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Elliot pushes her against the bed, and starts kissing her. He starts to unbutton her shirt, and she takes his off. She slides away for a moment. I have to get something. Olivia gets up, and heads towards the bathroom. She shuts the door behind her. Elliot waits for what feels like an eternity, but which is only 5 minutes.

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Olivia opens the door, and lets him inside the bathroom. She sits cross-legged in the bathroom. Elliot stares at her waiting for her to speak.

Olivia's Fantasy

She opens her mouth to speak. Elliot looks confused so Olivia hands him something. He stares at it, unable to speak. She takes it from his hands.


She takes his hands, and holds them to her chest. Well now we can start a family. He chuckles, and Olivia starts crying. He pulls her onto his lap, and hold her until she falls asleep. So wat do you guys think?? Omg it was perfect u need to do more about wat happens to them in the future loved it I can't stop smilinlg.

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I totally love it amazing please write more I'm in love with this and should totally come true. It's Awesome writing but. It needs to be a little more descriptive in the sex scenes. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. OK, fine, Pam says, "We're getting married today," but what does it mean?! James in New London, Conn.: What can you tell us about Lie to Me? Is it coming back?

"WILDLIFE" (Season 10 Episode 7)

What's up for the finale? We caught up with the show's main man, Tim Roth , today, and he says that a season two pickup is not only "looking good," but there's also a chance that his real-life pal Jennifer Beals might just stick around to continue playing his ex-wife, Zoe. I think she's fantastic, and I think there's room to really expand on that character and expand on their relationship, so I hope that's the case," he says. Whether that means reconciliation for the onscreen exes is another thing. There's always the chemistry between him and Kelli Williams ' character. The possibility is a little stronger in that one.

Yeah, that seems to be in the wind. Eli born November 17, Kathy nearly dies as a result of the crash, but paramedics are able to save her. Kathleen is twice charged with DUI ; [21] he uses his clout as a police officer to make the first charge disappear, but he eventually realizes that he has to let her face the consequences of her actions, and she is sentenced to community service. After speaking with her grandmother, Kathleen agrees to treatment.

Dickie also occasionally gives his father problems. In a season 11 episode, he runs away from school and tries to join the Army , something Stabler disapproves of. It later turns out that Dickie was acting out because his friend, Shane, had been murdered. Stabler refuses to sign a parental consent form for Dickie to join the Army, but resolves to be a more attentive parent. Stabler is fiercely protective of his children and becomes defensive if a suspect asks about his family; it is suggested that he sees aspects of his children in every victim. As a result, he harbors an intense hatred of pedophiles , admitting to a police psychiatrist that he sometimes fantasizes about killing them.

Stabler has occasionally seen aspects of himself in a child abuser ; during one case, the actions of an abusive parent prompt him to recall an incident in which he lost his temper and raised his hand to slap his daughter Maureen, then a toddler. Child victims tend to respond to him. For example, Stabler successfully reaches out to a year-old girl Rachael Bella who regresses to a childlike state after being attacked by her father.

SVU's resident psychiatrist, Dr. Wong , theorizes that only Stabler would be able to reach her, as he is a father, and she is looking for another father figure. Stabler is partnered with Olivia Benson for 12 years. They are best friends, and trust each other completely. Stabler is Benson's longest relationship with a man, [32] and they have even each promised to give the other a kidney should they need a transplant. Their relationship is not without friction, however.

Elliot Stabler

The two sometimes argue over the cases they work on; Benson tends to be quicker to side with the victims. For example, during a case in which three women are charged with raping a male stripper , Benson and ADA Alexandra Cabot Stephanie March believe the man's story, while Stabler takes a cynical view of his claim from the start. Benson and Stabler are separated at times during the show. She asks for a new partner after Stabler expects her to jeopardize his life to shoot a convicted sex offender Lou Diamond Phillips who had kidnapped two children and killed one of them.

Stabler is assigned a temporary partner named Dani Beck Connie Nielsen while Benson is undercover in Oregon, embedded in an eco-terrorist group at the request of the FBI in season 8 Mariska Hargitay was pregnant and on maternity leave. Beck takes well to the job, and she and Stabler become close.

Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni Share SVU Reunion Pic |

There is also some sexual tension between the two, and during one case, they share a kiss. Jo Marlowe played by Sharon Stone was Stabler's training officer. Stabler reveals that he has not seen her for 15 years when she first arrives as the new ADA. Marlowe was a lieutenant in when she left the NYPD after her command decision resulted in the deaths of two of her officers. Meloni and Hargitay had auditioned in the final round together, and after the actors left, there was a moment of dead silence, after which Wolf blurted out, "Oh well.