1. Fighting and drama
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Are you being ignored completely? She starts cancelling dates, with or without excuses, or she cut a few dates short.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is ☢Losing☢ Interest

You were seeing each other a few times a week. Then it dwindled to twice a week. When you try to talk about these behaviors with her, she acts defensive, taking everything as an accusation, which she usually then turns around on you.

Is Your Girlfriend Losing Interest? 4 Signs She’s About To Dump You

Be careful and do not get taken in by this! She looks for excuses to fight. She often tries to make you mad at her.

This is a way to manipulate the situation to go the way she wants it to go without having to be the bad one. She turned into a bully, picking on you about your personality or your looks. If you notice these changes, you have two choices: Members share their opinions and life experiences to help better understand each other on topics ranging from dating and relationships to fashion and health.

Signs She's Losing Interest in Me

Seeing each other less and less. And after about fifteen minutes she replied. But most of the time, it comes down to one word.

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If things are too good, too calm, and totally lack any drama, things become boring and uninteresting for her. So back to our original question: So it means that it is time that you begin to mix things up.

  • Signs She's Losing Interest in Me?
  • Is She Losing Interest in You? Here Are 10 Signs.
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  • 11 Signs She Is Losing Interest in You;
  • 2. Your girlfriend doesn’t have time for you;
  • See, most guys when a girl pulls back or her interest slows down completely mess up by acting needy, clingy, or trying even harder to make her like him. How do you do it? Just realize, its time to turn the tables on her. Here is another article related to the subject: For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.