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This list can go on and on. Farming is more than the annoying stereotypes of overalls, pitchforks, old trucks and the overall Old McDonald picture a lot of people get in their heads. Cannot forget about those ridiculous Farmers Only commercials! Let me quickly remind you that farming is what puts food on our tables at a reasonable cost.

When you date a farmer, you have to realize that the farm IS the priority. Farmers work hard, long hours.

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  6. Reconnecting With Your Farmer During Harvest!

They work from sunrise to sunset and sometimes even longer depending on the season. We will get to that next. There may be days when they are not able to hang out with you or take you to dinner because they have a farm to care for. There are certain times of the year when farmers are so busy they may not have a lot of time to spend with you. Hay season, planting season and harvest season are examples of when farmers literally work all day and most of the night.

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These are stressful times of the year when sleep is limited and stress is high meaning you have to be open-minded and supportive. When you date a farmer, expect plans to suddenly change. You see, farming is not like a typical job. It is a hour a day job. Even if you have made plans, those plans can abruptly change. An animal gets sick, a tractor breaks down, fence needs fixed and the list can go on and on of similar farming emergencies that must be taken care of. Sometimes, plans are ruined, but like I mentioned before, the farm comes first.

Sometimes a night out on the town may be later than what you are used to. Where most couples go out about 5: This may be annoying for some; however, this is reality. Sometimes, dates may be a little different than what you are usually used to. These may not sound like dates to you, but in a farmers world, they are some of the best dates one could ask for. When you date a farmer, there are several topics you must get used to talking about.

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  • The weather it has a HUGE impact on farming ; livestock You hear all about animals being born, how they all are doing, and honestly, sometimes the stories you hear are not always rainbows and butterflies ; tractors You learn terminology you never even heard before and even why some colors of tractors are better than others ; market prices A farmer, just like any other person, strives to make a profit, so knowing the market trends is important ; just to name a few. Here are some random things you need to know about a typical farmer and the farm life. They usually have a dog or another animal that they are quite fond of, so do not get jealous.

    They are almost always willing to give their neighbors a helping hand, even if it means being late to something you had planned. They understand the importance of being frugal with money because of the risks and unpredictability of the farming lifestyle. And on the more funny side of things… You cannot be completely grossed out by animal poop, the unpleasant smells that sometimes accompanies farms, etc.

    In many instances, farming is a family affair. A majority of farms are family owned and operated; therefore this should not be a surprise. They spend a lot of time together, so chances are, you will to. Farmers are becoming more of a rarity and they are such a huge part of each of our lives. On the flip side, farmers, if you find a person who understands your lifestyle and are not afraid to work alongside you, you have found a keeper!

    The truth of the matter is, farming is a lifestyle many are not familiar with. For some, it is quite a shock to date someone who farms due to the fact farming requires so much time, commitment and hard work. Farming is not for the faint of heart and dating a farmer does require understanding and patience. Coming from a farming family, having several friends who farm and personally knowing many farmers, I can honestly say that dating a farmer may not always be easy, but to the right person, it will be worth it.

    Hopefully this post has served as an eye-opener for many. And even for those of you like me who are still searching for that someone who understands the farming lifestyle, just be patient because that special someone is out there and will come into your life at just the right time.

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    At least that is what I have been told. This has seriously been a fun post to write, so it is my hope you all had some fun and laughs reading it. Reblogged this on myAGventures.

    If the answer is no, move on! No they can make millions of dollars in an hour at a livestock sale or by selling some grain, but everything profitwise must usually go back to the farm either to buy newer machinery, insurance, seed, new buildings, land, land improvements like terraces or tiling, new genetics for your herds, etc.

    In reality that seed is actually worth around 4 billion dollars. Rich in love, rich when rocking on the back porch during the sunset with your kids playing pigskin, getting fresh produce out of the garden or orchards my grandma produces enough food for my entire 40 person close family to last a year and she cans all of it so we only buy milk and bread- and she also raises pumpkins each year just to paint faces on to give to little kids , rich in breathing fresh spring air after an Iowan thunderstorm, or feeling rich in knowing that you are making a difference in the word.

    I am only 19, a girl, halfway through my animal science degree, but I WILL take over the family farm and I take pride in knowing that the cornfield over west of me is actually where a barn stood and where my grandfather was born and that all my ancestors that settled here would know that I am keeping their dream alive. I struggle with how much financial burden could be placed on my shoulders but with God and my self confidence and hard work I will not fail.

    You just have to be flexible and know that to spend time with them — sometimes — it has to be in a tractor which can be really fun. I grew up in New York City, and have to say that marrying a farmer was the absolute best decision of my life.

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    I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of something that is so rare and will get only become even more so. My grandfather and father were dedicated to their farm and more dedicated to their families. Very well said, and applies to being married to a farmer as well. You need to know how to drive large trucks! You have to deliver meals to the field for them to be consumed in seconds! Deliver sweet tea in jars. You need to be able to go to the agri supply or other such store and find the right part on your own! LOL, you have to leave church in the middle of sunday school with your dress and heels on and go chase hogs that are in the neighbors fields!!

    More Women in Agriculture

    The list is endless, but the reward is so sweet. This is exactly right! Idk how many times ive done all of these things! Been out chasing cows at 8am in a robe and muck boots in the neighbors yard! Ha ha its fun though, its exciting and different. And omg remembering the weird names of all the fields!!

    When we first started dating before we got married i used to struggle with this so much! We got married after seven months and two years later were still chasing cows together only i have more of anidea what im doing!! There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow. No dates happening tonight.

    There's room for two - so take a ride with him in the combine or tractor.

    Before You Date A Farmer: 10 Things You Need To Know

    Bring the kids too for a little dinner when you have time for a break. The kiddos are missing mom and dad just like you are missing your farmer! Remember the things that can wait. Take advantage of those rainy days when you can!

    Nobody Ever Said Loving a Farmer Was Easy…

    If you are living out of a laundry basket for a couple of days, it will be okay! Help with night milkings, offer to move machinery or help with anything else you can out on the farm when the kids are asleep! If you have extra time, prepare some of his favorite foods. This will force him to take the time to eat! And while he is eating, you can catch up with one another! Send text messages throughout the day or leave him a note in the tractor reminding your farmer to be safe and to encourage him and thank him for his hard work!

    You can tell by the setting and the sounds that the seasons on the Brown farm have certainly changed. And that means the marathon of harvest has just begun. Our families, our health, our communities, this crazy harvest we just are trying to complete Be careful that you do not get compassion fatigue. Find out more with Jolene Brown. Jolene Brown dives deep into three gaps you can mind around the holidays with your family members, to allow this season to move along smoothly. It is the spirit of Christmas that drives the Neubauers, even in the long, hot, sweaty summers when there is much work to be done.

    Believe it or not, the holiday season can be a time when people report their highest stress.