Early Kodachrome made in the first few years of production used the date code symbols of Kodak movie film. Well preserved cardboard mount of high quality. This change of imprint was made because other labs began offering Kodachrome processing, which previously had only been done by Eastman Kodak. Technicolor labs; a collection of film laboratories across the world owned and run by Technicolor for post-production services including developing, printing, and transferring films in all major developing processes, as well as Technicolor's proprietary ones.

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Eastman Kodak brand colors were used the first time, yellow and red corner, the cardboard used to be in natural white. Kodachrome II film was introduced during , known as may be the best slide film of all times Example of an unknown processor of Kodachrome slide film. Most probably developed at Hawaii.

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Technicolor developed Kodachrome slide dated July Similar mount and Kodak brand logo like earlier seen. The "curled corner" trade mark was dropped and a new Kodak logo was introduced in the 2nd half of Frankfurt March , Zoggavia Collection. Example of a French Kodak mount. One can say that Kodachrome was on its peak quality wise; fine grain, great colors and contrast, even when underexposed the slide showed nice results.

Slightly revised design of the classic white card board mount, just before the edges were rounded for better handling in projectors.

New Kodak logo was introduced again in this mount design launched in Developed and framed in Australia. Since , the "new" corporate logo started to undergo many variations because of the business agreements in various parts of the world and designs surfaced that more or less integrated the symbol within other symbolic.

Slightly changed position of the Kodak logo on this frame. Again an Australian Kodachrome mount, this time in black and red colors. Luckily he hand-numbered the slides in order shot, however, at the top of most of the slides in the white paper border there are date stamps, either in ink or actual impressions in the slides, e. What are these dates?

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Or are they slide expiration dates? I am trying to determine if I should append the date to the slide number after each scan. Now one more question. Sometimes there is a "C" or a "D" after the year.. That I'm not sure, my slide have T2 or T1 eg. Jun 80T2, well, to me I don't think it is any significance, as long as I know the month and year.

Though it isn't relevant to your slides, I was also going through some of my father's old Kodachromes from and came across two slides which were clearly taken on consecutively the same occasion, Christmas , numbered 27 and 28 no other dates or codes given on early slides in the UK at least. However, the card mounts were slightly different, though both clearly unopened Kodachrome heat-sealed mounts impossible to tamper with undetectably as anyone who has tried to open one will have found.

The font and impression of the machine-printed numbers were clearly different, and furthermore one slide was mounted upside down compared with the other! It is unthinkable that my father would have turned the camera upside down to take two landscape-shaped snaps of us around the tree!

Kodachrome Slide Number help needed

The only explanation I can think of is that the mounting machine broke down in mid film at slide 27 and the rest of the film had to be mounted using another machine. But in literally hudreds of Kodachromes I've received over the years, all the slides in each box have been numbered reliably in the order they were taken and on the same mounting press.

The moral of the tale is that you can't totally rely on the slide mount's appearance to judge which box it came from. With old slides which have been mixed up over the years, very often the slide mount is the only way to decide which film is which.

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My father had thousands of slides that I had digitized. I also believe the letter following the year is the processing lab and the number after the letter if it has one is the machine number used to process the slides at that lab. I'm reluctant to slit the mount and remove the film to make sure, because they were entrusted to me and I guess it really isn't absolutely necessary to know for sure.

60 year old Kodachromes

Just my own curiosity. I have some slides of my own that I shot in the early 's that are in plastic mounts that I just KNOW are Kodachrome, but there is no indication anywhere on these mounts either. I also know for certain that this film had not been re-mounted into the plastic.

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I understand that the even though the film may have been dropped off at a local shop, if it was Kodachrome it still had to be processed by a Kodak lab, right? Would Kodak have done the processing but not put their name on the mount? Any info you folks could share would be fantastic, Thank you.

Originally Posted by SilverMiner. Thank you, Richard I had forgotten assuming I ever even knew that anyone besides Kodak had bothered to make the huge investment to develop Kodachrome. All times are GMT