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The CollegeHumor Guide to Collegeis a laugh-out-loud depiction of the college experience. Written primarily by two of CollegeHumor's most popular columnists, Ethan Trex and Streeter Seidell, this guide features all-new material not found on the Web site. It also includes helpful advice'the kind you probably won't hear from a college counselor'on an array of subjects, such as food, clothing, parents, dating, sex, drinking, and roommates.

Filled with outrageous illustrations, this edgy and irreverent book will be indispensable to all present and future undergraduates. Show more Show less. Amazing book - A must have for any college student!!! This item doesn't belong on this page. I'm just a thing in your screen. Family falls apart, now there's no more DuckTales! One year ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit.

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you have a ton of money, maybe you can hire the A-Team. A different Commando unit was also sent to prison for a crime they might have committed. These men eventually escaped from a medium security facility, to a motel in Fresno. Today, still more or less acknowledged by the government, they survive as soldiers for hire.

If you have a problem, if it's sort of urgent, but you don't need anything fancy, you can probably just hire the B-Team. I'm not sure I should tell you this, but one year ago, a group of drug addicts were sent to a prison for crime they openly confessed to they, uh, shot the mayor's dog. These men were released after their case was thrown out on a technicality.

Today, pretty much forgotten by the government, they get by with odd jobs here and there. If you have a problem, if you're totally spaced, and you just need someone, literally anyone, and if you can offer a hot meal in exchange, you can always hire the C-Team. OK, I don't usually mention these guys, but These men—-look, you don't really want to hire these men. They just-oh come on! Oh and that crazy guy? He has mild OCD!

And he's clearly not black, what is he, Indian? Look, I'm gonna level with you here.

What You're Really Saying With Your Dating App

You're probably just better off taking care of it yourself. Why would you ever hire anyone named the F-Teem? We could play her like an upright bass! And the kind of threesome she wants? Oh, we're cool with that. Parodied in this sketch about "second puberty", which discusses the pitfalls of the aging process in a fashion like those films you may have been shown in health class or by your parents about actual puberty.

The Talk Show with Host Name: Parodied with a prank sketch where Dan Gurewitch's colleagues break into his house in the middle of the night so he can host The Late Late Late Show from his bed.

Pros and Cons: Online Dating - CollegeHumor Post

A big Take That! Daniel looks up In , he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Mustache. He has the only map to dryland tattooed on his back! Your sorrow is my playground! Your tears are the fountain I frolic in! It's good thing there's no such thing as "ghosts from the past. I mean, I understand that you don't want to people to know you're porking your sister, but still Because, you know, he's ten!

Here at Netflix, we know the only thing people like more than binge watching, is cringe watching.

Tropes not listed in the above pages:

Which is why in , we're rolling out a whole new lineup of shows guaranteed to make you squirm. Just finished Making a Murderer , and can't wait for more harrowing glimpses to life in the American Midwest? Then get ready for Poor Tours. A new documentary where we take a camera crew into the houses of lower class residents of Manitowoc County, and force them to talk to us about their sad, awful lives. Don't worry, we're just getting started. Next we'll investigate the cruel world of abusive nursing homes with Elder Scare , an in-depth documentary that will leave you questioning whether or not human kindness is actually a lie.

Want something a bit more close to home? Then choke down a Zoloft and get ready for Thin Walls , the first ever documentary that's actually just a live feed of the couple that lives next door to you having a really aggressive and loud argument. Will it get abusive?

Honest Interracial Date - CH Shorts

Should you have called the cops? Are you a bad person for enjoying this?

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There answer is "yes". But that's never stopped you before. Documentaries not your speed? Don't worry, we've got something for everyone to try their best to suffer through. Check out these great new shows and movies streaming soon: Then in summer , get ready to fall in love with a new season of the critically acclaimed British reality series Close-up Footage of a Guy Picking a Hangnail.

We've heard of conversation starters, but oh boy, these are conversation enders.

And finally, next winter, a very special treat for all the Marvel fans: Cultural and religious groups promoted in-group acts — including comedians with racially charged acts. A packed auditorium greeted the Female Orgasm tour, a college sex-ed program that subsists on student activity fees. The biggest controversy erupted when a conservative state senator now U. It was campus feminists who, despite their bad reputation, organized the protest screening. Radical thinkers, experimental bands, young filmmakers, avant-garde artists and performers of all sorts rely on college students a few hundred bucks at a time.

When it comes down to it, students are more or less regular cultural consumers. As an example of a joke college kids might find offensive, Seinfeld parodied an effeminate French royal scrolling on a phone. College students support with billions of dollars in debt and at a higher rate than their fellow citizens the full range of American cultural content.

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In , when she was still a host at Fuse TV, comedian Amy Schumer talked to Splitsider in part about performing at colleges, which she did a lot early in her career. I might have been offended by my own act at the right age. But you know, kids are figuring it out. Bureaucrats in training have to learn to be inoffensive somewhere, and there are structures waiting to teach them. Caitlin Flanagan is too busy hating the player to think about the game.

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