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7 Fan-Made Dating Sims That Are So Weird, They Actually Exist

We need your help. Hope you're having an okay week. I'm currently running on far less sleep than usual because I tend to work read: Always fun waking up at 9 A. High-schooler Shido Itsuka has the power to seal away a Spirit's power by making them blush and planting a kiss on them.


This short series didn't catch much attention when it first aired, with its janky animation and head-scratching premise. Andy and Steve reveal what's so special about the newest work of nonsense from the creator of gdgd Fairies. This week, Andy and Steve reveal what's so special abou The animation quality of '80s OVAs and movies can be absolutely jaw-dropping, so what changed to bring so many of these ambitious productions down to earth in the following decade?

Justin Sevakis has the answers.

The Very Weird World Of Dating Sims That Will Creep You Out

I was looking back at the anime that was made during the 's and have had something that has always had me curious. I have heard from several anime podcasts and as well as Sirius the Jaeger Jan 16, This hybrid between vampire-fighting action and elaborate period-piece has style in abundance but holds back on the substance.

Theron Martin has the details on this Netflix-hosted series. Anime Spotlight - Pastel Memories Jan 16, Once known for its otaku culture, nerdy shops of Akihabara have been closing one by one.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Twelve girls are trying their best to bring Akihabara back to its former fun glory. Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule: Winter Jan 15, The results are in and we have your Daily Streaming Reviews schedule for Winter !

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Due to lack of interest in the show, Paul Jensen will be wrapping up his reviews of Radiant this week. We may add coverage of more autumn anime based on future reader interest, so let us kn With the success of so many kickstarted movies, games, and other pop culture ephemera, could the dream of "making your own anime" really be as close as a month or two of crowdsourcing?

Shelf Life - Princess Tutu Jan 14, Paul discovers whether this mids magical girl classic has aged gracefully on blu-ray, plus all this week's new anime releases and a new mecha-filled Shelf Obsessed!

KSI Plays - Dating Simulator #2

Actually it might be streaming review announcement time on the day this column comes out. They've rolling the new shows out pretty darn fast this season. Welcome to Shelf Life. Jump to this week's re Will you choose the snooty bird with foreign airs and graces, the school bad boybird and charmer, the pudding-obsessed weirdo, or your best friend? I spent 17 hours on this game in total, so that pretty qualifies me as an expert. Despite all that he has gone through, he still has a chance in love and life.

And wow, all the students in the school just happen to be girls. Is it the mysterious Spy who you bump into at the park? Or the school jock Scout? Why are all the dating sims set in in high schools? The description to this dating sim reads: Will he be the most popular student?

2. Internet Creepypastas

Can he make it in time for prom? You are Mach, an aspiring professional StarCraft 2 player who moved to South Korea in an attempt to find a spot on a professional team to train with the best. What are the odds: Like a typical drama, just with the brotherly element, this is one moral-bending game. Remember what I said about crossing boundaries earlier?