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The larger the valve the more the gate can flow and, further, the range of spring rates can vary from gate to gate. Also, larger wastegates can take up scarce room under the hood so there is an evil compromise at work.

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An electronic boost controller fools the wastegate by using a stepper motor to alter the pressures seen by the diaphragm. The ECU portion of the boost controller uses feedback from the hot and cold sides of the system to know what the boost level is and how to attain the desired level of boost dialed in.

A boost controller can use either or both of these ports via the stepper motor to manipulate the pressure and dictate when the wastegate opens. Knowledge is power and knowing if you are going to use a boost controller and what your maximum boost pressure target is along with some of basic info dropped here will allow you to choose the right wastegate for the right job.

Understanding External Wastegate Basics

Go forth and boost. We take 2 of the most popular inline-6s ever produced and settle the age-old debate of which is better: In part 2 of our K24 Project build we take a look at the JE Pistons and K1 Technologies, connecting rods that are going into our engine. In part 2 of our Week to Wicked build we turn to GReddy and their new V2 S turbo kit to get some more power out of our Honda S project car.

In part 1 of our Project K24 build we take our 2. Understanding External Wastegate Basics.

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III - Heads Up. View Photo Gallery 9 Photos. Vacuum hose from bottom port of gate to Port 2 left of HKS EVC Stepper motor with T-fitting leading to pressurized air source between compressor housing and intercooler. If you want just what the spring will give you then you need no boost control.

If you want more than the spring will give then the boost control will help you build more boost.

Typical External Wastegate & Electronic Boost Controller Setup.

The Tial wastegate gets the bottom hooked to intake manifold for turbo for boost pressure, the top of the waste gate goes to the boost solenoid, the solenoid to the intake manifold or turbo for boost. The solenoid gets 12v on one side the ground gets pinned into the XFI to the boost output pin.

Then you tune the boost table for duty cycle vs tps to get what you want for pressure above what the spring gives you. TurboNova , Sep 12, Somehow I thought that the XFI could control boost at any level up to whatever the spring pressure is. So even with the 18lb spring, it could regulate boost at 12 if I wanted. Not a big deal if this isn't the case, just clarifying. So if I change to a 6lb spring and want to control on top of that, I just hook up as you described above, correct?

Vacuum line directly to the bottom port, another vacuum line to the top port with the solenoid in-line with that one? And has anyone used the GM solenoid?

Does this sound right? Thanks for the help.

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I got the car fired up over the weekend, but this part is still confusing me. This is the Protomotive Hookup that I have for Tial wastegate.

Tial wastegate hookup

Found this on another forum. Need to know how to hook up external Tial …. There is one vacume fitting on the top of. Home Blog About Contact. Tial wastegate hookup next.