's Five Minute FanĀ® Makes Installation a Breeze

You will need to have the wall switch turned on to operate the unit if you use the red wire. Cap all unused wires.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I wire a ceiling fan? Tester k 54 Amanda Amanda 1 1 1 2. How was it connected previously? How do I wire them and still be able to use wall switches? I can wire the ceiling fan and just leave the red wire capped with a wire nut, but that leave a useless switch in the wall.

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The ceiling fan that was up before had a remote and the switches on the wall worked 1 switch had to be on in order for the remote to work, and the other controlled power to the fan. How do I wire it back like this? Now when one switch is on, the remote will control the light. The other switch will turn the fan on and off. You'll end up with something like this. This way the remote module will control the fan when the switch is in the ON position , and the other switch will control the light. This answer assumes the black wire controls the fan, while the blue controls the light kit on the fan.

wiring - How do I install a ceiling fan remote? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

Check the documentation that came with the fixture, for proper wiring instructions. For my switches to work, once I connected the blue wires for the lights together, I also had to connect those two blue wires to the black wire coming from the ceiling in order for the light to have power. This was helpful to understand the red from ceiling but to get my remote to work fan and light functions while wall switch was on I had to wire like this: This is a very helpful site. My setup is like user One wall switch powers entire fan. Make sure fan is on by pulling chain. Remote control now controls fan speeds and the light!

I did this last night at my condo. The fan is a Hunter remote, no chains. Or do I need to replace the new remote receiver unit with a different one that has the third "common out" wire? Doing my best to interpret your question: First, call the unit you wire in with the fan the "receiver," since it receives signals from the remote transmitter to control the fan and usually a light. The instructions that came with your receiver should explain what the "common out" is for.

Without more clear information it could either be intended for 3-way switches or for switching other lights using the same remote.

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In the second case it should just be capped. In either case you should wire the white neutral wires together. You should also ensure that the fan's green wire is connected to a ground.

Ceiling Fan Overview

Connect the green to the ceiling fan's green wires and the bare copper ground wire in the ceiling box. Connect all white wires together.

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  • electrical - How do I wire a ceiling fan? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange.
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This will be the fans white wire, the fan control white wire and the white wire in the ceiling box. If the fan control does not have a white wire, connect the fan's white wire to ceiling box white wire.