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Each Zodiac Sign's Highest High And Lowest Low In Their Relationships

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Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Attract [Body & Mind]

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This is who you should be dating, based on your star sign

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While these two may find themselves in one of those on-again-off-again situations, they understand one another deeply and their connection is a powerful one. These signs are both perfectly happy to go off any pursue their own wants and interests, without this affecting their relationship.

The connection these guys share is a unique one. These guys are a top pairing because they can bounce ideas of one another. Geminis are idea-machines and Leos are energetic and creative, making them a great team. Together, these guys are equipped to take over the damn world. And they can have a laugh together, too, which always helps. Both Earth signs, Virgos and Capricorns are perfect for one another for a long list of reasons.

A romance between these signs will be built on stability and a common desire for a long-lasting commitment.