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House of Cards And Kate Mara in House of Cards is the latter type of reporter, as she sleeps with Kevin Spacey in order to get insider info about what's really going on in Washington. First, Drew Barrymore's boss makes her go undercover at a high school to expose what high school is like. No one wants to remember high school, much less read about it. Okay, so Cameron Crowe did this in the '70s, but we got Fast Times at Ridgemont High out of it, which is basically all about how terrible high school is.

Is It OK to Sleep With Your Sources? - POLITICO Magazine

Second, no newspaper editor would publish an article that's basically an essay on Barrymore's unconsummated affair with a teacher — who thought she was legally a child the entire time he knew her — that ends with a plea for said teacher to publicly make out with her. Third, no one would have a career after doing this. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Judge Napolitano: Fox Reporter Won't Have To Name Sources In Aurora Shooting Case

Thank You For Smoking Katie Holmes's Washington reporter is yet another female journalist who sleeps with her sources for information, but she might be even worse than Kate Mara: At least Kevin Spacey knew he was being used, while Holmes doesn't actually tell Aaron Eckhart that she plans to use the career-ending secrets he told her about himself while they were in bed. Luckily, Holmes is punished for both her ethics breach and the nerve of having ambition by, nonsensically, being demoted to being a TV weather reporter, a job she seems to be in no way qualified for.

Scoop Okay, so maybe there are three types of female journalists in film, as Scarlett Johansson's wannabe reporter walks the line between the two categories when she starts dating Hugh Jackman. Jackman is not only the potential subject of her story, but a man Johansson believes to be a serial killer. It's all right, though, because he turns out to have murdered only one person. Valentines Day Gift Guide - do you have unique gift ideas?

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Really appreciate being able to connect with media so easily. But allegations presented in the indictment point with all fingers on both hands toward the likelihood that he leaked to her. While working for BuzzFeed in April , Watkins broke the big story that Russian spies attempted in to recruit Carter Page who would later join the Trump campaign. Nobody anywhere has disputed the accuracy of her story. Merging business and romance has a long journalistic history — see these overviews on the topic in the American Journalism Review and the Los Angeles Times for the leading examples.

Hollywood has adopted this forbidden pairing as a trope to power its stories, usually with female reporters bedding male sources. As her detractors have noted, Watkins commented on the wisdom on sleeping with sources before she got involved with Wolfe — tweeting this in April about the House of Cards reporter who does: Sleeping with your source—especially a vindictive congressman?

New York Times bombshell on own reporter reveals Ali Watkins dated second potential source

Forbidden romances can manifest on any news beat, but presidential campaigns produce hot pairs better than almost any mechanism this side of Match. Reporters and the campaign staffers share interests — the candidate, the issues, the outcome of the election and politics in general. They tend to speak the same language, nudging them closer to the sack. Everybody ends up drinking and bunking in the same hotels, often traveling on the same plane or bus together for weeks or months, and the increased mutuality engendered by close proximity breeds attraction.

In prospecting for news, a reporter must signal to his source his deep interest in the topic, his fascination with his source, and his trustworthiness. If the interest and fascination are sincere, great. But if the story is important enough, reporters have been known to fake it. When going out for drinks with a source is not alcohol the ultimate truth serum?

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From the outside, the source-building scrimmage can look a lot like courtship. But there are other ways to shed impartiality. Reporters become over-dependent on favorite sources all the time, parroting their every position without ever getting intimate. Friendships blossom on the beat, and sources and reporters grow dependent on one another.