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History of Kolkata - Wikipedia

Kolkata since 3 years. However, the Firman was vague in many aspects and soon disputes started to grow between the English and the governor. During this time a local disturbance occurred when the zamindar in Bihar attacked the governor of Bihar. Peacock, the chief of the factory in Patna, was imprisoned by the governor with the assumption that he was involved in the dispute. At the same time their saltpetre trade was disrupted by another rival British company. To protect their trade in Bengal, the original East India Company requested to build a fort in the mouth of Hooghly or on its banks.

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  • This request was immediately turned down by Shaista Khan and a 3. Another incident with the Faujdar of Cossimbazar resulted in altercations between the Governor of Bengal and the company causing their ships to leave Bengal without obtaining cargo. Admiral Nicholson was sent with ships to attack the port at Chittagong , fortify it, make an alliance with the King of Arakan who was against the Mughals , establish a mint and collect revenue, thus making Chittagong a fort city for the British in the eastern part.

    Then he was ordered to proceed to Dhaka. It was assumed that the governor would abandon the city and then a peace treaty would be offered which would guarantee free trade and other economic benefits for the British and he would give up the territory of Dhaka and Chittagong. Job Charnock was then at Madras and was directed to join the expedition with soldiers from the Madras division.

    Unfortunately the plan went awry; some of the ships, due to the change in current and wind, arrived at Hooghly instead of Chittagong and anchored off the factory in Hooghly after being joined by their Madras troops. The presence of a large number of war ships alarmed Shaista Khan and he immediately offered a truce.

    At the same time the admiral opened fire and burnt down houses; property losses were about thirty lacs of rupees. However a truce was again obtained between Mr. Charnock and the local Foujidar, and the English were allowed to put saltpetre on board their ships. However, Shaista Khan upon hearing this ordered the closing and confiscation of all their factories and properties in Bengal and sent a large force to drive out the English from Hooghly.

    Charnock determined that it was no longer safe to remain in Hooghly and decided to move downstream to Sutanuti , a small hamlet on the banks of the river Hooghly on 20 December At this time their ships in Bengal required extensive repairs and the remainder of their fleet were considered in danger.

    In this situation they considered that they would be extremely fortunate if they could hold their current position instead of their desires on Chittagong and for this matter they decided to ask forgiveness from the Emperor and requested to reinstate the previously obtained Firman. Charnock decided it was not safe to remain in Sutanuti and moved to the island village at Hijli.

    There he remained with his soldiers in an utterly inhospitable place full of mosquitoes, snakes and tigers. With his back to the wall, Charnock was desperately willing to negotiate with Shaista Khan to get out of this mess. Luck favored him because of an unexpected event. Emperor Aurangzeb wanted to reconcile with the British to ensure uninterrupted voyage of pilgrims to Mecca and asked his governors to make terms with them.

    As a result, a peace treaty was signed between Shaista Khan and Charnock on 16 August Shaista Khan allowed them to remain in Bengal, however to be limited only to Uluberia , a small town on the bank of river Hooghly south of Sutanuti, where they were allowed to make a port and do business from there, but their war ships were strictly not allowed to enter Hooghly. Charnock arrived at Uluberia , started making a dock there, however soon started to dislike the place and wanted to return to Sutanuti.

    At this time the governor asked them to return and settle at Hooghly, ordered them not to build any structure at Sutanuti and asked Charnock to pay a large sum of money for compensation. At the same time, when the news of failure of Nicholson reached England, it was decided that until a fort was built on the bank of the river, the English would never be able to do business with ease and would always be on the mercy of the forces of the governor.

    For this, Captain Heath was sent to Bengal with soldiers either to fight and win against the forces of the governor or to bring back all the properties of the company to Madras and abandon the trade in Bengal.

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    Captain Heath arrived in October in Bengal, took all of company persons on board, set sail to Balasore on 8 November When a fortnight passed without any answer from the king, Captain Heath, frustrated and dejected, returned to Madras on 4 March This was a total failure of English objectives in Bengal during the early period of which caused them abandoning Bengal as their trading location in eastern region. Emperor Aurangzeb, enraged with the situation that the British fortified in Madras, occupied territory around it, captured Mughal ships, went into alliance with his enemy Sambhaji , he ordered his commanders everywhere in India to exterminate British from the country and seize their properties anywhere to be found.

    Warehouses in Visakhapatnam were destroyed and many English men were captured and put to death. Shaista Khan went after them in Dhaka, captured them and put them behind bars. Shaista Khan retired from his duty as governor in ca and Ibrahim Khan was appointed as the new governor of Bengal by Emperor Aurangzeb.

    History of Kolkata

    By this time Aurangzeb was camping at Visapur and was much aware of the fact that he was losing revenues from the British trade and the British ships could cause him much trouble by stopping the pilgrimage to Mecca since they controlled the sea-route. At the same time, the British were desperate to open negotiations with the Emperor after they left Bengal and Mr. Child was sent to him. He decided to accept the offer and ordered the Governor of Bengal to allow British to return there.

    As a result, Ibrahim Khan invited Mr. Charnock back to Bengal; but Mr. Charnock refused to come back until a specific Firman with terms and conditions clearly specified was issued by the Emperor so that they would not be subjected to further humiliations. Ibrahim Khan again sent letter to Mr. Charnock explaining that he had requested for the special Firman from the Emperor and it would take a few months before it arrived, and in the mean time Mr.

    With this friendly invitation, Mr. Job Charnock with 30 soldiers returned to Sutanuti on 24 August and hoisted the Royal Standards of England on the banks of river Hooghly, thus beginning a new era of British involvement in Bengal. In the next year, Ibrahim Khan sent the order from the Emperor to Mr. Charnock which allowed unrestricted trade without paying any other taxes except the usual 3, rupees.

    Charnock died in January While the English were always looking for fortification of their factories in Bengal, Ibrahim Khan never allowed them to do so. In the town of Hooghly was seized by Sobha Singh along with an unknown Afghan Rahim Khan, and the English at Sutanuti requested from the governor to use their own armed protection for their factories when their factories were surrounded by the enemy.

    Ibrahim Khan allowed them to protect their own factories, but did not allow any fortification explicitly. However, in the absence of specific orders the permission to defend their property was taken as a permit to build fortress and construction began immediately overnight with all available manpower. This was the old Fort William and construction for a new one the present one started after Siraj Ud-Daulah attacked Fort William in The site was carefully selected, being protected by the Hooghly River on the west, a creek to the north, and by salt lakes about two and a half miles to the east.

    There were three large villages along the east bank of the river Ganges, named, Sutanuti, Gobindapur and Kalikata. These three villages were bought by the British from the local land lords. The Mughal emperor granted East India Company freedom of trade in return for a yearly payment of 3, rupees. There is much discussion about the origin of the city's name. The most accepted view is that it comes from the Hindu goddess Kali and the original name was KaliKshetra , "the place of Kali". The area where the city is now located was originally inhabited by the people of three villages: Kalikata , Sutanuti and Gobindapur.

    However, the boundaries of the three villages gradually became less distinct, and before the battle of Plassey , the city could be divided into four different sub-areas: European Kolkata Dihi Kolkata ; a residential village with some sacred spots Gobindapur ; a traditional Indian market Bazar Kalikata or Burrabazar ; and a riverine mart concentrating on cloth trade Sutanati. The Calcutta High Court ruled in [7] that Job Charnock , the Englishman generally believed to be the founder of the Calcutta, is not the founder of the city and that hence Kolkata has no birthday.

    According to the Court, the city has its genesis in the Maurya and Gupta period and it was an established trading post long before the Slave Dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate , the Mughals , the Portuguese , the French or the British established a modern township there.

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    • The British East India Company chose the place for a trade settlement.