Media should not be aware of it if ever they decide to be in a relationship. Nickhun and Victoria both has relationships with other people during their stint and were able to keep it secret until now. My very lovely other half Sora ….

WGM Teukso Couple Episode 15

We met in September last year. It was A very cold day then but now even hot summer has passed. Seeing the season when we met is coming again, I feel like time flies so quickly… It seems that this is the first time in my life that I felt so nervous and trembled so much when meeting someone in the first encounter..

I feel like losing my mind when the thought that there is such a beautiful woman in this world came to me. I always longed for the day when we could meet and pondered how to make Sora smile more and be even much happier. It seems that I am always worried about how to make you happy every single day.

Even though I know that time flies quickly like this, I regret that I should be more expressive and love you more…. I felt like I am undeserved to receive so much love from this woman. It would be better if I were slightly much handsome, taller and muscular. Being such a deficient husband, I am very thankful and grateful for your highest compliments and your efforts as always!!

Teukso couple have the last goodbye kiss before leaving We Got Married

Thank you for treasuring and taking care of this husband. I hate to say words related to departure but this is the exclusive priviledge for people in love. Please have delicious food and meals properly. To the woman who is my wife, whose name is Kang Sora.

[ENG] Heechul talking about Leeteuk's ex-girlfriend 1/2

And thank you to the woman who gave me beautiful memories together!! My heart only has you, your heart only has me. Similar sentiments, the proof of our love The same sky, different place. R I will hold your hand tight Just like when we first met, we will be back together. Be my love, I need you girl. The staff was particularly surprised by the displays of affection that Leeteuk had for Kang Sora. All-Stars episode 6, airs at On Style April 13, ; Because he is NOT!!! I hope you all know what I am talking about - short and simple - no need for further explanations!!

Beside if really leeteuk choose taeyeon than hotter sexy beautiful kind sora [-X leeteuk was blind so don't worry because teukso love more stronger even both has separates. It turned out that I shipped them more than my 1st shipping. In the latter part of I noticed a lot of things that make me dislike Taeyeon and more admiration to Sora. I can't help but feel upset on how Taeyeon deal things when it comes to her personal life.

teukso couple

She knows how to manipulate media and netizen. I can't blame her sometimes since at her young age she became a leader of a famous girl group and eventhough she is talented among them she can't make it on her own and still needs GG. I felt that Taeyeon is trying to win back Leeteuk but it is not working anymore and she knows that he has someone else in his life and that is Sora.

Taeyeon is seeking symphathy from netizen and media, she is trying win to Leeteuk back but its' not working.

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Here are some incidents I noticed that makes me feel upset with Taeyeon strategy to hurt Sora indirectly. You can notice that she wants sympathy from media and netizens and leave some hints for them to think about her situation. She was affected on the invitation done by PJS to Sora infront of all the viewers of the show. It hurts her that she is struggling with it. If you notice the timeline of the incident and their interview she did intentionally upset me, no wonder Sora avoided to watch the promise musical shown that month.

The host of the show asked the group many personal questions during their interview portion of the program. One question asked was whether any of the members felt lonely. WHY do you have to involve TeukSo?? It was a classic demonstration of what it takes to be at the peak of horrendously BAD social behavour! You were like the relatives from hell that some of us spend days in a year praying HARD over to develop spontaneous bouts of amnesia so that they not visit during Christmas and New Year!

They even greeted you at the door in their pajamas! They were ready for bed and you two clowns still showed up! And it was a bed that these poor people were all dressed for, all ready to rest in till YOU showed up! If you wanted to do this on your own accord then the both of you deserve to live out the rest of your married life with nothing else but a cereal box for shelter! To be honest, I was, one of those, that felt a chill creep into the deepest recesses of my heart when I heard that TeukSo had gone for a wedding photoshoot because, like it or not, history has had it that couples on WGM left the show within weeks of the shoot.

For one, Teukie, at least, has been open with how he actually likes being on the programme. Not quite worded as directly as that, but he has protested against allegations of the programme being cancelled during the Dark Void. And with how Teukie is about work, if we are going to take this purely from a work point of view, I do not think that he is going to let this one run away that soon, especially since that means the possibility of free time for him and he has resolved for better or worse to break his back working all the way till he enlists.

I have watched and followed a number of couples on WGM, and unless it was those that I skipped over watching, I do not recall having couples meet parents shortly before break-ups.

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It just does not make sense. If they were really moving to take them off-air, I do not think that her parents would have appeared this late into the game, IF the game was really coming to an end. No matter how I look at it, there is no need to add to an equation that is a lost cause. You only add to it if there is value to the addition. Bringing extra people in means more work and stress for the crew too, so I honestly do not think that people are going to bother themselves with dealing with extras if TeukSo was going to end their run soon.

But I guess it did not quite work out for him since the tweet garnered no response from Sora. The concert is going from Korea, then Singapore, then Thailand, then Malaysia, then coming back to Korea.. Granted it came almost 12 hours later but it was a response nonetheless. You can see the flow through the second screencap by reading bottom up.

Anyway, when will we follow each other..? First request for her to follow him aside, the whole tone of his tweet was very light and conversational without any trace of awkwardness. But more than that, I was amused by his phrasing. There is an air of a certain boyishness to it that is kind of sweet and cute, and it really feels of aegyo. So adorkable our Teukie is!

WGM Teukso Couple Episode 15 Engsub | Kshow

And it did not end there. You must be tired… See you later! It came through feeling that because he was tired, he wanted a bit of attention as well. Which makes me wonder sometimes, after reading back on his tweets to Sora, as to who the baby in their relationship is. This is in no way a complaint of any sort mind you. Teukie is normally the one that does the taking care of so it is perfectly fine if he wants attention and to be taken care of as well for a change.

In any case, the next tweet that Teukie sent to his Sora was a couple days later, and most of us by now should already know what that one says even without translation:. Out of all the tweets captured on this page, 2 have been deleted: The tweet telling Sora that he had arrived in Singapore and was tired, and the last tweet asking Sora to follow him on Twitter.

This I did not manage to screencap before Teukie removed it because I did not see it as being all that significant. Personally, I would take this stand with a large pinch of salt because the statement was very ambiguous and with such statements, only the maker will truly understand the meaning and direction of it.

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For the rest of us, everything is just pure conjecture and personally, I would rather focus on the more evident, substantial aspects of things. If you have been following Teukie for a while, you will notice that he does not really tweet people directly. That he took the initiative to follow her and even asked her twice to follow him is something worth chewing on.

In fact, I do not think that it would be far-fetched to conclude that this whole Twitter episode can be safely labelled as evidence that yes, Teukie does like Sora be it romantic or otherwise and there can be no doubt about it. And I think in the case of TeukSora, this Chinese idiom is something that rings quite true. Not that Sora literally starts singing when Teukie does even though I am sure she does sometimes. It just is that most everything that he suggests that they do, she follows along with it. I went to Twitter and the howls of despair and dismay were coming through loud and clear.

Some tweets were even directed straight at Teukie asking him why he was doing this, that they hate him, hate Sora, hate WGM. Honestly, if Teukie gave a hoot about what people thought over who he associates with, would he have even asked her to follow him in the first place? Some were even questioning why Teukie was following Sora on Twitter when his following list is still a few short of all the tech-savvy members in his group.

All I can say is that if you are watching that closely as to whom he follows on Twitter, you would probably have noticed that he does not follow his own blood sister either, so where is the basis of that complaint? In any case, what followed next was the outcome that Dimple fans and Teukie himself wanted:. Next thing she does? Pick her straw out from her cup of soda and drop it into his so that they can share.