What is poor behavior? Anything that doesn't feel emotionally right. It can be as simple as a guy making all the right moves when he first meets you—buying you drinks at the bar, telling you how much he wants to see you again. Sharing a simple kiss at the end of the night.

Search me, baby.

Asking for your phone number and then, he doesn't reach out until a week later or possibly longer. When he finally does contact you it's through a lame text, "hey how are you? That to me is a sign of a lazy dater and not a guy who would be worth my time—and hopefully not yours. If he can't call, especially after letting a week pass since meeting you, he's most likely not the type of guy who would put in the effort it takes to build a lasting relationship.

Many times when a woman becomes emotionally attached to a guy and his unwanted behavioral patterns start to creep in , it can be hard to want to teach him how to treat you—usually this is triggered by fear of losing him. So, you continue to live in denial.

I get it, when you have been dating a guy who started out all into you—calling and texting, planning dates and making time to see you, it feels great. Then, all of a sudden he falls off the rector-scale. It is natural to make excuses for his crappy behavior and give him the benefit of the doubt over and over again. But, who does that really benefit? I can tell you, Not you. Realize that when a guy does a in the way he is treating you, your relationship has already taken a turn down an ugly road, and therefore, you have nothing to lose by letting him know that his behavior is not acceptable.

This could mean cutting off all forms of communication until things change—permanently, not temporarily if you are dealing with a guy who is physically abusive or threatening your safety —call the police, get your family and friends involved and seek safe shelter. Ladies, I know that you may believe that being with a guy who treats you poorly is better than being alone, but it's not. Life is too short not to be with someone who will treat you with absolute love compassion and respect. Don't let the fear of a guy losing interest in you be the cause for you to clam up and say nothing.

Find your voice and teach him that you are a worthy human being who deserves only the best.

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19 Undeniable Signs You’re Dating A Teacher | Thought Catalog

When he is coming over to my place he never brings anything although he knows the situation but he expect flashy dinners and breakfast. He really doesn't care and he has it all he owns a recycling company and its making enough money , I know a relationship it's not about money but he should be helpful and he totally doesn't know how to treat a lady we never went out not even to a single day together, and he doesn't include me in his life planning he dies things on his own. I tried showing him how I want to be treated but doesn't seem to get it instead he told me that I love expensive things that I can't even afford and certainly so I'm not gonna change my facial products because he feels that they are expensive because when I ask him for help on certain things around my house he tells me that he is not handy and a girlfriend should not be given anything or helped with anything that will exit R monthly yet he expect me to treat him like a husband while he is not treating me like a wife.

I think that many people forget this factnot only when it comes to dating, but also friendships that aren't working. Each of us has the right to determine how we want to be treated and if persons do not treat us as we wish, we have the right to walk away. One should never settle for behavior from another that does not show respect for you.

Yes, most people in the long run will revert back to their "authentic" selves, however, I have seen many men and woman who will, with the right partner, changed on their own in order to make the relationship they are in stronger. Sometimes all it takes is finding that one person that we don't want to slip through our fingers to make us want to be a better person.

It's totally true, "if someone is really "into you" they'll initiate asking you what is needed. Being a man I've always found that somewhat offensive and yet I know everyone has to in some way let it be known what their "boundaries" or "deal breakers" are in addition to their likes and dislikes.

However I believe in the long run people eventually revert back to their natural or "authentic" selves. Very few any men are walking around with one hand held up in the air screaming: When I was younger I used to try to impose my will in relationships. As I got older I adopted a "sell rather than tell" approach to get my way. Today I subscribe to the find someone who naturally wants what I want and treats me the way I want to be treated philosophy. Life is too short to be "breaking in", "teaching", or "training" people how to treat you.

At some point you have to identify if someone treats or loves you the way you need to feel treated or loved and if not move on.

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21 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher

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