Monday, 20 August End Date: Thursday, 23 August End Date: Saturday, 1 September Saturday, 25 August End Date: Saturday, 1 September Last chance to start: Thursday, 6 September Saturday, 8 September End Date: Saturday, 15 September End Date: Monday, 24 September Saturday, 22 September End Date: Saturday, 29 September End Date: Supercars Season Cars: Endurance Prototypes Unlocks from: Group 6 Season Cars: The following cars have been moved from the Career to new seasons within the new Supercars Motorports group:.

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The following cars have been added to a new season within Endurance Prototypes, and the Endurance Legends career series:. I need your help!

I am unable to play Real Racing 3 in online mode although Internet connection is perfect I checked youtube, websites, other online games and no problem with the connection at all. Every time I enter the game the message pops-up saying something about time and date issue error. It is disappointing when your Internet works perfect, but the game doesn't.

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Does anybody faced this problem in the past? May be my RR3 program crashed? Sorry for my English, I'm kazakh player.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you in advance! I deleted from iPad some applications and I suspect that one of them had malicious software in it I believe this one is free minecraft application, not the Minecraft game itself. It used to freeze unexpectedly in the middle of the racing. It was terrible to play in this manner when it freezes then goes on, again freezes and goes on with different intervals.

Hoping it will work fine in the future. Glad you sorted it, sorry you didn't receive a reply earlier, I just had no experience in the matter!

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