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But online dating can be a shallow place, and I'm not sure all of the 35 messages she received each and every day were interested in her brains. I think it's more so that people without tattoos are the ones "turned on" by them.

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When you're heavily tattooed. They become a piece of you and they're just simply a part of who you are. Therefore, when I see a guy with a lot of tattoos, I'm not turned on by them nor turned off but I do know that he won't fetishize me. I don't limit myself to only dating guys with tattoos but there are few "non-tattooed" people that don't bring extra attention to them.

I can only hear "nice tats" or "cool ink" so many times in a day without wanting to kill myself so finding someone who doesn't think of me as a novelty is very important. Whatever it is that tattoos 'say' to others, I seem to be attracted to its opposite. Yes, I'm a heavily tattooed woman who seems to be mainly attracted to un-tattooed men. I feel pretty at odds with my appearance, I'm alternative looking but feel like underneath all the craziness I'm a mainstream soul.

However I'm well aware of how hypocritical I'm being.

I don't want non-tattooed men to judge me based on my tattoos, yet I seem to judge men on theirs. I guess these judgements only count online; I don't judge tattooed men if I've actually met them, in the same way I'd guess people don't judge me once they've met me in real life.

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John is covered head-to-toe in tattoos yet deems it appropriate to inform his lucky match that his 'banjo string' is full of metal. When your date drops the bombshell that she is going through a divorce it's perhaps not the best time to reveal you have your penis pierced. But that's exactly what one First Dates hopeful does on the latest edition of the popular Channel 4 dating show. When his date, burlesque dancer Becky, confesses she was recently married and going through a difficult split he decides to make a swift conversation change to avoid the awkward silence.

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Moving away from at conversation swiftly! As Becky reveals she hasn't got any, nor any piercings, John says he like being with someone can ink before he says: Gay choir master describes horrific homophobic attack during emotional First Dates moment. John laughs and drops the news before realising he's in a public place and on television: I have my banjo string pierced.

Oh I said that a bit loud! The pair chuckle away at his x-rated revelation but will it be enough to entice Becky into a second date with the tattoo artist or has he scared her off? How First Dates love story turned to 'cheat' and 'bunny boiler' insults. They're a surprising match as they both figure out they adore the opera, James tells his date: Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by DanielStone; 17th May at 9: Sorry, the nose thing is a turnoff.

But I'm sure there's someone out there for you. Originally Posted by DanielStone. Hmmm I'm looking forward to seeing people's answers to this.

There's a Scientific Reason You're Attracted to Men With Beards and Tattoos

I'm sure some people have seen me and thought 'she's pretty but too bad she has so many tattoos' which I think is ridiculous. On my part, well you know, the main difference between a tattooed person and a not tattooed person is that the tattooed person sincerely doesn't care whether or not you have tattoos. Originally Posted by Emilia. Not in or around the mouth.

I think it's really unhygenic. You have bracteria breeding there, food left over I'm ok with tatoos but quality over quantity definitely. Tatts are fine, my man's arms are covered and I have one. As for piercings, nothing in the face, nose, mouth. Ears and navals okay, no genitals, thank you very much. Originally Posted by Maleficent.